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Posted by Jackal888

WU-TANG so funny. I get it

Posted by ZionSiva

This is one of those movies I saw when I was 8 or so, forgot about it but remembered constantly scenes of. Pretty sure I had dreams about it. It was stuck in my subconscious, but now it's out! THANKS GIANT BOMB!

Posted by Impossibilium

WUTANG isn't as good when the movie isn't terrible.

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  I was hoping for this
Posted by Noodlearms

wonderful universe of TANG ain't nuthin ta fuck wit

Posted by MasterChief360

oh yeah
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The lesson of this movie was "Don't trust old people".  Oh, and "Sell your Atari stock because trouble is coming".

Posted by Chuck_

I hope it has been mentioned that Ryan has the same tattoo on his arm that Jack from Mass Effect 2 has on her head, right?

Posted by Rincewind

Cool wutang

Posted by Kohe321

720p ftw

Posted by onigreed

The new season is coming great. Just a wonderful time for odd movies.

Posted by BleepGGE

Is that an Atari 5200 controller?? Did Cloak & Dagger ever come out  for the Atari 5200?? 
That same little annoying girl was in Twilight Zone the Movie.
Posted by apita23

Awesome sauce!

Posted by demontium

Nice ending :)

Posted by Nibi
@mosdef said:
  I was hoping for this "
This was my exact same thought. 
Posted by pancakehumper
@cwdawg1224 said:
" Do Grandma's Boy!  "
Posted by DontLikeClowns

I really like this movie a lot ... probably more than I should  ;)

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy
@mosdef said:
  I was hoping for this "
I am glad I was not the only one, but hey, this is not Comic Vine! 
Anyways, now I want to see this movie. Also, fantastic ending.
Posted by pcguy2

that picture is WAY TOO intense!

Posted by aragorn546

dungeon master is listed on imdb as RAGEWAR. Here is a picture of that vhs release cover 

Posted by cooljammer00

I guess they never figured out how to get video from the VHS tape.

Posted by papercut

Ok seriously. Where's the new Wu TANG?

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So uh... I thought we had a thing going on here, guys.

Posted by Hadoken101

All I want for Christmas is a new WU TANG

Posted by Roger778

I just watched The Tang Episodes for The Last Starfighter and Cloak and Dagger back-to-back.  They both made me remember how much I enjoyed those two movies when I saw them as a kid.  I  was growing up in the 1980's at that time. 
What really impressed me about the two Tang Episodes was Vinny.  He's a brilliant Video Editor in my opinion.  Hope we get another Tang by Christmas.   
Posted by SupberUber

So, where did TANG go?

Posted by aragorn546

good news, no need to use the vhs for dungeon master: it's now on netflix instant

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@SupberUber said:

" So, where did TANG go? "

That is one good goddamn question.
Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

For a second, I thought the VHS tape was going to fit in the DVD player lol.

Posted by RE_Player1
@SupberUber said:
" So, where did TANG go? "
Ryan doesn't want to do it anymore. 
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy
@RE_Player92 said:
" @SupberUber said:
" So, where did TANG go? "
Ryan doesn't want to do it anymore.  "
He said that?
Posted by SilentIcon

I would love more TANG

Posted by BLipp18
@SilentIcon said:
" I would love more TANG "
i would expect him to do at least one more for Tron: Legacy. right? right?! please great Whiskey Gods!
Posted by iGameNaked


Posted by gbrading

And we never did get to see that VHS of the Dungeonmaster.

Posted by ChrisTaran

I'm still holding out hope for more TANG or WUTANG!

Posted by Red Rum

When are we going to see more TANG?
They could totally look at Prince of Persia, and those two Tekken movies (one of them being the animated Bloodline Rebellion)

Posted by buzz_killington


Posted by ieatpoptarts


Posted by MajesticOverlord

Dungeon Master.. sill waiting. :(

Posted by Kevino13

They should do TANG's of the Street Fighter series and the multiple Mortal Kombat series.

Posted by Schlookum

So is this where all modern action games got the futuristic looking soldier drabbed in darkness walking away from an explosion box art from? (Damn that was a long sentence.)

Posted by Servercat

I loved this movie!

Posted by hereliespoopface

I believe I speak for everyone when I say I want more TANG

Posted by artyparty

where's tang?! we miss it! pwease come back!

Posted by PaulieLag92

Has TANG been stopped? I haven't seen any more uploads from it... and I need more... Just one more TANG man... Just one...

Posted by Hockeymask27


Posted by Glottery

....aaaand there goes the last TANG. Sunday well spent...I guess! Suppose I need to start watching Happy Hours and TNT from the very beginning next.

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we need more TANG :(