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EDIT: Finally got it.

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Jeff pulled a fast one.

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Posted by trace

Best opening for a Game Room Quick Look yet.

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Posted by orion

Nice intro!  :) 

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Posted by Drazat

Haha nice opening.

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Posted by RipTheVeins

Best way to wake up in the morning.

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Posted by xDARKxKnight

Always make me laugh! :D

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Posted by Mrskidders

God, I fucking hate game room.  I regret every purchase I have made on it.

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Posted by Rautapalli

I actually thought that I'm watching a wrong video at first.

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Posted by madroxcide

Opening is great stuff

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*Cue double rainbow joke*

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Posted by bigcess

Haha, Sonice Adventure. Knew 30 minutes was too long for a Game Room QL.

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Posted by pnevares

Beautiful opening. Ryan is the master of reactions.

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Posted by Astromarine

watching Ryan slowly deteriorate in these is the best thing ever.

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Posted by The_Laughing_Man

What ever happened to the side things that showed points and rank? 

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Posted by Blair

It's a Game Room extravaganza!  I love it.

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Posted by Metal_Mills
@Mrskidders said:
" God, I fucking hate game room.  I regret every purchase I have made on it. "
I love the Quick Looks though.
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Posted by MartinG

You know Game Room is awesome when you have to trick people into sitting next to you, watching you play.

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Posted by Castro

I don't know dude. I remember seeing an interview with Jeff and a guy from the Game Room team and the guy mentioned that he wanted to do Dreamcast emulation. Did you seriously think that you would be able to purchase Dreamcast games for the same price as Intellivision games? Seriously? Soul Calibur has already come out on XBLA. Sonic Adventure is supposed to come out soon. No, there will not be Dreamcast emulation on Game Room. The good news is that there are tons of other arcade games left. The bad news is that it's unlikely that we'll ever see them.

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Posted by kalmis

Awesome Jeff :D

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Posted by Kovski

It's those lost arcade games like Flak Attack i'd expect to see more of in the game room instead of those hundred of shitty Intellivision games.

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Posted by Plasma

Do a quicklook of that KOF shoot em up game!

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Posted by General_D23

Oh my god. Not even widescreen for Sonic Adventure? Are you fucking kidding me? That...ugh.

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Posted by Jambones

lol, poor Ryan :D 
*High fives Jeff*

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Posted by pureguava

Jeff, he's never going to trust you again.

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Posted by hsteven1991@hotmail.co.uk

yaaaay  game room game room!!
i dont need to ever buy these games as long you guys keep doing quick looks :)

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Posted by VibratingDonkey

More like Lame Room!

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Posted by Livebythesword

There should just be XBLA quicklooks from now on...

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Posted by FritzDude

BEST opening yet!

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Posted by Castro

I know I'm a horrible guy, but I hadn't watched the entire video before I posted my last comment.
Why didn't they play as Big the Cat? Apparently, the guy that plays Duke Nukem (Jon St. John) also voices Big the Cat. I'd be curious to hear that. Did he do a voice for Sonic R? I'll go check.

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Posted by MysteriousBob

I want every single person responsible for Sonic's 1999 redesign to die in agony. Not just the character design, but the game design. Humans, shitty adventure sections, Big the Cat, fuck them all. 
I miss the days of the UK Sonic the Comic. It had a better plot than any of the games.
I hate to say this- but I want a Sonic Adventure Endurance Run. If Game Room is dead, then it would fill the void.

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Posted by adoggz

wait, did jeff forget that they already did a sonic adventure QL?

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Posted by Wes899

It's funny to me that those two Game Room games are better than Sonic Adventure.

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Posted by heatDrive88

Jesus, that menu music in Sonic Adventure has some seriously shredding guitar, haha.
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Posted by JoeyRavn

Jeff, you piece of shit!
Man, you crack me up :P

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Posted by hollitz

Oh God, it's so good. SOOOO good. 

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Posted by iamthemoneyj
@adoggz: yeah they did
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Posted by Chaossebba

"Cthulhu is here to fight Sonic the Hedgehog"
Brb, patenting this idea.

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That is totally a comma after the first "Dr," in the marketplace description. Sheesh.

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Posted by sear

I love Game Room.  ^_______________^

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Posted by Mrskidders
@Metal_Mills: Im with you on that, thats about how long most people end up actually playing the games for anyway!
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Posted by DeathbyYeti

rumor is Ice T supports Game Room
just what I have heard

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Posted by Jeffk38uk

Oh god, whats wrong with Tail's voice. But funny Game Room QL again.

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Posted by WhiteBrightKnight

Ryan's right, soundtracks to 3D sonic games have always been good...the complete oppossite of the games.
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Posted by JayCee

Kitten Kaboodle is madness!

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Posted by Googly

A quick look WITHIN a quick look?!!
Also this weeks game room releases look fun for a change.

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Posted by Grissefar

Things are getting crazy ouf of hand this week! I love Mailbags? Game Room Quick Looks? What's next? TNT Endurance Run?

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Posted by fedorajay

I loved Tails's new voice at the end.