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Posted by Cwaff

I should play more Tropico 3...

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

In the words of Juanito, this is LOO-KING GOOD.

Posted by lilasthmaticninja


Posted by mcj

Wait, can we use a grapple claw in this?

Posted by MasterTom

 looks good... hope it's gonna be an XBLA release... 15 bones... yummy :)     

Posted by onecynicmedic

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Tropico 3 for the console; hope it's announced for 360.

Posted by Knucklesthegreat

looks pretty good. nice graphics too. :)
Posted by FalconCritical

Just got Absolute Power, the next game coming out in around a year is good timing for me.

Posted by Echidona

I thought I wanted to get Tropico 3, but after reading this, I may just wait until 4 comes out. C:

Posted by Firrae

I just bought # 3... :(

Posted by Bouke

I don't know; i love Tropico 3 but getting a sequal within a year from now seems pretty soon. 
Edited by BounceDK

ew twitter and facebook in a pc game? this world has gone to shit.

Posted by mr_shoeless
@Jimbo said:
" I haven't had time to play Tropico 3 yet!  Slow down, Kalypso. "
Posted by knightlyknave

It looks just like 3. . .

Posted by c1337us

It wasn't that long ago that I had never even heard of the series and now 4 is coming. I thought 3 was just out?

Posted by SpicyRichter

And they said PC gaming was dead...