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Posted by zoecaseal
@mwng:  I went with putting GBA games on my iPhone, turns out the emulators got pretty good since I last tried them.
Also, being done with Sonic feels great. Unless it draws me back in for the S-Rank...no. Must resist.
Posted by mwng

But updates on bad games are far more amusing to read than updates on good games. I also find it amusing that Giant Bomb ranks you as having a "B" in this game with only 2 achievements, if thats not an indication of quality I don't know what is.
As for your status update I'd go with the Micro, they're really quite cheap and they're properly portable SOME OF US DON'T HAVE DS SIZED POCKETS!

Posted by zoecaseal

Sonic, Sonic, Sonic. For the longest time I held off playing Turd of the Forever contender Sonic 2006, and was content to leave it at watching pokecapn struggle through it over on the Let's Play forum. But now I've got it, and having crawled through Sonic and Shadow's stories, I'm going through Silver's which seems like it might be, thankfully, a bit shorter. And then that final level and we'll be done with the whole affair.
Not that this sort of thing normally bothers me, but going out of my way to complete this game, buy all the upgrades for all characters and completing their town missions is only going to net me 300G. The other 700 comes from S-Ranking stages and missions on Hard mode. So EFF THAT.
Maybe by the next update I'll be playing a good game.