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Posted by drakoleth

Jack-o-lantern FTW!

Posted by DantronLesotho

I am definitely going to buy that game.

Posted by Zanthox

play this game and your dreams will come true. If you have the robot unicorn costume on.

Posted by Nunchuckles

I dont understand how THQ is publishing this, when double fine is part of the EA Partners program. Does anybody know whats up?

Posted by Vrikk

It's from Tim Shaefer. I have to buy it.

Posted by XenoZak


Posted by leebmx

This is the sort of game which makes me wish I had kids.

Posted by bslayer

yeah, I'll probably get it. i'm a sucker for double fine.

Posted by Piranesi

Needs to have just a bit more 80s retro cartoon feel in the He-man / Transformers / Thundercats / Battle of the Planets vibe. When you change into the unicorn or robot there better be a kick-ass guitar solo.  
Should be able to team up the superpowers as well (Jack O'Lantern riding the unicorn, robot transforming into a motorcycle for the Knight to ride etc) 
Oh and they should bring out a Winter DLC pack for extra snow levels (I miss when games used to have a free Christmas edition as a present from the developers). Unfortunately Evil Robot Santa has already been done but they could easily extend the game for other holidays.
Posted by Jethuty

Doesnt look like my kind of game but ill play anything DOOOOOOOOOOUUUBBBLE FIIIIIIIIIAAAANE produces.

Posted by TrevorBrader

This game is gonna rule!

Posted by capthavic


Posted by Bakumatsu

No pc version? oh man...

Posted by sear

PC version, god dammit.

Posted by Hockeymask27

Love the art style.

Posted by Ramyun

This looks pretty awesome but the voiceover is soooooooooooo bad...

Posted by LtColJaxson

Should be at least teen or I'm not really expecting the most funny game for me - however it might still be pretty good.

Posted by JackiJinx

Looks cute, but I'll wait for more details all the same.

Posted by DrPockets000

I heard the words "Double Fine" and I was instantly sold.

Posted by Wrighteous86

Wished the video showed more of the funny, but given the track record and the concept, I'll take on good faith that it's there.

Posted by StickShifter05

ooooh, I like that bad ass unicorn!

Posted by Loiske

this looks pretty awesome, hope it's as crazy as psychonauts :P

Posted by hollitz

Wow.  I'm almost more excited for this than most of the triple A titles left this year.

Posted by harvey_the_pooka

I´m loving the art style on this one

Posted by kalmis

Tad too cute for my taste

Posted by Fjordson

Hell yes.

Posted by iamthemoneyj

graphics look shitay

Posted by EliasT

No, just no.

Posted by stokerd

That looks super fine.

Posted by StillVictor

Looks cool.

Posted by burritojohnson

Okay..this looks freaking cool!

Posted by iSylence

I think I'll get this, looks pretty awesome.

Posted by futrstyl


Posted by JeffGoldblum

I'm looking forward to this one.

Posted by Catolf

You had me at Unicorn...

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by Koobz
@bartok: Costume Quest is secretly a reboot of the Math Blaster franchise.
Posted by bartok

Looks like an RPG but given that Brutal Legend looked like a 3rd person action game but was really an RTS this game will actually be a block pushing puzzle game.

Posted by billygoat117

Totally gives me a Psychonauts vibe. Which reminds me, I NEED TO FINISH PSYCHONAUTS.

Posted by eccentrix

Aww, I wanted it to be a trick or treat game.

Posted by Bucketdeth

I love the idea so much and it looks great, first day buy for sure.

Posted by Chuck_


Posted by JerichoBlyth


Posted by bowielee

I think Rad is the only word that I can think of to describe what I think of what I just watched. I can't wait.

Posted by fox01313

Didn't know anything about the game before but after seeing this, sold :)  
Hard to get away from other costumes with the pumpkin headed monster which I love the look of.

Posted by kollay

  Did anybody think of this when they saw the unicorn?

Posted by drew327

Hmm... I am not feeling it for some reason.  Maybe because I am Tim Burton'd out

Posted by RagingLion
@Wiseblood said:
Yay for Perry Bible Fellowship!
Posted by TheWesman

Did anyone else see the burning man effigy back there?  I wonder how many creepy movie references we'll see in this one.

Posted by Seppli

Hell yes! Just got me some eBucks for Shank. Costume Quest will be mine too!
Go Double Fine!

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