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Posted by DrivingBj

Dear Diary,
How are you doing? I'm doing great since I found other survivors. Francis, Bill and Zoey are just about the best people you could possibly ask for during a zombie apocalypse. At first I was a little worried that we wouldn't mesh and everyone would be eaten. But now everything is going to be a-okay!
This little group has killed every zombie along the way and we just keep having more fun! Although it is a little annoying that Bill is such a pessimistic guy. He constantly thinks we're going to die. He needs to lighten up and think positive! It's just like when I didn't think I'd find that last unicorn sticker for my collection and then BAM! there it was in the last pack. 
You know, I'm really liking this sub-machine gun. Maybe my calling in life is to kill zombies. Think about it, I was a middle management type, maybe gonna end up with a white picket fence, a wife and a cute little puppy! Don't get me wrong, that would be fun (OMG!) but this zombie killing thing is starting to be a lot of fun! I'm getting to meet new and exciting new people, visit exotic  locations and I get to release all the pent-up anger I have! Yay for me!
And since I'm writing this diary on my work laptop, I can put in some video of things that help me stay positive. Like this video that I think symbolizes our teamwork! 

This is so true! It always happens like this! LOL ROFL!!!! I could watch this video all day, it's just that good. Especially the part where....what's that noise?
Posted by sh00tdabunny

So true. Nice work.
And that was on epic video.