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Posted by KaosAngel
@Horry43: The only real team they have left is Nomura's team, so they aren't gone yet.  Everyone else bailed to Mist Walker, Level-5, or Atlus.
Posted by Greenlight13

What would it even be? Probably more of the Pulse missions (which I still haven't felt compelled to do after finishing the narrative)

Posted by Faint

just let this game die already. other than in terms of graphics, the game is hardly next gen and doesnt offer anything beyond a half decent story and bland (dare i say awful) characters.

Posted by mrfisher

Time to move on.

Posted by His_lane

Hey Nicholson, could you throw a bike at Toriyama for me? Or better yet, just sit outside of Square Enix headquarters and start throwing bikes at everybody.

Posted by Kohlstream

It's a pretty bad time for Square these days, quality wise.

Posted by Hershey07

No surprise, right? 

Posted by ChaosBahamut

Heh, guess it's a case of "Damn'd if you do, damn'd if you don't" when it comes to DLC.
Semi-off topic: Still want FFXIII on PC.

Posted by Jalaman

What sort of DLC would they even make for a game like Final Fantasy XIII? It's such a linear game, it's not like putting out DLC for Mass Effect 2. I can't think of anything they could do that would make me want to launch FFXIII again.

Posted by TorMasturba

I'm not really bothered, FF XIII was a thoroughly dismal game except for chapter 13, so if they do release extra content, it better be to add extra villages and nooks and crannies, like even more hard to get secret swords etc, and add some extra corridors to the extremely long corridor that is chapter 1-12, and 14 onwards.

Posted by Geekcore

I'm glad because I don't want to by sub-par DLC so I can keep my S-Rank.

Posted by Shigginator

I suppose that's good. They should just focus on future FF titles and not waste any more time with this one

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