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I agree with @Jeff, Sonic Adventure was terrible.

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I use to watch the shit out of that Sonic Adventure intro back in the day

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weird. they got rid of that terrible "I wanna fly-y" song when they first show tails.  Were they not able to license that shit song? 
EDIT: Take it back.  There it is.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

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Thank gods this video was listed in the Sonic article, couldn't have remembered it otherwise. I remember being pleasantly surprised the first time I saw this QL. Of course, even back then Sonic looked terribad. Or well, actiony parts are kinda-sorta-ok, but that adventuring...sweet jeebus, so bad. Together with the whole "he's in our world now". Bunch of BS...and that music, AAARGH!!1

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Wait, they had a Spec Ops: The Line demo back then? Over a year and a half ago?

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The best intro of all the game room quicklooks. That reaction is priceless.

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Mmmaaannn Sonic SUCKS.

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@JustinAquarius said:
Sonic Adventure isn't THAT bad. I kinda like it.
Its more what Sonic Adventure started in a long line of horrible Sonic games. I don't just mean the horrible gameplay, but the shitty writing, characters and overall 'WOAH DUDE WE'RE TOTALLY AWESOME' tone.
I mean, why in the blue fuck are there humans in my Sonic game? I... Sega... fuck you
Bring back Sonic The Comic. They actually made Sonic an interesting character. I know, crazy right?
Posted by JustinAquarius

Sonic Adventure isn't THAT bad. I kinda like it.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Still the best Game Room Quick Look. 

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@Rewcastle said:
" Ok, i'm gonna be that guy... Start doing Dreamcast quicklooks!  ...there, i said it "
I don't know if you know this, but there are like 9 already.
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Why Jeff didn't just download the demo for Sonic Adventure, I do not understand. Such an awful game.

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@Rewcastle said:
" Ok, i'm gonna be that guy... Start doing Dreamcast quicklooks!  ...there, i said it "
They did a couple when it was the dreamcast anniversary. 
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Ok, i'm gonna be that guy...
Start doing Dreamcast quicklooks!
...there, i said it

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Awesome week for Game Room.  Both of those games look playable and entertaining.  Color me amazed.
Also, I love Sonic Adventure, despite Ryan's burning hatred.

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...for what it was supposed to be...

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This was great.  Really, really great.  I don't know if I can even live without Gameroom/SOnic Adventures reviews.
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@matrix_hiei said:
" I admit, I really liked Sonic Adventure 2. Not the first one, but the second. I can't explain it, but I really do love that game, and it's the only 3D Sonic game that I even remotely like. "
Me too. I mean it's not even that great but fuck I love Sonic Adventure 2. 
Posted by zef40
@ELpork said:
" HAHA! I laughed so loud at the start of this video... I scared my cat. "
lol same here!
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AAAAaand this is why I love GB.  And also that I've never paid for Sonic Adventure.

Posted by Astrophyle

Fun Quick Look, thanks guys!

Posted by sublime90

$10 for dreamcast games is just plain greedy

Posted by inkwolf

Only twenty five seconds in and this video is already better than anything on any over video game website.  Giant Bomb 4 Life.
Posted by birdbrain

That intro was hilarious. Awesome reaction Ryan Haha

Posted by mystakin

y'know, I don't hate Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, even though I guess I should.  I mean, they're not great... or even good in most places, but for some reason I can still enjoy it on some level.
But for $10, no thanks. *sheesh*

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HAHA! I laughed so loud at the start of this video... I scared my cat.

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Who would have thought? Microsoft actually released a few actual arcade games on Game Room. This is what I want. This is what I need.

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Oh no! I messed it up, but yes this video is everything I needed

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Have your say here...

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Sonic adventure is great! It's the only good 3d sonic game >:O
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Poor Jeff, I guess nostalgia ain't what it used to be.  
I remember skies of Arcadia and Alien Front Online being pretty kick ass for the Dreamcast.

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@roguehallow said:
" Oh, the opening to this video is just fantastic. "
everything about this video was fantastic
Posted by roguehallow

Oh, the opening to this video is just fantastic.

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This only confirms that we need a sonic adventure endurance run. =D

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THIS is what I expected Gameroom to be.
Just that they are arcade games in SOME form rather than really old console games is what I have dreamed of for months.

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Someone put gameroom out of its misery!

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Videos like this are exactly why I love Giant Bomb.

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Better to stick with MAME or SCUMM or whatever free emulators on the PC are out these days.
edit: What a waste of $10!

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So... Sonic Adventure DLC is up already. Yes, that's right. You can have the Director's Cut of Sonic Adventure as well as the PC port on your Xbox.

 Shit Yeah
Posted by soupbones

gameroom is BACK!
(not really)

Posted by Shiro_Shishi

I don't care what people think!

Posted by DJGhostmare
@JonnTM: Yeah? Well, I'm timeless. I am gonna pop this in and then watch the Matrix, another 99 classic. Damn, wouldn't a sequel to that just be totally cool?
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Euragh! What's the deal that diabolic screech uttered when the character is caught in Kitten Kaboodle? D:

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The sad part is the part they played of Sonic Adventure is actually amazing compared to the rest of the game.

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This has just added to an amazing week.

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I remember really liking Sonic Adventure when I was younger, then I actually bought the DX version, or whatever it was called, on the Gamecube and I liked that as well, though not as much as when I played it on the Dreamcast. Now when I'm watching this, it looks really bad...