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Posted by namesonkel

112nd place.

Posted by Kordesh

The Jungler room is the best room.

Posted by UberExplodey

You're charging.

Posted by YukoAsho
@Lind_L_Taylor said:
" Avatars walking by while playing is very fucking distracting.  Damn. I wouldn't play these games if you paid me to do it & gave me the games for free. "
Thankfully you can turn off the background, at least I remember seeing that in the first Game Room quick look.
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Avatars walking by while playing is very fucking distracting.
Damn. I wouldn't play these games if you paid me to do it & gave me the games for free.

Posted by Happyraisins

Game Room is such a train wreck but you can't help but just love it for what it could have been... Shame.

Posted by Burn1n9m4n

Jeff the dream has sailed.  Let it go man....let it go.
Posted by Nux

Thease Quick Looks are starting to get depressing.
Posted by YukoAsho

So did they officially decide to stop?  Or as there not a 9/9 game room?

Posted by Max_Hydrogen
Yes, I know, I was kidding.
Posted by AddyMac

I'm beginning to understand why the videogame crash happened.

Posted by MrMcgillicutty

Does that basketball game take place in a female prison?

Posted by Zoidberg

I love Game Room Quick Looks. Don't ever stop.

Posted by syzygyeolith

I'm so glad game room exists, only because it means these videos will keep coming out.

Posted by SithToast


Posted by Redbeggar

This service could've been great, but it just blows my mind that they expect people to pay money for some of this stuff.

Posted by alex232

Love seeing people actually play the crap in Game Room. Hate actually seeing the crap they put out for Game Room. Konami's gotta have a few more decent arcade games left? Pooyan has a chance of being Game Room game of the month.

Posted by Adsone

I love how bummed out jeff sounds at the end, he's like on the brink of crying.
"God it's just...*sigh* This could have...Been somethin, y'know? =/"

Posted by jeremy.hasse@gmail.com

I love viewing this weekly train wreck.
I thought atari 2600 checkers was the low point for game room. Then came concentration.
I just imagine that guy on the top of the super breakout leaderboard holding his breath at every hit of the ball with those shitty controls, just never knowing if it's going to hit or not. I think it probably drove him insane.

Posted by zmcgrew

 These Game Room Quick Looks are fantastic! I was so bummed when this didn't go up last week. Luckily this week will be a double update. =)
While I wish better games would go into Game Room, the best Quick Looks come from bad games...

Posted by YukoAsho
@hollitz said:
" Oh man.  Concentration.  "
A perfect game for when you go to camp.
OK, that was horrible.
Edited by hollitz

 I love how Jeff was 112nd place in Super Basketball at one point.
Oh man.  Concentration.  More player-hostile than Demon's Souls.

Posted by StrainedEyes

Last week was lonely without Game Room. 

Edited by IrishBrewed
@FalseDeity: Yeah it is a micro purchasing Joke. And they just went up in Live membership price yet all they have to boast is a Party system! Hell you pay for every damn thing else you do on the turd, arcade games, these old 1bit P.O.S games, you pay for Netflix, you pay for Zune, you pay for the games to pay Live to play...Why the hell is their a membership fee if  they are getting there damn fill of our MS POINTS off everything else..Its them wanting their cake and eating it too...No Knock on JEFF and them but everything they get is FREE, but I am sure they would write the micro purchasing bullshit off and stick to STEAM or PSN if they were paying customers... But hey its "US", the retarded fuckin gamer who fuels this shit, keep playing DRESS UP MY DOLLY and buy them damn useless avatar clothes you sheep, Live membership will just go up..Thanks asshats... That is all. Back to Steam now.../instant message win
Posted by FalseDeity
@IrishBrewed said:
" Xbox Live is no longer a time suck but absolute money suck as well, can they charge for anything else...Every time you turn on your xbox it will cost an MS Point "
I agree. Though, I'll tolerate their prices on arcade games. For good arcade games, it's not the worst thing ever, but between avatar clothing, themes--which is just a background image basically--and the fact they still let Game Room continue at the prices they charge, that's pretty down right mean. They don't bother scaling prices to the quality or age of the game, so one could pay $5 for that concentration game (Which most won't obviously). Even releasing games twice on two platforms? Way to make apathetic consumers.
Posted by IrishBrewed

Xbox Live is no longer a time suck but absolute money suck as well, can they charge for anything else...Every time you turn on your xbox it will cost an MS Point

Posted by shadowwolf9

Dave and his threadless tee's.

Posted by Mendelson9

You get a 10 minute demo for each game I think.  They never play one game that long and then Jeff would not need to spend any money.

Posted by LordAndrew
Posted by gakon

So not this Wednesday (which happens to be today), but next Wednesday, there are currently two games on the release schedule. TWO GAMES WE ARE DOWN TO TWO GAMES A WEEK

Posted by Spectreman

Please, continues with Game Room. The games are each time more bad, but still fun to see the quicklooks.

Posted by Nettacki
@YukoAsho said:
" @ArbitraryWater said:
" I would say that we have reached the bottom of the barrel, but then again, we reached it like 2 months ago. "
I'd say we've punched a hole in the bottom of the barrel and are digging a hole to China. "
Hopefully we'll go so low below the barrel that we'll turn around and end up on top again.
Or something...IDK
Posted by LordAndrew

So it turns out Jungler is a metaphor, representing both the beginning and the end. It is a sign from a higher power, telling us we need to "put a bullet in it".

Posted by LordAndrew
@MoleyUK said:
" Eleventy-first, eleventy-second, eleventy-third, eleventy-fourth etc.
I see nothing wrong there.  That's how all highly edumacated people count, isn't it? "
Absolutely. If it's good enough for Tolkein, it's good enough for Game Room.
Posted by reflekshun

Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo Bravo. Haha that looked like womens basketball from their hair and the way they ran, and their legs. And they take their shirt off and the commentator says bravo when they do that... Is it just me?

Posted by Wacomole
@drag said:
" Someone needs to code better ... it says 113rd and 112nd moving up the ranks. Awful.  "
Eleventy-first, eleventy-second, eleventy-third, eleventy-fourth etc.   I see nothing wrong there. 
That's how all highly edumacated people count, isn't it?
I know it's about the Tentieth time someone has pointed out this mistake, but... 

I mean, this was released by one of the largest companies in existence. If it were wrong, a programmer,  a tester,  the producer or someone in QA would have noticed it straight away and made it a priority to change it immediately, right... right?
Posted by Kontrapunkt

Some investigative journalism into the rise and fall of game room would be immensely interesting I think.

Edited by thepotatoman

Reading these comments are making think back to when i actually rationed buying one game room game per week and using these quicklooks to decide what to buy.  If nothing good was out one week I'd just buy one from the backlog. $12 a month isnt that bad I thought.  Now here I am with "only" $40 or so worth of game room titles and I haven't played any of them in months.  Thing is if they had a few more really good games worth going into game room for I would probably be rationalizing buying a game like that basketball one in this quick look as i would be continuing to spend $12 a month.  I suppose there is always the hope that taito and namco and capcom will all come out and fully support game room but i dont think that hope could dwindle any more then it already has.
That said please don't stop the game room quicklooks.  They are consistently my favorite giant bomb things per week.

Posted by fynne

I completely agree with Brad.  This is just sad.  You'd think that they would have lined up the licensing before they decided to make their BIG announcement.  I can't believe that if they had anything better to release, that they would be holding back.

Posted by Peanut

I don't really think  we should blame Game Room sucking on Microsoft, but the companies who could possibly agree to release games on it. Why would a lot of these companies release an actual classic arcade title into Game Room for $3 when they could release it on XBLA for $5 and pick up the spotlight of it being that weeks XBLA release? They're guaranteed to make more money in both cases.  
I think it's less about Microsoft not being willing to do something worthwhile with Game Room and more about these other companies not wanting to potentially lose money by supporting it.

Posted by thepotatoman

Someone probably already said this but the controls for super break out and others is you are always expected to hold the thumbstick in one direction.  As you already know left is far left and right is far right, but if you hold up it moves it to the center and to gently slide from one side to the next you need to do a half circle forward or backwards like you might do in street fighter.
Its not perfect but its better then the d-pad thing.

Posted by YukoAsho
@ArbitraryWater said:
" I would say that we have reached the bottom of the barrel, but then again, we reached it like 2 months ago. "
I'd say we've punched a hole in the bottom of the barrel and are digging a hole to China.
Posted by YukoAsho
@Max_Hydrogen said:
"  That boxing game seems racist.
Now now, let's be fair, that was a 2600 game, that's probably the best Activision could do.  A black boxer and a white boxer, seems about right.  Granted, they could have given you options a la Intellivision Boxing, but considering the limitations of the 2600, that's really the best Activision could go for.
Posted by ColonelT

Holy damn -- I'm immortalized on the high score leaderboard in the Super Basketball video. Dack Montana 4-EVA.

Posted by Rodiard

Boxing, aka Fallopian Tube Battle

Posted by tourgen

love the game room quick looks
Game room is looking a little sad these days though

Edited by Strud

Krome Studios are still working on new releases. This segment from Good Game (Australian gaming program) about a tester working at the developer in Brisbane shows Game Room releases (and other things) being played.
You can see Game Pack 10 - Plaque Attack (2600) and Pressure Cooker (2600) listed on the screen at one point. They also show some Arcade titles being tested.
(I'm not sure if that link can be viewed outside of Australia).

Posted by Scratch

Props to you guys for keeping this going.

Posted by CelShader

Do not "put a bullet " in game-room. This must be covered.