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Posted by darthfoo

Watched the President's press conference today.  Kinda tired of the Washington game of we will/they won't but I thought he did pretty well.  It's gonna be a tough election.   The Metroid, Other M review was a lot less frustrating.  Gonna check out Avatar in 3D today with my wife, she hasn't seen it yet.  Then off to a nice dinner out and hopefully more gaming tonight.  Back to the Fruit company tomorrow for another exciting day.

Posted by pbhawks45

This is the greatest post ever written.

Posted by InfamousBIG

Since you know you're already gonna see it, it probably isn't the nicest thing to talk smack about Avatar, but, man, I thought that movie was pretty awful.  Did you already see it yourself, but not with your wife?  If you liked it, that's cool too, you're certainly not alone.  The special effects were without a doubt spectacular.