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Posted by Adexus

I wish I didn't live in the UK, I want to join in!

Posted by Thordain

Pre-order code? Paper? What? I preordered at gamestop and got none of that stuff. :(

Posted by Gamer_152

Wow, that's pretty amazing. Too bad I live in the UK.

Posted by aproposshadows

Too bad I'm not lucky enough to win one of those that is pretty cool

Posted by Matthew

I always think it's a bit weird how companies expect us to hold on to a small piece of paper over the course of several months.  It just seems like something far too easy to lose.

Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Pre-ordering Bungie's last and final Halo game at gamestop may be your chance to win your very own life-sized Spartan statue. This online giveaway in particular offers extra incentive, albeit a sweet one, for last-minute Halo fans to go out and shell out a few dollars in advanced. Gamestop's Halofest promotional deal, complete with a shameless Halo-themed pun, asks you to fill out a bare-bones form in order to enter the online raffle.  
Yesterday, Bungie's Weekly Update posted a Making-Of Noble Team Statue video. The video gives us a behind-the-scenes perspective on all the technical, and physical craftsmanship that went into making the Halo: Reach display for E3. 

                                                                                                                   Where would I fit one of these? 

But make sure to keep your receipt! You'll need to type-in your pre-order code, which is printed on that flimsy plastic-like piece of paper. Still, no official word if the winners will receive the exact same Spartan statues that stood gracefully on the E3 floor.