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Edited by Vager

I've been working on a map for about a week and a half now. Spending probably 50+ hours on it so far.
I finished most of the fundamentals a couple days ago and populated the starting area of the map.
I have been testing it solo and with a few friends but, as this is a 10 player map and I lack the amount of friends needed to test it with a full lot myself.

So here I am asking you, the Giant Bomb community if you could spare some time and help test this out. 

Just create a custom game and under Most Popular search for: "Special Forces Extreme" 
You should be able to find it there.  
Play it solo or with some friends. 
At a later time ill try out a pre-scedualed match to test on playing with a full house.
Just add me to to your friends list: Vager - 918   

And i'll invite you to the match when I set a time for it. 

Here's some of info on the map:

It's a Special Forces style map called Specials Forces Extreme which is reminiscent to a map I did on the original Starcraft 9 years ago.
Basically, you and the other players have 1 hero character that has to battle it out against a massive swarm of Zerg.
There are some structures that spawn Zerg to attack you every few seconds. Destroy the structure to stop the constant waves of Zerg.
There are traps and ambushes that occur. Nydus Worms pop out spewing Zerg at a constant rate until killed. Large forces of Zerg burrow up out of nowhere and so on. 
I want this to feel very chaotic.

There 3 classes so far that each have 2 abilities: (Abilities don't cost any energy or health. They are just on a cooldown.)

Marine -  Ok damage and high attack speed Tanky style character that can take a lot of hits but, are really vulnerable when surrounded.

  • Stimpack - Increases attack and movement speed for 15 seconds on a 20 second cool down.
  • Shredder Grenade - Throws a grenade dealing area of effect damage to the targeted area on a 15 second cooldown.

Sniper - long range, high damage, low attack speed. Doesn't have much health but has ways to avoid damage.
  • Cloak - Make you invisible even to detectors for 15 seconds on a 25 second cool down.
  • Penetrator Snipe - Deals damage and goes through enemies along its path on a 15 second cooldown.

Assassin - Good damage, good attack speed and has high movement speed. Low on health but has many ways of escaping damage.
  • Blink - Hey, its blink on 10 second cooldown.
  • Mind Blast - Similar to Tosh's mind blast. Deals area of effect damage and applies a 10 second stun on a 15 second cooldown.

There are Weapons and Armour upgrades which can be researched on the character.
These upgrades increase your damage and armour slightly each time, increasing its cost for the next upgrade.

The hotkeys are assigned in such a way where you can keep your hand on the WASD keys.
A - Attack
S - 1st Ability (X is now Stop)
D - 2nd Ability
W - Upgrade menu
Q - Weapons Upgrade
E - Armour Upgrade
There are no Victory objective at the moment. Once you start seeing areas with no creep your pretty much done. 
Only a fifth of the map is populated with enemies and it usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. 
Though, the amount of Zerg is dynamic to the amount of players in the game. So who knows how long it'll be with 10 players.   

Here's hoping I can get enough of you guys read all that and hop on Starcraft 2 at 8pm CST to try it out.
Posted by ShadowLords

there seems to be quite a bit of games like this ive seen so far, from reading this yours would seem to best because of the vary on hero abilities and spawning system instead of just random waves you win by killing all the zerg buildings and traps? i'll probablly be on around then and help you out, the assassin hero sounds pretty cool (:

Posted by Vager
I'm not 100% positive what the objectives to win the game are going to be. Probably destroy all the Zerg spawning structures to unlock the boss area where you fight Kerrigan and the Over Mind.
I haven't implemented it yet so right now you can't win the game. 
My favorite so far is the Assassin too. The stun ability is a great way to temporary stop the nydus worms from spewing out Zerg so your team can get close enough to kill it. 
I just like the "kick him in the sheens and run" style of play it has.
Posted by KaosAngel

....is it micro or macro heavy?

Posted by TheMasterDS

I'm a little late, but it sounds fun. I'd love to test it some later possibly, and I remember the Giant Bomb crew giving you a lot of attention during the Star Trek Online livestream if I remember right. I'll just go ahead and send a request real fast in case you're still going.

Posted by Vager
@KaosAngel: It's micro I guess, all you do is control one unit with abilities that upgrade over time. You earn mineral via killing Zerg. 
 If your not paying attention you will get surrounded and die pretty easily.  

I did play a match with some friends at 8. No one did show up from GB. AI wasn't working for some reason. Zerg weren't unburrowing unless they were part of a trap, same with infestors not using their abilities.  
Completely confused at why it doesn't work at the moment, as it works perfectly fine when I'm testing it locally. 

Ya, I did follow Brad around for a few episodes in STO. 
I'm thinking about just temporarily releasing it publicly so people can try it out themselves. Maybe that'll gather enough attention to get a 10 player match started later on.
Posted by ArchScabby

The fact that your map isn't a tower defense game makes it better then most by default.

Posted by Vager

 Ok, I released it publicly. 

Just create a custom game and under Most Popular search for: "Special Forces Extreme" 
You should be able to find it there.  

Let me know what your experiences are:
At the beginning of the game did you progress up the hill or through the right? 
How did you die? (If you don't die the first time, I'll be impressed.) 
If you beat it. How long did it take? And with how many players? 
Did you enjoy what you played so far? What did you like or dislike?
The most obvious bug is that the Sniper 's cloak button disappears when used until the cloak effect wears off. 
If you notice any other let me know.
Posted by freeground

Hey, is it uploaded to the EU servers? if not someone really should.
Posted by Vager
Nope, I wish I could. If I can find a EU guest pass I think I could upload it. Though, I would rather wait till have it done before I do that.