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Posted by Phoenix87

As much as Ryan hates Game room, I really love these videos. 
    Viva la Gameroom

Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe

I love Game Room QL's, the shittier the games, the better the episodes.
Drop Ryan though from now on, jesus christ what a downer. "End this game now." "I'm leaving." "Let's stop playing this game." 
Hey, crazy idea, how about Vinny being the permanent sidekick, ey?

Posted by Vinny_Says

This is the saddest thing ever, Ryan's reactions to game room are the best....

Posted by TheSkeep

Huh, I don't remember the Voice-overs in sonic adventure having that metallic ring to them, oh well, its good to see it back in all of its buggy glory, awful steering on sonic and all.

Posted by Lukos

What will be Ryan's Revenge?! Stay tune :P
Awesome Jeff :)

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

I like how awesomely stupid it is that the Sonic characters just kind of hang out in the city with people.

Posted by Chris2KLee

It actually was going OK, then Jeff had to go ruin it with Sonic Adventure...

Posted by granderojo

These are the sorts of games that needed to come to gameroom. Movin.

Posted by CarpetRemnant

The quality of the game room releases is inversely proportional to the quality of the quick looks.

Posted by supercubedude

It says a lot that Sonic Adventure is the worst game in this Game Room quick look.

Posted by Smokay

Wow the intro is so amazing

Posted by Thompson820

Awesome vidya, I envy your super fast internets being an Australian i'm stuck with 150kb/s. Yay... 
@The_Laughing_Man said:

" What ever happened to the side things that showed points and rank?  "
Exactly what I was thinking...
Posted by Pkshields

Yeah! Get pumped for GAME ROOM!

Posted by JJGIANT

"I can't believe I have been roped in to this, two weeks in a row" 

Posted by baron_calamity

Great as always guys. Are there any gameroom releases coming next week? It seems to me that we are at the end of the line.
Posted by Sarumarine

Quick Look in a Quick Look? Giant Bomb is going crazy. This is awesome!
I support tricking Ryan into more Game Room Quick Looks. It's always a good time to see Ryan suffer.

Posted by Mordi


Posted by kevinski

Hahahaha...nice one, Jeff! XD

Posted by GeneralBison

That was perfect. Thank you Giant Bomb

Edited by fox01313

Like Jeff, was not expecting the purchase of sonic adventures. Too bad that every sonic game after it really wasn't all that impressive.  
Also if I was one of those cops in the start of the game, I'd grab some of those gold rings to sell them for a huge amount of $.  
Nice try Sega/Sonic Team but needs more Cthulhu. 

Edit: am i the only one slightly disturbed by the tail animation of tails where one tail starts is crawling up his back?    

Edited by Scrumdidlyumptious

Wow 1.5GB in mere minutes. That is insane. Fuck New Zealand.

Posted by Monk

Love the intro

Posted by BrianP

Sonic Adventure: The game so bad it needed TWO quicklooks.

Posted by Sarumarine
@brianp said:
" Sonic Adventure: The game so bad it needed TWO quicklooks. "
Oh that's right! They did one for the Dreamcast retro quick looks didn't they? That's hilarious!
Posted by BrianP
@Sarumarine:  It's good to check in every once in a while to make sure bad things are still bad. Keeps you grounded.
Posted by Qmontague

 Game Room is the new  Endurance Run .

Posted by DarkHeroZark

Not to blow anyones minds but Big the Cat and Duke Nukem are voiced by the same guy Jon St John

Posted by scarace360

hell cool intro and game room should have been all this.

Posted by Digi7alS3lf

Poor Ryan. 
It's ON! 
SA sucks balls!

Posted by bigdaddyjack21

Best birthday gift ever a Game Room!

Posted by moelarrycurly

Oh Game Room, what an embarrassment you are.

Posted by DukeTogo

MAME Room.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I think the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure runs in 16:9, so this is great. Real high quality product.

Edited by Recall

I'm more impressed on how quickly they downloaded 1.49 GB. On my internet connection that would have taken at least 30 mins if not longer :(

Posted by cximran
@DarkHeroZark said:
" Not to blow anyones minds but Big the Cat and Duke Nukem are voiced by the same guy Jon St John "
Hail to the Cat, Baby?
Posted by SBYM

They had to go and take a surprisingly decent Game Room QL and ruin it by having Sonic Adventure all in it. But, hey. That intro was quite fine.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Oh Jeff, you trickster you. Looks like someone at Mircosoft visits Giantbomb because the addition of those (and only those) two games this week seems like a response to the negative reactions Gameroom causes. Kudos for Konami's Kitten kaboodle. 
Poor Ryan, he couldn't endure Sonic Adventures and left in a huff. Also, I'm glad he said: "key, key, key, key, key." and not "Kay, kay, kay, kay, kay."
That "guy" Jeff talked to is either a figment of his imagination subconsciously produced to maintain his faith that Gameroom will someday be worth while (in the same way that many people believe there will come a day when everything will change for the better; I wonder if that's how messianic religious figures are formed?) or a mendacious cad who revels in giving Jeff false hope. 
In conclusion: You should always throw fireboxes at crocodiles.

Posted by LordAndrew

That was hilarious.

Posted by SquirrelGOD

$10 for that piece of shit?!  Maybe the $5 Dead Rising: Case Zero has ruined price expectations for me, but I'm pretty sure that charging that much for a shitty Sonic game is against some law.

Posted by Ronald

The Game Room games this week at least look worth a look. Obscure Konami arcade games are usually fun. But then Sonic Adventure. I should go find the Dreamcast and the game so I can play it, since I would never purchase the thing.

Posted by SpudBug

I love that ryan is begging jeff to end this game room but jeff holds on just a little too long.

Edited by Godot

One of these days, a Game Room QL is going to end with Jeff breaking down and reenacting Network. "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Posted by MRRobo91

I almost forgot how truly terrible Sonic Adventure has aged. To think that people used to call it "the only good 3D Sonic game"  amuses me.

Posted by Zithe
@Hunter said:
" What will be Ryan's Revenge?! Stay tune :P Awesome Jeff :) "
That's a good point actually. I wonder if Ryan will do anything. He better catch it on camera if he does!
Posted by crunchmonkey
@Qmontague said:
"  Game Room is the new  Endurance Run . "
Ha. You're completely right. 
Posted by TheDrizzle

Poor,poor Ryan

Posted by beeryayghost

I liked Sonic Adventure. /hides in corner

Posted by Milpool

lol great intro

Posted by mosdl

So that is how the membership $$$ is being used - to buy Sonic Adventures!

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Holy Shit! First, Jeff tricked Ryan into another Gameroom QL- then he tricked himself into buying Sonic Adventures.. best QL in a long while..