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Posted By Alpha1

I'm so disappointed with Game Room :(

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Posted By SaturdayNightSpecials

Cmon, guys, you know the things in Boxing just look like floating wombs & ovaries. Admit it.

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Posted By Rhombus_Of_Terror

please, let this die.

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Posted By gakon

You'd think the PC version of Game Room would be better-equipped to handle the Atari and Intellivision keypads, but it's probably worse.  Basically you manually map eight keys to "Button 1" through "Button 8", which are just the face buttons, triggers, and bumpers on an Xbox 360 controller.  Then it just uses the 360 version's layout and maps it to the PC version.  So if a game on the 360 used, say, the A and B buttons and a trigger, it's going to map it on the PC to Button 1, Button 2, and Button 5 or something, which means your keys are now all spread out.

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Posted By dexterslu

The GameRoom QuickLooks are basically the new endurance run, who will be last man standing? JEFF OR GAMEROOM...TUNE IN NEXT WEEK

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Posted By VincentVendetta

The graveyard theme now looks like the resting place of Game Room. If we ever stop Game Room Quick Looks, it must be with a bang!
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Posted By MattBodega

I want a big poster that just says, "Win A Game!"

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Edited By SaturdayNightSpecials

Talking about not doing Game Room anymore?
No! You CANNOT stop doing Game Room. If you stop covering this shit and everyone forgets about Game Room and how bad it is, Microsoft wins. And so do the terrorists.  

Do you want the terrorists to win, Jeff?

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Posted By Winsord
@Jonnyflash80: It also had 112nd.
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Posted By ImBigInJapan

These Game Room looks are just a trail of tears. 
I imagine there are two guys locked in a basement room of a now abandoned corporate office somewhere still coding these ports. First the building's rec room was closed, then the fitness center, then the cafeteria, they turned off the heat to save money... then they laid off the janitor.  Just two guys left working under the glow of a bare light bulb, and they hate each other.

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Edited By Brackynews
You played the arcade hit Super Breakout, now buy the HOME version!!
I love how they just put the paddle controller nonchalantly on the cabinet.
Mocking me.
"Yeahhh, I know what'choo want."
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Posted By mosdl
@Jonnyflash80 said:
" Did anyone else notice that Jeff's ranking in Super Basketball said "113rd" at one point? How do you pronounce that exactly? "
Some programmer thought that whenever it ends with a 3 its gotta be "rd" - rookie mistake.
I do like "Eleven Third" though.
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Posted By DarkbeatDK

In between all the games released on Gameroom, which I've seen every week, A Game of Concentration is the worst game I've seen.

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Posted By Undeadpool

I know what we should do! Put a game that requires 16 buttons on a console with only 8 buttons! The other eight buttons? THE ANALOG STICK OF COURSE!...every time I think they've hit rock bottom, someone tosses down a shovel.

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Posted By noby_guy

I love these Game room QLs. Keep'em comin'! I wished you did Virtual console and PSN PS1 classic QLs though. :( But that would just make you go broke.

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Posted By Matterless

Please do not stop the Game Room Quick Looks. 
Somebody has to tell the people!
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Posted By Blair

Don't kill Game Room Quick Looks... I love them so much.

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Edited By gbrading

Do not stop doing Game Room Quick Looks! I live for my weekly dose of old-fashioned gaming goodness (or badness)! A Game of Concentration is just incredible.
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Posted By Zafmg

Oh gosh oh wow. Any bets on how long Game Room lives?

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Posted By ImBigInJapan
@gbrading said:
" Do not stop doing Game Room Quick Looks! I live for my weekly dose of old-fashioned gaming goodness (or badness)! "
Judging by this video you don't have much longer to live :p
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Posted By Phished0ne

All l learned from that quicklook is that HOBlivion is the greatest gamertag ever!

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Posted By Besetment

I can't tell if all the people crying out "don't stop game room quick looks!" are joking or not.

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Posted By heavyplay

Boxing looks like two female reproductive systems battling, flinging their ovaries at each other
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Posted By turboman

Jeff's sadness with Game Room increases every week.

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Posted By MuttersomeTaxicab

112nd ???
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Posted By Rox360

These videos just get more and more depressing! But for the love of large explosives (and mondays), don't stop making these videos! Sure, it's eating into valuable journalism time.. or.. twinky-eating time, but I feel this extensive look into Microsoft's continued failure is a very important thing to broadcast. If you don't do it, who will?!
And this way, if you ever get the chance to do some investigative journalism and shake down some dude at Microsoft who knows how the Game Room business works, you couldn't be more educated on the issue.

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Posted By SuperfluousMoniker

All Jungler room is BACK!

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Posted By El_Duderino

don't stop the game room quicklooks.  at this point your in to deep and you have to see it through.  and with duke nukem coming out we wouldn't have anything to watch crash and burn

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Posted By ImBigInJapan
@Rox360 said:
 And this way, if you ever get the chance to do some investigative journalism and shake down some dude at Microsoft who knows how the Game Room business works, you couldn't be more educated on the issue. "
My main question is whether it is Krome or Microsoft that is supposed to be wrangling deals. I have this feeling that once the whole thing goes under the reps from each company are going to have a meeting to figure out what went wrong, and they're both going to say "Oh, I thought YOU were the one handling new contracts!" And then they will all have a chuckle and would go out for a beer, except the Krome guys will all be broke from the massive failure.
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Posted By RAGEosaurus

Brad: i think we should put a bullet in Game Room
Enough said

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Posted By ch3burashka

Game Room: Orange Jumpthuit edithion.

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Don't end the game room. 
But I severely agree about the "late 80's hardware" 
That's what I was excited for when I heard about Game Room. All the arcade games I saw growing up, but didn't have the quarters to play. Missed opportunity.  
Really, who in their right mind wants to play 2600 games?

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Posted By KillyDarko

I remember Boxing, the first couple of times you played it was cool but then, and I'm sure you can imagine why, it was just repetitive. Super Breakout looks terrible with the Xbox controls and Concentration is just unbelievably bad!

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Posted By FellOpenIan

Jeff, I'm sorry. I just...um...just...yeah I'm sorry. No one should be made to suffer through this let alone have their wallet suffer through this. Thank you for taking one for the team bro.

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Posted By GoodKn1ght
@Dany said:
" @Jonnyflash80 said:
" Did anyone else notice that Jeff's ranking in Super Basketball said "113rd" at one point? How do you pronounce that exactly? "
113th is what it should have been "
lol I'm sure someone at microsoft saw that i was like, fuck it who cares
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Edited By Piranesi

Did you see that high score on Super Basketball? Honestly who has the time or patience? Should we organise some sort of intervention because that guy is clearly in serious trouble. 
Game Room is clearly an utter failure but dammit Microsoft is at least showing commitment. As Brad mentions, the crazy thing is this has (or had) tons of potential - they just need to broaden the range to later games and add some flipping quality control. The Wii has hit a similar hurdle, but at least Nintendo has talked to the right companies (and has a fantastic catalogue of its own games to draw from). 
If you think of all the classic arcade, home computer and console games of the late 80s / early 90s you loved, this would be an ideal way to revisit them and pay a little bit of money and respect back to the original creators. Apart from fan and retro sites, we aren't great protectors of gaming history and heritage - we always want the new shiny things. As the old systems are physically decaying and games being lost to the dustbin of time, Game Room and the Virtual Console are our museums and our only link to the past.
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Posted By heatDrive88

Oh dear god, watching them play Concentration was the hardest thing ever to watch.
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Posted By ThePhilatron

The people still need to see what's going on in Game Room! And the only qualified investigator that we have left is Jeff.

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Posted By zymase
@RAGEosaurus said:
" Brad: i think we should put a bullet in Game Room  Enough said "
I love how basically every Game Room Quick Look has Jeff, Ryan, or in this case Brad, saying something to this effect.
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Posted By Yodzilla

No don't stop please I fucking love these Quick Looks.  They're always hilarious.

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Posted By MeatSim

Game Room requires you to have a room full of Jungler machines at all time.

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Posted By CannibalFerox

Jeff, I'm sorry you have to waste your time and money on this crap. You are, however, doing a great public service by exposing this sham (or, should I say scam).

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Posted By MooseyMcMan
@MuttersomeTaxicab said:
" 112nd ??? "
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Posted By CookieMonster

I genuinely feel sorry for jeff.

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Posted By Daveyo520

I think these videos are still funny.

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Posted By Krenor

yeah don't stop doing game room, let it die before you give up, keep it going.

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Posted By DougQuaid

All Jungler room is the only room you need!

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Posted By Sarumarine

Watching Jeff and Game Room is like... it's great... but it's horrible. I shouldn't enjoy other people suffering but... it's so great. It's Game Room taken down one peg at a time by Jeff and Co.

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Posted By Smokay


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Posted By Slab64
@Scrumdidlyumptious said:
" Boxing looks like two ovaries "
Thank you. 
Also, depressing QL is depressing.