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Posted by TeamAliceFTW

Finally some new Castlevania.

Posted by OrfBC

Looks just like the DS ones, which are the best ones.  SOLD!

Posted by MisterMouse

parts of it seem pretty cool, but I wish it was in Higher Definition

Posted by Hoshnasi

F!!!!! TIME LIMITS!!!!!!!!

Posted by Scottish_Sin

After watching this QL I have significantly less interest in this game now.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Seems distinctly bad. Maybe 2/5 now, probably a 3/5 once multiplayer goes in. Could be a bit fun, but really only 6 levels? Seriously? I was expecting like 15 at least if it doesn't have any single player component.

Posted by floodiastus

If it has local COOP I might give it a try, but knowing it has not..... 

Posted by Daveyo520

Hobo's clothes! 
Hmm, no story mode eh...
Posted by RamenBoss

 This looks disappointing. Maybe that's why there wasn't much talk about it on game sites after it was shown at E3 (not sure if it was revealed before then).

Posted by The_Joker

This game is weird. They are trying to sell me a game that six people need to buy so that they can play 3 hours of content? So 60 dollars for 3 hours of content? ... Castlevania? Where art thou?

Posted by Advertisement

music is freakin awesome

Posted by DukeTogo

Kind of disappointing. I guess the DS is the only platform Konami will bother to make proper Castlevania games for.  I'll buy it for Iga so he can buy a new whip, and it feels a little like a Diablo meets Castlevania thing so that's cool, but I was hoping for more.
The HD part of this game is that the map is HD, the resolution of all that going on in one frame is how it was pitched as HD.  It's technically true, but when most people hear HD, they think of high resolution and detail, something this game does not have when you are zoomed in.

Posted by Ronald

The game looks like what it looks like, a Castlevania game. Just not very good looking on the HD screen.

Posted by RustySpoon

Man... I was sort of interested in this one since I've played all the other "of" Castlevania games... but no single player story? Kind of a bummer, especially considering how quickly most xbla multiplayer games seem to fizzle out.

Posted by CptBedlam
@Akumatano said:
" It looks like more of Symphony of the Night and if that's your thing, then cool.  But for me, I enjoyed J and R's commentary more than the game video in this quicklook "
Actually, it's nothing like SotN. It may look similar but it's not the typical and beloved Metroidvania-gameplay at all.

love me some castlevania

Posted by Rmack

Well, now I (sadly) know I don't want this game. ;_;

Posted by juice8367


Posted by BD

Doesn't Soma Cruz turn out to be a reincarnation of Dracula at the end of that GBA game?

Posted by Andrela

Looks ok, not great

Posted by tswys3

So excited for this, I absolutely can't wait. Any chance of a TNT going on for this one?

Posted by DeepSpaceJesus


Posted by Cincaid

This is a huge pass for me. Was hoping for a new SotN, but ah well.
Posted by Suigyoken

Would have been better if all this multiplayer stuff was just a second mode to a real game. $15 for this is insulting, $5 would have been -alright- . .  . So yeah, sadface on there not being a new Metroidvania.

Posted by dvdhaus

This seems perfect for a future edition of Thursday night Throwdown.  If the multiplayer is any good of course. 

Posted by WickedFather

Loving the deliberately 8 bit graphics.

Posted by Mushida

 Having never played a Castlevania game this one looks a bit weak.

Posted by Saijobob

Finally time to upgrade to a full HD TV I guess to enjoy it at max resolution
Posted by shockingalberto

Harmony of Despair, indeed.

Posted by LiquidSwords

I'm a huge Castlevania fan and I'm passing on this.

Posted by SomethingClever

I have hardly any interest in playing Castlevania with other dudes.  I would have preferred a more single player focused game but I'm still probably buying this.  I'm a sucker I guess.

Posted by carnefice

The music sounds great, but I'm a little underwhelmed by the gameplay

Posted by MrKlorox
@Saijobob said:
" Finally time to upgrade to a full HD TV I guess to enjoy it at max resolution "
Do we even know if the game plays at 1080p natively? I have a feeling it's only 720, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
Posted by Thello

I was expecting something like SotN. Colour me disappointed.

Posted by BulletStorm

what the fuck is with the ghosts of the sprites? Y'know. That blurry ass shit after alucard... please don't tell me that's on every character :(

Posted by johnsonic7

Aria of sorrow music is badass!

Posted by MrKlorox
@BulletStorm said:
" what the fuck is with the ghosts of the sprites? Y'know. That blurry ass shit after alucard... please don't tell me that's on every character :( "
It's part of Alucard's effects. It's been there since SOTN. Dude's a vampire, yo. I heard those things sparkle.
Posted by JamesKond

Seems like a bad repacked multiplayer cluster fuck just to shut fans up..

Posted by JJOR64

Only 6 levels?  Bummer.     :(

Posted by Sessh
Yeah, he does, but since this game doesn't seem to feature any kind of storyline, I guess it' doesn't really matter and we'll still see Dracula (or a Dracula) in it.
Posted by SavageHobbit

Man I am torn... The action looks good, but none of my friends are really into Castlevania, so I'm worried I won't get much out of it... we'll see if I can drag some of em down with me.

Posted by TheAnim8r

looks like it's gonna be fun for new and old castlevania players

Posted by cuevas

Not very HD.

Posted by Bluemarcell

Interesting. Looking forward to trying this out.

Posted by MeatSim

Good music but I don't even wanna touch this game.

Posted by gbrading

I can never take the name Alucard seriously, because I grew up reading childrens stories about one Count Alucard, who was the last Vampire; a vegetarian no less and wouldn't hurt a fly. Nonetheless, looks pretty good.
Edited by MrKlorox

 Any info on 1080p yet?
@JJOR64 said:

" Only 6 levels?  Bummer.     :( "

I agree. That's the main factor that makes me wonder if this is worth the 1200 MSP. I wasn't expecting a full-on 2D Castlevania adventure, mind you. But I was surely expecting a little longer than ~3 hours of content (assuming each level has the 30 minute time limit). If it wasn't for my own Castlevania fanboyism and the drop dead retarded good soundtrack, I would be giving a lot more consideration to Limbo at this point for my $15 USDs.
Isometric Tomb Raider is looking like a decent game after all.
Posted by Pop

for a 2D castlevania game it's awesome. Except for the not leveling up part.

Posted by TwoLines

Ehhh.. nooo..
This doesn't look good AT ALL.
As a major Castlevania fan I'm VERY disappointed.
Worst goddamn day of this week. 
And when I'll play this tommorow, it'll be the worst day of the month.

Posted by Pictoben

It's a shocker, but in almost 20 years of being a gamer, I've NEVER played a Castlevania game - is this where I start?