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Posted by sharma55

You should really use Fraps because in some of the newer games and Windows 7, I've been having this problem where I just get a black screen, never really had any sort of problems with Fraps.

Posted by AlisterCat

I've found that with some games it won't register the key press. I can't tell if it's because of the key or some incompatibility. You can always try pressing print screen and pasting in Photoshop. :p

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw:  nope . unless you set the fraps hotkey that way, you can set it up to use combinations , but then it would show that in the Screen Capture Hotkey windows..
as you can see. mine is setup to take a screenshot if i hit F11 , and will dump the screenshot in the folder Fraps/sceenshots on my C: drive.
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw
Yeah, I'm positive.  Does it require a combination key press, though, like control + or alt +? 
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are you sure you are pressing the right key? go into fraps , go to the screenshot tab and see how it is set up .
and if giantbomb had any restrictions on images,  you would find those guidlines at the image upload section of the site.

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Hey, thanks, folks!  
Two more dumb questions and I should be done for the day.  Hour.  Minute.  Well, okay, I'm usually plum full of dumbassery.  Here's the two questions. 
1) Can someone run me through the basics of using FRAPS?  I've downloaded and installed it, it's running in the background when I run a Steam game, but the hotkey i've assigned for screenshots isn't saving photos to the designated folder.  Am I just missing a key combination like Control + or Alt +? 
2) Are there any size restrictions to images posted on Giant Bomb?

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Posted by Scrawnto
@Sweep said:
" Fraps is what I use. The trial version is kinda sucky (I recall watermarks and limited recording times) so you might want to obtain the full version. "
The watermarks are only on video. The trial version is just fine for screenshots. Screens are saved as .bmp, so they are high quality, but large files. You'll probably want to use something like GIMP to convert them to .jpg or .png before putting them on the internet.
Posted by Ineedaname

As Matthew said, the print screen, but I sometimes find it fails to capture anything.
Fraps is solid though, but you should also check in games controls a lot often saying "Screen shot" or some such.

Posted by Matthew

For the very basic of barebones, there's the print screen key.  It only saves one picture at a time, but it saves it to your clipboard.  So open up Paint, ctrl + v the sucka, and you're there. 
Oh yea, and Fraps.

Posted by Jadeskye

some games have utilities built in, like tf2, which will take a screenshot and save it to a folder everytime you press F5.

Posted by Drakhir

I use Fraps myself as well. Just set a button and it'll save your screenie, ready to upload to GB.

Posted by Sweep

Fraps is what I use. The trial version is kinda sucky (I recall watermarks and limited recording times) so you might want to obtain the full version.

Posted by MeierTheRed
@Sparky_Buzzsaw: @HitmanAgent47 said:

Use fraps.

Posted by Binman88

Best thing to do is download FRAPS. Simply run it on your desktop before you start your game and it can be used in game to take and save screenshots with one configurable button.

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Never done it before in my life. I heard you use fraps or something though.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Hey folks,  
I know this is a bit of a stupid question, especially for a guy who's been PC gaming for over 20 years, but I was wondering if anyone could walk me through the basics of taking PC screenshots and saving them to my computer for possible uploading to Giant Bomb?  I've got a huge back catalogue of PC games, and I feel like I could contribute quite a bit, but I just don't get the basics.  If anyone has any tips, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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