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Hi everybody! (I’ll stick to that phrase, until the day I die)

Well, I know this site has to do with games and such, but I like to tell you guys about other cool stuff from time to time. I want you, wanting, to be educated – and I’m here to make that fun! (oh, what fun we have)

Well, today I’m gonna tell you guys about some serious weird shit from the past. Not a year ago, not two, but more like 100 million years ago. When the Crocodiles roamed the earth, and not only the water.

We know crocks as these lizard-legged, water-swimming (what else can you swim in?) monsters, but they sure have had many shapes, and sizes:

Take a look at these guys:         

 Look at those teeth... shit dudes.

Boar crocodile – Size: 6m. (19.69 feet)

Not many animals would enjoy meeting this monster. Its teeth was very well developed (even for a crocodile) and its’ sharp teeth was cued in up to three rows, which could either hold on to large slimy fish, or be replaced like shark teeth when they broke off.


 This one could run like hell, and i've called it Spot.

Dog crocodile - Size: 1m. (3.28 feet)

This type of croc looks fucking awesome, I must admit. It had a pointy and long snout and could run fast as hell. Although you might not wanna meet this one in a dark alley, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad? After all, this guy ate plants and had flat teeth (although I’m sure the jar could still separate you in half).


Rat crocodile – Size: 1m. (3.28 feet)

This croc, havn’t been giving its name cause of the size, but because it had two large front teeth. It probably used the teeth to dig up insects and worms, so although it looked mean, it was only some ugly (or better looking) version of Timon or Pumba.

There were other types of crocs, like the Duckcroc, Flapjackcroc, etc. but you can go ahead and Google those, I wanna tell you about a real... mother fucker!

 The Dogcrock compared to Sarcosuchus

Super Crocodile! (Sarcosuchus) – Size: 12m. (39.37 feet)

This crocodile evolved into a totally awesome, badass, mofo! This might very well be the largest Croc species ever to have existed. It weighted up to 10 tons and its bite-force was around 2 tons (that’s even more powerful than the T-rex). It is though to have mainly lived in Africa and could easly have lived by eating other large dinosaurs. Although this was a giant killer, it must have been to large to survive - and thank God for that!

 I know this picture is wrong... But it's too awesome and weird to miss out on. Just imagine! (as Peter M. would have said)
Hope that was fun reading… Now get back to you games! You have orcs to slay!!!

Love you guys! (insert: old 3D platform character “Croc” and the Theme from Jaws)

Posted by BraveToaster

What about Doc Connors
Super Croc is creepy. I bet there are a few still hanging around.

Posted by Osaladin

I think I had a dream that Dog Croc was chasing me into an alleyway a while ago. Which is funny, because I never knew he existed. What does this mean?

Posted by thomasriis1987

 Awe!! knew i forgot something!  - 

<-- This guy was only breifly mentioned...  

I must do a follow-up on the whole croc-thing:D  
and include Doc Crock :D
It must have been your instincts!    
Posted by Claude