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Posted by kortex

I'm from Germany and I beg you to pretty, pretty please release it over here including the original narrator. Fuck bad dubs!

Posted by Kraznor

My personal "Game of Show" for PAX. Really sharp look, the narration is great and everything is so colorful and vibrant. That and its coming from Greg Kasavin, whose opinion I've trusted for the better part of a decade. Can't wait.

Posted by Einherjan
@Metalideth: That's what I was thinking.
Posted by ChrisFiftyTwo

Very curious about this one. Really like the graphical style so hope it has gameplay at least half as interesting. 

Posted by GreyWizzard

That looks very cool.

Posted by theberserker

art is amazing

Posted by masterken

thats a pretty damn good trailer if i might say so.

Posted by radioactivez0r

I like when companies put a focus on cool visuals, as long as it isn't the primary focus.  
P.S. This is the first time I saw the Brad commercial.  Awesome.

Posted by ZmillA


Posted by Lavos

getting Dufus vibe.

Posted by Butano
@Beforet said:
" Was that the "war never changes" guy? "
It definitely sounded like Ron Perlman, but I'm not too sure. Maybe they'll confirm at PAX?
Posted by Nytrik
@Fram said:
" That first guitar chord sent me all the way back to Tristram... "

I got the chill. I got the chill man. 

Still, looks pretty cool. 

Posted by DragonBloodthirsty

This video takes a game I would have ignored and puts it on my Radar.  I'll read future reviews of it.  I agree that the narration sells me on it, for the presentation more than the content.

Posted by MisterMouse

looks pretty cool, interested in learning more and finding what this is going to be coming out on.

Posted by RaceKickfist

i'll be following this one. 2011 seems like a long way into the future tho. hovercar/jet pack future.

Posted by egads
Posted by TekZero

Ok, I'm interested. 

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Narration was really appealing, gameplay, not so much.

Posted by Parsnip

Looks kind of neat for sure. Pretty pixels.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Action RPG's are always fun.  
Style is perhaps a little too similar to Torchlight though.

Posted by Skillface

Looks weirdly similar to Super Mario RPG. I'm into it.

Posted by Meteora

I'm digging the colourful artstyle.

Posted by MeatSim

I like the art style.

Posted by Spiritof

I had an idea of what this game might play like, and I'm about 95% wrong.
Reminds me of Diablo mixed with Actraiser, and that gives me a boner.

Posted by zityz
@Metalideth said:
"Looks very Legends of mana-ey "

That's the first thing that poped into my head as well seeing this trailer.  
Love the water colour look to the whole thing. Hope it comes out for PC but I also hope it comes out far away from Torchlight 2's release so it has a chance to garner sales
Posted by KillyDarko

It looks interesting so far

Posted by gla55jAw

Looks really cool.

Posted by Lokno

I was not expecting the folk singer narration. Nice way to make the same old save the world adventure plot sound fresh.

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

This is on my radar now. I look forward to gameplay video coming from PAX.

Posted by FlipperDesert

I'm in. If 'action RPG' means Diablo, I'm really in.

Posted by Ladnar

Fucking a, I love pax but then I have to wait 10 months to play all the cool games from it.

Posted by Icemael

Nice graphics. Mechanically it looks kind of like Lunar Knights though, and that game was horrible. Not saying this will be, but I do know that Western indie games generally suck, so I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Posted by buzz_killington

I really love the art-style.

Posted by Hamz

It actually looks pretty interesting. Looking forward to more GB coverage of the game!

Posted by General_D23

 It's the narration--which plays a pretty significant role in the actual game, by the way--that initially made this game stand out to me.  

Interesting.  Trailer's narration is pretty cool. Interested in finding out how it fits into the game.
This recent Action-RPG boom is very exciting. Can't wait to learn more about this game!
Posted by Shadow

This looks like it might just turn out to be a video game.

Posted by MaFoLu

After just watching the screenshots I totally wasn't expecting this game to have that kind of dark tone. The trailer definitely made me interested in this game.

Posted by EchoNull
@Underwhelmed said:
Reminds me a lot of Soulblazer.
I got a strong Terranigma vibe, too, especially with the brief snippet of combat they showed.
Looks like it might have potential!
Posted by TekZero

I got a weird Discworld vibe from this game.. 

Posted by BulletproofMonk
@MattBodega: You probably like it because it's an awesome line.
Posted by cyrax

Looks good. Gamers went from an ARPG drought to a steady rain. I like.

Posted by jorbear

Leave it to the indie developers to try something new. Looks great btw.

Posted by RagingLion

There's a really interesting tone to that trailer that I really like and makes the game seem more weighty than just seeing the art assets would suggest.  If the game is worthy of that tone ten I'm interested.
Also, that jingle (for want of a better word) when the logo for Supergiant games flashes up at the beginning of the trailer is super familiar.  Anyone else notice that and can work out where it comes from?

Posted by Underwhelmed

All isometric RPGs are Diablo 2 clones,
just like all class based team shooters are team fortress 2 clones,
and all Indie side-scrolling exploration shooters are Cavestory ripoffs. 
Lot of parrots around these days.
Reminds me a lot of Soulblazer.

Posted by Coleslaw893

This looks awesome. Love the music. Nice voice work too.

Posted by PenguinDust

Can't wait until Thursday to see some actual gameplay video, because right now it's just giving me a Torchlight vibe, and I'm not sure I need another with TL2 on the way and D3 (probably) out next year.

Posted by Gav47

Ted's mind reading promo is really good.

Posted by Beforet

Was that the "war never changes" guy?

Posted by Malphye

Great. Another company that will end up with my money in 2011.

Posted by MattBodega

Other "Indie" games just don't look like Bastion.  This trailer gives Bastion a sense of professionalism alongside it's wild style, 
Also, for whatever reason, I really like that last line of the trailer.
"You ain't in this alone. That's a promise."

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