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Posted by steelknight2000

I'm glad I live in the future.

Edited by jkz

Yeah what the hell. 10,000 people? That seems excessive, considering that I thought less than 5000 even had game-room installed any more, or at the very least checked it even semi-regularly. 
Oh, so 3000 bought it? Alrighty then.

Posted by b33
@f33r_mai_ch33tz said:
" It's time to call Vinny the intern "
Posted by ch3burashka

Dumb AI is dumb. Lol.

Posted by Leptok

anyone see a swastika at 7:30 lower left.

Posted by bongzilla

Sweet. Lets see what stupid shit Jeff bought today..

Posted by xync4

intellivision wasn't discontinued til 91 duder

Posted by MeatSim

What a snafu

Posted by clarke0

SNAFU looked pretty bomb, and Seaquest didn't look half bad either. That said, Game Room needs some real arcade games right quick.

Posted by mycatisgo

Snafu looked pretty fun, but i maintain my opinion that the best version of snakes is the bonus game in time splitters 2.

Posted by DarthNusair

Did anyone else see the swastika in the lower left of the second maze?

Posted by gbrading

The music in SNAFU is amazing. The Game Room Endurance Run continues!
Posted by Vod_Crack

That is a dope beat I have to agree!

Posted by KillyDarko

I used to love Snafu, but it just looks kinda dumb now :D

Edited by Manhattan_Project

I fucking lost it when the two remaining A.I. started to slowly commit suicide. I love these videos.




" @Windmills said:

" Did no one else get a video of Jeff beatboxing and then advertising the "Big LIve Live Show Live"? "
I got jeff taking down his pants... to show his "talent" "
So...he took his talents to South Beach?
Posted by bongzilla
@Manhattan_Project said:

So...he took his talents to Miami? "
You mean South Beach?
Posted by Manhattan_Project
@bongzilla: Why thats exactly what I wrote...
Posted by bongzilla
@Manhattan_Project: Aha sneaky
Posted by eccentrix

That's it, I'm getting Snafu.

Posted by Ronald

You may also enjoy hitting your thumb with a hammer.

Posted by Cirdain

doom doom dee dom dom doom,

Posted by Bluethunder35

Only the Jack Wranglers of video gaming will want to play most of these games released in the last two weeks.

Posted by holybins

Haha, Snafu is hilarious.  Just watching the AI "fight it out" was uh...intense.

Posted by jorbear

Ryan Seaquest. BASS!

Edited by GetBentTheVideoGame

Snafu got the trap game on lock.

Posted by gakon

They need to find a way to create ranked modes for games that don't have an obvious score to tally.  For example, in Tower of Doom (an Intellivision dungeon-crawler), there are maybe ten different areas you can explore and just as many classes to play as.  However, in ranked mode everyone plays the same mode with the same class.
So in a game like Freeway, for ranked mode, lock it to one player and create an outside time limit of, say, five minutes, and tally the score.  Granted, as has been pointed out the problem you encounter is when a game's leaderboard has twenty people who all have the same high score, because there is a theoretical perfect score.

Posted by Thompson820

Duder! Snafu looked legitimately good, the music was bad ass and the stupid AI was hilarious.
Another sweet QL.

Posted by paulosaurus

Uh, uh, uh. Pump that Snafu music, fool.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Oh god it just keeps getting worse. Those two broken avatars symbolize the low life scum that hang out in empty arcades full of decaying crappy games; creepy uncomfortable places...

Posted by albedos_shadow

Holy shit, that Snafu music is AMAZING.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Snafu was kinda cool, and I've always loved Freeway.

Posted by JJOR64

Dude, I totally played Snafu on a Intellivision before.

Posted by hollitz

Those two "broken" avatars were simply celebrating the death and rebirth of our avatar lord and savior.

Edited by LordCrom

I currently own every release for Game Room.  Thinking about stopping. 
Update:  Just checked the release list for next week's Game Room releases.  Only 4 next week.  Checkers, City Bomber (Arcade), pinball, tennis.  Is the end of Game Room fast approaching?
Posted by Sponge
@DarthNusair:  I was just about t post this. Its kinda weird to see that in a video game about mazes....
Posted by Capum15

Snafu part was great, looks somewhat enjoyable compared to most others I've seen you guys play.

Posted by Ninja

Games Room Quick Looks are actually my favourite thing on the site after the Persona 4 Endurance Run. Theres something I really like them.

Posted by MagikGimp

Fuck you maze.

Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab
@metalsnakezero said:


Posted by countinhallways

Snafu, your music does delight me so.

Posted by mnzy

Why don't you play them with two people?

Posted by sear

I look forward to Game Room videos every week, just to see Jeff's spirit crushed a little more.

Posted by Nidzumi


Posted by mropinion

I have no idea what's up with your GameRoom because I see different videos every time i load rather than the demo video that you see every time, and I have never had ANY broken avatars.  Very strange.

Posted by gakon
@LordCrom said:
" I currently own every release for Game Room.  Thinking about stopping.  Update:  Just checked the release list for next week's Game Room releases.  Only 4 next week.  Checkers, City Bomber (Arcade), pinball, tennis.  Is the end of Game Room fast approaching? "
We're headed down the Virtual Console path of 3 games a week, then 2, then 1.
Considering Microsoft Game Studios promised something like 1000 titles at some point, and they've just recently passed 300, are they having trouble getting content deals?  They need new publishers or platforms if this service is to continue, and its surprising nothing new has come since the service's original launch.
Posted by cassus

Hehey, I had Freeway for the 2600. Sounds of that game brings me back. If they release Commando for the 2600 I'll buy it.

Posted by SBYM

I kind of lost it when Snafu's music couldn't stay on rhythm. Great.

Edited by animathias

I'm disappointed there were no Yellow Submarine jokes from Ryan while playing Seaquest.

Also, having never actually owned an Atari 2600, Maze Craze looks like it has a crazy amount of difficulty modes. Is that normal for 2600 games?

Posted by KuribosShoe

Snafu is all you need to know about Game Room.

Posted by The8Man

Jeff, your friends and family have all gathered here because we care about you.  We love you and it hurts us to see you destroy yourself like this.  We want you to be happy again, Jeff.  We want you to get help.  You don't have to do this alone.
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