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Posted by IClavdivs

Great WU-TANG. Can't wait for the next one:
I reject your reality and substitute my own!

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Moustaches help with Beat Boxing you know! FACT! Ask Jeff. :D

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Posted by Cynic04

If you don't like TANG then I don't like you... just kidding.... but not really.

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Posted by AllanIceman

Needs more WU-TANG.

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Posted by Eijikun

My home town! I just watched the movie on Netflix after seeing WUTANG. So many memories from my childhood in San Antontio! The Riverwalk and the Windsor Park Mall and Japanese Gardens were just as I remember them...sigh...thanks, Ryan.

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Posted by CyleMoore

The ending was the best

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Posted by Swinghi

I loved this movie.  By the way, it is on Instant Watch on Netflix if you get some spare time.

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Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Hey, the VHS doesn't go in the pc's cup holder slot!

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Posted by JJOR64

What is this VHS you speak of?

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Edited by CornBREDX

I've loved this movie since i was a kid. So glad to finally have a WU-TANG of it. WHEEE! 
Ok, me geeking out aside it is one of my favorite movies nostalgically and anyone that hasnt seen it yet dont hesitate to at least rent it. Its a fun watch and has some great twists and turns along the way. 
SO GLAD! Giant Bomb is awesome!!! hehehe =P ok i'm done

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Posted by darkdragonmage99
@JJOR64: it's like   Beta  
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Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I feel like I should see this movie.

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Posted by Yabbicoke

Funniest ending yet.

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Posted by razielrioux

Loved the VHS bit at the end. When are they going to tackle the Wizard?

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Posted by switcher

UGH. Save Kim Davey. I can't believe I sat through this. Tang,  you lied to me.

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Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Ouh yeah! Very good review even though I have never heard anything about the movie before at all. The entire ending was excellent with a nice twist on the cameo and a clever preview part. Funny stuff and still a nice variation in tone that sets it apart from all the other GB stuff stylistically  - can't wait for the next one. 

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Posted by ThePhilatron

So that's how I play all my old cassettes.

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Edited by Roboto

It's the freaking kid from Flight of the Navigator???? 
**CORRECTION** not him. Now I just want to watch Flight of the Navigator.

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Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Looks about as dull as I remember it.
I think I'd rather see 9 to 5 or Modern Problems to get my Dabney Coleman fix.

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Posted by thomasonfa

Ghost Face would be be proud.

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Posted by FunExplosions

One of the most hilarious endings in awhile.

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Posted by dudeglove

Umm... why is the left side of Ryan's face so badly lit up in this vid? Looks like a semi-decent movie, though.

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Posted by Althox

xD Jeff is everywhere!

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Posted by Baggykins
@PJ: Haha good point 
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Posted by JFetch

I loved this movie as a kid, and it made me scared of old people for years to come.

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Posted by Richlough

I still love this movie .

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Posted by ominousbedroom

BEATBOXING JEFF! Where's this movie review you were talking about?

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Posted by AxleBro

lol jeff

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Posted by Pop

I was expecting Ryan to appear instead of Dabney Coleman from the fire.

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Posted by fillmoejoe

Looks pretty good, I'll definitely watch this one.

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Posted by MHumphreys89

Fucking VHSs, how do they work?!?

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Posted by Chinatown399

Damn u VHS!

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Posted by sins_of_mosin

I remember this movie when I was a kid.  I always thought it was good.

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Posted by BeaverBacker95

This movie, along with Tron and Clash of Titans was all I watched as a child. Ahhhh memories. 
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Posted by JustinTHOM

WIN!!! the intro makes everything great
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Posted by Lydian_Sel

Whatever happened to Dabney Coleman?

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Posted by Sharpshooter

VHS? Wow never thought I'd see one of those again. This should be interesting.

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Posted by prod88

Hey what's that black block they try to put in the DVD drive at the end?

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Posted by WalkerD
@prod88: Whats a DVD? He was trying to stuff that brick into a Blu-ray drive at the end, god knows why.
Also, I'm very excited to see how people will react to seeing Brainscan for the first time. I almost wish Giant Bomb would do one of Screened's screening type things of it, just so people can experience the whole movie. M. Night doesn't have shit on Brainscan.
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Posted by Turtlefuzz

GREG K?!?!??!?!

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Posted by eillothebadger

Where was ryan's dancing?! Angry face.

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Posted by Stikes72--defunct

Well put together review, prolly gonna check to see this movie now :)

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Posted by Bluethunder35

I actually saw this movie and played the Atari video game based on it. It was O.K.

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Posted by L

What an awesome finale for this video. :D

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Posted by danimal_furry

My brother and I watched this flick a billion times back in the day.

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Posted by Claude
@MarkWahlberg said:
Takes one to know one?
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Posted by doctorSleepless

Is he walking in front of a movie about fire?

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Posted by doctorSleepless

What about the Sword and the Sorcerer? Matt Houston with a shooting triple bladed sword.  Old school sword and sandle.

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Posted by EPGPX

Aw come on! That shadowy figure should've been Ryan Davis. Please re-edit and insert Ryan Davis making hilarious faces. Please please please.