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Posted by ColdsnapBryan

i like these videos, most of these games are new to me so it's fun to watch and see how crazy games were back then.

Posted by Tikicobra


Posted by TonyBlue87

Boy, I sure can't wait until they start releasing actual arcade games in Game Room!  You know, like what they had talked about in the beginning?

Posted by scarace360


Posted by Jayzz


Edited by DukeTogo

I was told there was going to be some Seaquest.  Where is fucking Seaquest?
Game Room is single-handedly making a new generation of people recognize how horrible the Intellivision was.  At this rate they should add some ColecoVision games to show how good 2 bit gaming could be.

Posted by gbrading

Good job Penguin 1. Game Room exists to fufill Game Room Quick Looks.
Posted by Gearhead

3D tic tac toe is blowing my mind. And by that I mean I have no fucking clue what is going on.

Posted by Yodzilla

Cosmic  Commuter looked pretty ownage.   And just a guess that F is Fuel.

Posted by Box3ru13

Man gameroom sucks so much but I'm so glad they keep doing these quicklooks. 

Posted by kerikxi

Game Room was a great idea, and I want to love it, but it's been riddled with problems from day one. Even with the bugs, organization/UI issues, etc., if they just had some more goddamn games it'd be fine. Instead we're eating shovelfuls of Atari and Intellivision garbage. A lot of potential going to waste here, and with all the momentum squandered I doubt it will be anything except a cheap way to cash in on random nostalgia moments.

Posted by Zlimness
@bartok said:
" It is a neat idea but to be honest the 2600 and Intellivision kinda sucked ass. They need more late 80's and early 90's Arcade games and maybe some legal pinball emulators before I get interested. "
They could start with Sega's System 16b, awesome platform.
Posted by cordialsnail

They really ran this into the ground, I can only imagine it just turned into a licensing nightmare or something, that's the only excuse.

Posted by ch3burashka

I wonder how successful this has been for MS. 

Posted by N15PCA

I bought the atari 2600 verisons of Centipede and Millipede for my Game Room.   
The reasons why I didn't buy the arcade verison is that I all ready bought them form XBLA a while ago.
Posted by Osaladin

I'd just like to thank you Jeff for taking one for the team, and buying each and every single one of these games, so that we don't have to. 

Posted by PAPI_D_187

When they start selling games from the early to mid 90's...please let us know Microsoft.

Posted by DSale

Hurray for quick looks at Game Room! 
I'm glad you guys are sticking with this commitment to cover these launches.  Sometimes they are very mundane... but you guys are there to play it!  Thanks!

Posted by hyperslug

I want some c64 games soon...

Posted by blacklab

Anyone else know how to get the luchador mask on your Xbox dude?

Posted by Kamikaze_Tutor
@kous18: I pulsatingly disagree.
Posted by empfeix
@hyperslug said:
" I want some c64 games soon... "
id hit that
Posted by 234r2we232

There should be a donations box for Jeff's Game Room habit :).
Also: This

Posted by MagikGimp

Well I enjoy and look forward to these even if you guys don't.

Posted by harrypmgaga

Game Room Quick Look are the best Quick Looks.
Posted by spiceninja

These are my favorite looks that are quick.

Posted by fedorajay

Jeff is the only person I know that buys these. Everyone else installs it, grabs the free achievements and moves on. That said, I love watching these so much. I get flashbacks of my wonderful 2600.

Posted by SmithnCo

TWO broken avatars means that this quicklook is twice as good.

Posted by ShooterJoseph

Gotta say, i got some good laughs outta this one, =].

Posted by yates

I don't think anyone would be mad if you stopped buying every Game Room game, Jeff.

Posted by Jimages

Cant beat a Game Room quicklook :D

Posted by BunkerBuster

The schadenfreude gets better and better.

Posted by JoelTGM
" I wonder how successful this has been for MS.  "
Probably not much but I think they need to continue all the way with it.  Eventually some better games will come out, and they will sell better.
Edited by buzz_clik

I haven't watched this yet, but the splash picture for the video is FUCKING BEAMRIDER GOD I LOVE THAT GAME. I've not played the 2600 iteration, but the C64 version is one of the finest games I've ever played. And I'm pretty sure that I've only mentioned that 1,541 times on this website.
EDIT: Okay, the 2600 version just looks goddamn poxy. Boo.

Edited by PirateNeal

Hoo Ray indeed

Posted by Nes

Game Room kill-screen coming up.

Posted by Homeslice
@yates said:
" I don't think anyone would be mad if you stopped buying every Game Room game, Jeff. "
Wrong! It would literally kill me. I would die!
Posted by deadbynature

I still enjoy Jeff's reminiscing of old games while he plays them in these vids. 

Posted by Sneaky_Gopher

Game Room has become a real letdown. There's nothing social about it, and the games are ok at best.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

oh man the graphics of the ship in centipede.... MIND BLOWING!

Posted by Pop

That game with the space ship really looked very well for atari 2600.

Posted by SpacePenguin

MAhN, you know who good giant bomb is?! , ill tell yeh, F'in amezin!!!!!

Posted by NickLott

It's okay Jeff, please stop buying all of the these games. The freeplay demo will suffice for purposes of the Quick Look.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

So when do they start releasing the games that were the reason everyone was excited for this.

Posted by gakon

"They should put out Halo 2600 on Game Room for free."
"Do you think they're that generous?"
I think releasing multiple versions of a game (like Centipede, Millipede, Centipede 2600) would be fine if they did it all at once, because then they're at least being more up-front about it, and a little more nice.
Of course, when the release schedule is only five games a week, putting out multiples of the same thing would be a bummer...


beamrider got shortchanged

Posted by MegaGoat

Final Fight SNES censorship in the US was great
They changed the names Damnd and Sodom to Thrasher and Katana respectively
They changed Poison and Roxy to Billy and Sid
They didn't change the doors in the first area of the game that say DICK in big letters on them

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

Oh god. Two broken avatars immediately. Hahahhaah. Could not get any better.

Posted by Addfwyn

I wonder if they keep pushing all these things out just because Jeff keeps buying them. 
"We're selling these game packs to at least one person!  Someone out there likes them!"

Posted by tyty

I really don't know why i watch these anymore. i hardly care. but i like to watch...

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