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Posted by AndrewGaspar

I'm issuing an ultimatum: If Giant Bomb wants to retain its relevance as a gaming source, by the end of the year the wiki needs to acknowledge of the rise of the Android as a platform for games. Gaming is starting to arrive in a big way as the Market becomes available in more countries and available on more devices across more networks. Games range anywhere from the tank combat game Panzer Panic, to the racer Raging Thunder, to the addicting Speed X. I know I've already harped on this before, but by the end of 2011, I guarantee that the Android Market will rival iTunes App Store in terms of diversity and quality of games. 
Recently, I've been playing: 

  • Pac-Man Championship Edition (no explanation necessary)
  • SpeedX (dodge blocks as your hurtle down an artsy and seizure inducing "corridor")
  • Raging Thunder 2 (standard racing game)
  • Radiant (kind of like galaga)
  • Panzer Panic (top down tank combat game)
Other great games I've played: 
  • Replica Island (entertaining platformer)
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (self-explanatory)
  • Zenonia
Giant Bombers, it's about time we have a page for Android just like we do for iOS. I want to be able to fill out wiki pages for Android just like any other game, and write reviews as well. It can't be hard to add? I'm willing to take to whichever moderator I need to make this happen. 
Any other Android users out there with me?
Posted by erinfizz

The gatekeeper of platforms is Jeff. You could maybe send him a PM and direct him to this blog.

Posted by AndrewGaspar
@erinfizz said:
" The gatekeeper of platforms is Jeff. You could maybe send him a PM and direct him to this blog. "
Shanks, I'll give it a try!
Edited by AjayRaz

the iOS seems to be bigger on games than the android is to have it's own platform on the site. honestly i think it's best to add android games to the mobile platform. 

Posted by AndrewGaspar

Here's a message I wrote to Jeff that's a little more specific: 
Ever since Giant Bomb launched, I have been following the site for its gaming news, listening to the Bombcast sporadically (take frequent month long sabbaticals; too much of a good thing, right?), have been pretty involved in the community, and am a frequent user of the Wiki. I also am a good fan of Giant Bomb's sister site, Tested. 
Tested has become a great source for news on a topic important to me: the Android platform. As a freshman Computer Science student, I'm very interested in mobile development. Although I'm not limiting myself to developing software solely for mobile devices, it seems like a much more compelling field with the recent advances of capabilities in smartphones, especially on the Android platform. 
Tested has realized the potential of Android from a productivity and social standpoint, and have many times noted its gaming capabilities. However, I feel that Giant Bomb has been completely ignoring the mobile OS. Although I'm not demanding coverage for the platform, at least not any more than you give to iOS, I think it's time Android has been given a platform page. I would be very interested in writing wikis about Android games, writing reviews, and filling out the Android page with history, gaming relevance, etc. 
I posted a blog much more brief than this message here: 
If you could add an Android platform page, I would be very appreciate! 
Andrew Gaspar