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Posted by Rawrnosaurous

  One of the newest and more interesting forays into motion gaming is Microsoft ’s Kinect. Eschewing controller ’s altogether and instead putting your body and movement at the forefront of this new innovative product. Kinect is very similar to Sony ’ s eye toy in that it uses a sophisticated camera system to track your movements and place your body in the game world. Unlike the eye toy however instead of taking the video feed of yourself and your room behind you. Kinect takes your body movement and transfers it to your avatar on screen. So if you jump on screen your avatar will jump as well.

Kinect in and of itself is not a very robust fitness coach or trainer. This can be easily remedied using 3 party software of course. The most substantial software offering for fitness purposes I feel is Ubisofts newest franchise your shape. While not only visually stylish as you can see from the embedded video it is also technically very strong when compared to a Wii offering. Your shape has many different modes and activities that one can pursue using the game such as kickboxing and Tai Chi or Yoga, along with mini games such as target practice.



You'll burn calories while having fun, either with a personal trainer, taking classes or through family-friendly mini games. As you exercise, you'll receive specific feedback on your every move, so you know you're getting the most out of it. That's because your workouts are created for you based on your specific fitness level and the goals you're setting for yourself. And, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved responds to your moves with fun, surprising, interactive visuals that keep you motivated and engaged.



Your shape, while off hand is the main fitness focused game is not the only way for you or your family to use Kinect to stay in shape. Kinect, is still in and of itself a videogame device and peripheral, because of this games and entertainment is (hopefully will always be) the main focus of the system. As such there are many games that are coming out at launch for the system. Such as Kinect adventures, Kinectimals, Star Wars Kinect, Kinect sports, such software is sure to be unrefined more caused by being launch titles for a new system then being poorly designed. However, they are also sure to be interesting in concept if nothing else along with being enjoyable and burning some calories while you wave your arms around and pretend to hold a light saber. Kinectimals is a very interesting and wildly innovative game; it is very reminiscent of Peter Molyneux game concept of Milo. Milo was a game concept debuted at an earlier E3 and the game is made and centered on interacting with a game character. It was centered around using your voice to affect and interact with the character on screen. While it was never really shown past concept videos and mock interactions on-stage it left a veritable deep impression among gamers and journalists. While still existing in some form or another whether in development still or not focus has since been shifted to make Kinectimals the new showcase game at least in many journalists ’ eyes.  Kinectimals the new showcase game very rightfully so when considering the audience seems to be striving to enamor. A game in which you take care of and interact with an exotic pet such as a tiger is a more interesting pet game compared to Nintendogs. Assuming of course that face biting is not some unknown game element involved. Although, I personally would not be saddened by such a feature and would thus review the game with an automatic 10. The game was debuted to the public at this year ’ s E3 along of course with Kinect itself. As shown in the adorable presentation shown in the video the game requires someone, who may or may not be an adorable little girl, to speak to the pet and give it instructions. You can interact with the animal mock physically but moving your arms and hands. Also, according to the presentation the game will be able to sense whether or not you ’re within the camera view and interacts on that level as well.