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Posted by danimal_furry

Yay 5 minutes! Thanks Vinny. 
Posted by Wacomole

Darn...  I just sent a PS3 friend request.   Don't I look an idiot!   o_0

Posted by enemymouse

is the justin.tv "sign-in via twitter" broken today?

Posted by danimal_furry

Vinny in spaaaaaaaaaace!
Posted by Draugrim

Hell yeah, 1 minute to go time and the update finished.

Posted by MexicanHatBoy

I'm enjoying my time panning around Ryan's face.

Posted by Force0401

aye, that eye is scary xD
Posted by swamplord666

oh wow... for reasons unknown there's a glitch and i've been bumped back to level 0... right before TNT. This is not cool :(

Posted by rachelepithet

Server aint showing up on PC no options are X'ed out is it available for you guys? 

Posted by VisariLoyalist

ryan looks like he wants to uh uh uh uh uh someone in the face in this picture

Posted by Wacomole

Great! Now I'm going to have nightmares!

Posted by Kete


Posted by DukeTogo

Wow, way to not engineer for the prompter.

Posted by onarum

GB guys really don't care much about the ps3 do they?

Posted by Wacomole

I thought that was a projector on the wall rather than the reflection from the Autoscript

Posted by rachelepithet

Hey how can you get PC version to run windowed? I tried .INI file and while that would launch it windowed it wont stay!
Posted by The_Laughing_Man

So why not PS3? 

Posted by Wacomole
@The_Laughing_Man said:
" So why not PS3?  "
I know!
The first time they do a TNT of a game I actually have and can play.   Sigh!
Posted by wsowen02

Eh, I can't blame them for not wanting to try and track down and buy a PS3 copy just for this one night
Posted by Church069

Damn, got an invite, but got could not find game message :(

Posted by MINIZTER

The dedicated server is packed!! Want to kill!

Posted by onarum
@wsowen02 said:
" Eh, I can't blame them for not wanting to try and track down and buy a PS3 copy just for this one night "
this being a gaming centered website one would think that they most certainly have versions of the game for all platforms.
Posted by jsadlek

dammm... why do i have to live in australia....

Posted by Outbr3ak

Hmmm, never picked this up when it came out.  Worth the purchase if I can find a deal?

Posted by reflekshun

I'm in a rolling on the floor copter.. laughing at you. LOL gold

Posted by m0nk3y80y

Ryan, man, reload! Please.

Posted by ALIENX


Posted by LiquidSwords

"Fuck You Internet!"

Posted by Newjack

For some reason Justin tv is a lot more choppy than ustream was for live streaming for me. It's a shame, but seeing as TNT starts at midnight where I am maybe it's better to watch them archived at a better time!

Posted by Rasgueado

Password was incorrect to join the server? Anyone else have that problem? It pushed me out of the cue, so now I'm too far down the list to get back in, but have a good time everyone else!

Posted by mech4399

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was on ryans team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooooooooo1111111

Posted by BounceDK

Will this game ever work for you guys?

Posted by Animasta

I feel sorta bad for laughing at this

Edited by TheDoorman

Lol @ internet memes.
OMG Jeff said Epic for the win roflmao

Posted by ch13696

What's the password

Posted by danimal_furry

Hahahahaha! That epic fail has to hit the web!


Posted by Wacomole

My tactic for this part of Valparaiso is to go into the forest and pound the MCOM with Rockets from afar.

Posted by Hourai

Oh my god this is fucking hilarious. 

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

new GB shirt; jeff standing on an exploding tank shooting dudes, with the titles of classic 70s songs around his character

Posted by Valru
@ch13696 said:
" What's the password "
password for pc server?
Posted by Anderson

Haha! It's like a goddamn retard rodeo over there. 

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

Hyper much?

Posted by ch13696
@Valru said:
" @ch13696 said:
" What's the password "
password for pc server? "
Yeah. I can't find it anywhere. Or do we have to do something to get it.
Posted by danimal_furry

The last 10 minutes have been gaming comedy gold.
Posted by MildMolasses

Damn, I wish I had this game. If I had realised how much asshole playing I could do, I would really enjoy some multiplayer
Posted by Wacomole

Ryans's heli is a multikill waiting to happen!

Posted by Korrz

LOL!!! THis is the funniest TNT so far by far. Absolutely awesome.

Edited by Kowalczyk

This is the best TNT so far, loving all the joking around, great watch!

Posted by ch13696

Well if anyone wants to add me on the PC version. My character name is Vebent.