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Posted by eroticfishcake

I generally don't blog a lot since I really doubt anyone gives a flying shit about what I think but what the hell, seeing how I haven't done this in a while I might as well do it. 

What's down and dirty today?

  •  Ace Combat!
  • Some other PS2 games!
  • Visual Novels!    
  • More bugs to complain about!

Ace Combat!

I like Ace Combat. It's got jets in it.  And jets consist of one quarter of my male fantasy (the rest being in a tub filled with jelly accompanied by two beautiful women with explosions occurring around me). With that in mind I decided to finish off Ace Combat 4, Ace Combat 5 and Ace Combat The Belkan War within a week on the Ace difficulty, the hardest difficulty which mind you, is still pretty easy. Not to blow my own horn or anything but the only thing they really do is just give you less hit points and that's about it really. They don't add more enemies, enemies aren't smarter or tougher nor the time limits that shorter. Having said that though, it's a great series that really shines in comparison to it's competitors. All the better since Ace Combat Assault Horizon is in development and the fact that I received my copy of Ace Combat Joint Assault in the mail yesterday. And yes the music in that is so dramatic it's awesome. It's unfortunate that the PSP's analog is so awkwardly placed though which makes flying somewhat uncomfortable especially if you're using the Expert control scheme that involves using the D-Pad to trim the yaw. But if you've played Ace Combat Skies of Deception then you can expect the same great air combat on the PSP platform. 

 tl:dr - I like jets and explosions.

Other PS2 Shenanigans!

I've had a strong urge to play my PS2 this week partially because I wanted to play Ace Combat but mainly the fact that I still have a large backlog of PS2 games to finish. First game to check off the list? Katamari Damacy. That game is a clusterfuck of bizarreness. My main criticism is that the gameplay wears pretty thin afterall a while but just like the katamari, things get rolling when you've got the spring cleaning fever. Music is just as strange but it's catchy as well. Catchy to the point that I've downloaded the soundtrack onto my PC. 
Not as sexy as you might think.    

Decided to give Rumble Roses a go. I know, it's not a great game. Of course, I already knew this when I saw it for a tenner in the bargain bin but I was curious why it was to begin with. I haven't played many fighting games until just recently when I picked up a copy of SSFIV but I know enough to know that Rumble Roses isn't good. It's clunky, it's a bit ugly and it just feels...bad. It's got some ideas but just not good enough. 

 I should make a page titled "Games where you hold girl's hands".
Onto something more savoury now. Specifically, Ico. The much acclaimed predecessor to Shadow of the Colossus. I picked it up a few weeks ago since I wanted to go hunting for good PS2 games before they permanently disappear off the shelves and become a thing of the past. I liked SoTC. I didn't think it was good as everyone said it was. In fact, I thought it was okay. There are some moments though which are pretty badass, specifically if it involves racing across the sand and jumping off your horse and onto the colossus as it soars overhead. You do feel small in comparison but once you take it down It's a great feeling. That aside, Ico. I'm already two hours in and I can already see the influences in it that make up SoTC. Large ruined environments, similar art style and makey-uppy langauge. So far I haven't had any problems, bar falling to my death on a few occasion and not to mention the fact that you're woman kept getting dragged into the hole the first time I met her (thus many, many game over screens within a short span of time). I like your one though, she's not annoying and she's not stupid either unlike most NPC. Maybe a little too helpless but smart enough to keep out of danger. It's only been two hours but I'm curious enough about it to keep trucking. 
If there's one thing I can appreciate, it's a good R-Type game. Specifically, R-Type Final for the PS2. I've already pumped about 50 hours total of gameplay into this in an attempt to collect all 101 ships and weapons. I just wished that they added more levels though. It's mind-numbing when you've already fought all the bosses and levels again and again. I WILL get all of those ships though even IF they're just minor variations of other ships. 

Visual Novels!

I don't play many visual novels. In fact, I've only played three in my entire life. The first one had a lot of sex in it and it wasn't particularly good. The second one was Clannad which was great. Interesting characters, good soundtrack and a well developed story (despite some bits are still unclear to me). No sexual content in it was a plus as well. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against sex (I actually wanted to become a sexologist at one stage). I just find it a little strange when you put in a game. But what I originally wanted to talk about was this one little visual novel called; Katawa Shoujo. I heard about this game about two years ago and if you don't know what's it about then let me tell you. At it's core it's essentially a high-school romance novel like most VNs. What sets it apart however is the story is based in a school for the disabled or those with health issues which means all the heroines have specific disabilities. 
 Yeah I know the concept sounds bizarre but stick with me ladies.
As I said before, I generally don't play VNs but with a morbid curiosity and my lack of experience with VNs I thought it'll be an interesting experience to play through the demo. So I played it. The writing is great, the characters are interesting, the art is pleasing and the music is good. I guess what I'm trying to say is that It's damn good. What's surprising about this is the fact the VN is being produced by a handful of Westerners based in various countries. Most of them hailing from Australia, America and various other countries within Europe. It's also being developed in their free time as well since they intend to release the game free of charge when it's done. For what it is, it's really impressive. It's been two years now since I've heard of it and it's still going strong. At this stage they developers are hoping to release it later this year or some time next year. Provided that you don't hate anything Japanese have some interest in VNs then I suggest you give it a go by going to their site. Note the demo has no sexual content in it so it's safe for work. The full version will have sexual content but there will be a filter to turn it off if it's not your cup of tea.

Bugs and Bitchin' about 'em.

  • Inbox bug is STILL here. Why is it taking so long to fix it?
  • Copy and pasting stuff into the search bar doesn't work.
  • Guides are still buggy so I still can't continue working on my P3P guide. :'(
  • The "Appears in X Games" bug in the wiki is still there.
  • The ranking in your profile is still stuck at zero.
  • And many, many more bugs.
I know the engineers may hate me for this but at this stage I don't care anymore. As long as my moaning is enough to make them fix all of these bugs then I'm going to continue doing it. Yes, yes I know you're busy working on new features but it'll be nice if could fix up all this old shit before moving onto to other projects, yeah?
Posted by Sweep

  but it'll be nice if could fix up all this old shit before moving onto to other projects, yeah?  

They aren't moving onto other projects, they are moving into other projects. Coonce just got relocated back to the ghetto. Times are tough! 
Posted by Fallen189

Burn chan for life

Posted by GunstarRed

I tried getting all the 101 ships in R-Type final.. I stopped at about seven. Theres some really  weird conditions you have to meet to get some of them, is it time based? I don't fully remember. That game is ace though.
Posted by eroticfishcake
@marioncobretti: Yeah it's time based with a few exceptions. I've been following this list here which has everything you need to unlock the ships.
Posted by Claude

I liked ICO more than Shadow of the Colossus. I think it was the slow grind of ICO that did it for me over the slow climb of boss battle after boss battle. I have some good memories of Ace Combat 4 for the PS2, but haven't touched the series since. Nice blog.

Edited by Yummylee

Shadow of the Colossus and Symphony of the Night have almost the same acronym! Is your mind blown as much as mine?!? And visual novels without sex? how very queer, or maybe strange would be better suited. In any case, I figured visual novels are basically just interactive hentai to begin with....I don't have much mind left after all this blown!

Posted by eroticfishcake
@Abyssfull: Almost the same acronym but NOT QUITE! Yeah I can see why most people think that visual novels are all about sex because, frankly that's what most of them are generally about. Funny how some of the more popular VNs get re-released with the sexual content removed.