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Posted by BradNicholson

It's fun to be el Presidente in Tropico 3. Presumably, it'll be even more fun to be el Presidente in Tropico 4, Haemimont Games' in-the-works PC simulation game that once again blends the economic, the political, the banana republic, and social control.

According to the press release sent this morning, Tropico 4 will feature 20 new missions and 10 fresh maps, as well as 20 new buildings ranging from shopping malls to an aqua park. As with the last game, you'll be charged with taking good care of a tropical island as a benevolent or tyrannical dictator. The notable change introduced in Tropico 4 is that you won't be doing this alone--a Council of Ministers, a board of directors composed of appointed citizens, is being added to help with "controversial" decisions. 

When you successfully push through legislation, you'll be able to tell (or annoy) your real friends about it via social integration, since Tropico 4 will support Twitter and Facebook in-game and update both services "automatically" as you progress and earn achievements.

Tropico 4, for now, is a PC-exclusive title. In the press materials, publisher Kalypso Media hints that console information will "be made available soon." 

Tropico 4 is due out in Q2 2011. The first screens of the game are available just below. How does it look, los Presidentes?

Edited by fwylo

Yum Tropico 
There should be a quest for getting 10 firsts.  I'd have it now for sure.

Posted by DonutFever

Great! Loved 3 a ton.

Posted by beef_melody

Those are some pretty trees, but the social networking stuff makes my skin crawl.

Posted by Binman88

Not interested, but that sure looks pretty.

Posted by Hemlock

Oh God, this game will consume me.

Posted by Pimparooni

Too soon? But anyway, we don't get many city simulations each year, and Tropico 3 was also pretty good!

Posted by Jeknod

but dose it havee palms

Posted by endaround
@pimparooni: It's still more than a year away 
Posted by ZmillA

can't wait for the next quick look :)

Posted by Jimbo

I haven't had time to play Tropico 3 yet!  Slow down, Kalypso.

Posted by MostlyImprov

Tropico 3 didn't grab me quite enough for me to pick it up... maybe this one will.

Posted by fugie7

Hopefully it will make it's way to the console soon. I really enjoyed the last one.

Posted by AndrewB

I bought 3 and haven't played a lick of it yet... Sometimes game makers move too quickly for me.

Edited by MacGeorge

You can never have too much Tropico.

Posted by babblinmule

I finished the last level of Tropico 3 just last week. You had to accumulate a set amount of money by a set date. I made it by about 30 seconds; and then proceeded to declare that i shall never play a Tropico game again. Therefore this announcement is made at possibly the worst time possible for me!

Posted by Ubiquitous

Wow, that was fast. I played the demo for Tropico 3 and while it was fairly decent, it didn't make me want any more Tropico than I got. This seems too soon, and with too little content to really peak my interest.

Posted by warmonked

I hope they don't just slap on new scenarios to Tropico 3. Tropico 3 had some great things going for it, but the UI and some gameplay mechanics need some fix'n.

Posted by BaconGames

What the hell is everyone talking about too soon?  It came out in October 2009.  The game is slated to come out next year.  According to my math that's at least an 18 month cycle which is pretty standard for what seems like an iterative sequel.
This to me seems like the Tropico game to come out in lieu of people caring about strategy games again.

Posted by Diamond
@Tuffgong said:
What the hell is everyone talking about too soon?
Surprisingly soon for a series like Tropico, anyways.
Posted by Vorbis

Don't see how 18months is too soon, sounds about right to me. I enjoyed Tropico 3 but not as much as I thought I would, hoping Tropico 4 will fix that. Until then, back to Settlers 7.

Posted by fallen_elite

Who needs Sim City 5 when we have Tropico? Getting really excited for 4.

Posted by BaconGames
@Diamond said:
" @Tuffgong said:
What the hell is everyone talking about too soon?
Surprisingly soon for a series like Tropico, anyways. "
Alright, that's fair.  But it sure as hell ain't soon for a video game.
Posted by Animasta

confirmation: El Presidente can ride a hot air balloon

Posted by captain_clayman

that looks beautiful 
the graphics remind me of just cause 2

Posted by teh_pwnzorer


Posted by oysteinBrenne

the tropico games are have always been in between aa-aaa so i cant fucking wait!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bwmcmaste

Sounds like more of an expansion of number three, than a new iteration.

Posted by Floppypants

Why bother announcing the game if they can't also put out a trailer?

Posted by hakooon

Never played any of the Tropico games, but those graphics look amazing!

Posted by Buccura

3 was great fun so I'll be looking forward to this one.

Edited by MrKlorox

Too soon? Or is it that Tropico 3 was using tech that was too old?
Either way, one of these games does not need to exist at this point.

Posted by AURON570

Sounds awesome

Posted by mm665

Good news for me.I love Tropico series,even second part with pirates.

Posted by S0ndor

I'm not into these sorts of games, but damn that water looks absolutely spectacular.

Posted by Phished0ne

As long as it has more challenges then Tropico 3, i am all cool.   
Also , please keep the "Assassinate Juanito" edict from the expansion..that thing was a lifesaver. 

Posted by MeatSim

I should go play more Tropico 3.

Posted by BraveToaster

Sweet, I was hooked on Tropico 3.

Posted by beeryayghost
@Phished0ne said:
" As long as it has more challenges then Tropico 3, i am all cool.    Also , please keep the "Assassinate Juanito" edict from the expansion..that thing was a lifesaver.  "
Posted by zitosilva

I don't know. The third one was fun, but only for a short while. It got repetitive pretty quickly.

Posted by angelfan91

I wanted to play Tropico 3, but I would have bought it on console, and I heard that's not the way to play tropico.
Posted by afrofools

Sweet. I still haven't got a pc to play my copy of number three on yet, I better get my ass into gear.

Posted by AdMordem

might have to touch myself in the dark, and scream the alphabet backwards

Edited by PenguinDust

It feels like it hasn't been that long since Tropico 3.  And while it might actually be 2 years between games, for this type of game, that still feels kind of soon.  There were 5 years between Warhammer 40k & W40k 2 and Civilization 4 to 5.  There is still no new Sins of a Solar Empire or Company of Heroes, and it's been a decade between Total War: Shogun titles.  With Tropico 4,  I don't know what they're adding to this to make it that much different than T3 that couldn't be added in an expansion pack.  I'm not saying it's a "money grab", certainly not with this genre, but it does feel a little over exposed to me. 

Posted by Hitchenson

May I build statues and ignore the needs and desires of my citizens?  

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

This seems like it could be cool. Having said that I did find the last one to get a little slow at times with nothing happening for stretches. Hopefully they can address that.

Posted by Sinkwater

I just hope the construction workers actually build shit quicker.  I'd have 2 construction buildings filled with workers and could only get 2 construction workers at a time on a building.  Quite annoying when you are trying to build a tourist trap area on the other side of an island.

Posted by Otzlowe

Tropico 3, now with moar colors! 
Seriously though, I'm awful at these games.

Posted by Branthog

I enjoy Tropico, but the third one only just came out. I have said this a million times on GiantBomb -- STOP TURNING EVERY FRANCHISE INTO A FUCKING ANNUAL-ISH RELEASE.

Posted by ROBdaMOB

yea i bought tropico 3 of steam cuz i enjoyed the demo then played the game maybe 4 times and got bored

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