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Posted by dagas

I used to really like Sonic Adventure. Also I would argue that the old 2D sonic games have the exact same issues that they complained about in SA. Jeff mentioned pressing up all the time, in the old Sonic it's pressing right all the time. Old Sonic games also have the bit where you have no control (like when Sonic is flying around in those tubes in Sonic 2 which is Sonic 2's killer whale moment). However Sonic 2 doesn't have Big the Cat and Sonic and Tails doesn't speak so it still wins on that, but gameplaywise I think that SA is very much like old Sonic except 3D.

Posted by shanchett99

tails airhumps as he stands

Posted by bue255@hotmail.com

Make it happen!

Posted by Moth_Pope

"Dr [comma] Eggman's..."
The trick on Ryan was ace, too!

Posted by Berkut

Best gameroom quicklook EVAH!  :)

Posted by CannibalFerox

I actually liked the Game Room games. Huh? Did I just say that?

Posted by Nurff

haha Ryan just got Game room'rolled!!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

It amazes me how poorly Sonic Adventure has aged. I mean, I was a huge fan of it when I was like 11, but I'm sure if I played it now my childhood would be ruined. Forever.

Posted by tourgen

pure entertainment, thanks guys

Posted by Blkthorne

All the good will that Game Room built up this week might come to an end with next week's releases, Bowling(Atari 2600), Horse Racing(INTV), Galactic Warriors(Konami arcade) and Plaque Attack(Activision).  Jeff should be back to his usual despondent self.
Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

This helps remind me that I shouldn't play Sonic Adventure ever.

Posted by matrix_hiei

I admit, I really liked Sonic Adventure 2. Not the first one, but the second. I can't explain it, but I really do love that game, and it's the only 3D Sonic game that I even remotely like.

Posted by MeatSim

At least they have actual arcade games this week.

Posted by Stubee

Am i the only one who thinks Sonic Adventure is still a big pile of awesome?

Posted by MachoFantastico

Watching Sonic Adventure physically hurts... So bad!

Posted by geirr

Awesome quick look!

Posted by Travis

Why do all of the videos wind up getting all pixelated at the bottom?

Posted by Lokar36

Have your say here...

Posted by mech4399

"Oh you piece of shit" best line ever.

Posted by Nux

I love how the game room quick look ended in 10 min then the reast was sonic. BEST QUOCK LOOK EVER!!!
Also that was the best opening ever.

Posted by fuzzybunny566

that's a horribly awesome trick Jeff played...hehe
Posted by Daveyo520

Oh god that kitten game is too colorful. It looks like a game that would be on the Turbographix or Genesis. 

Posted by MrMcgillicutty

Sonic Adventure reminds me of how much I despise the late 90s.

Posted by buzz_clik

The start of the music on the first level of Flak Attack sounds like the Star Trek theme.

Posted by AddyMac

Sonic has fleas.

Posted by DBoy

The final part, when Tails shows up and Ryan is mocking the speech, had me in tears. Man what an awesome QL.

Posted by TheKbob

Amazing! XD

Posted by TobyD81

Wow, Sonic Adventure is just the beginning of so many things that went wrong with that franchise. Also, Robotnik for life!

Posted by NoK
@Stubee:  Yes, the only person ever I believe ;p
Posted by RedSox8933

I think this is a leading candidate for funniest Quick Look of the year.

Posted by artofwar420

That was too fun.

Posted by ghettogabe224

funny, sonic adventure was a big part of my childhood, and i had such fond memories of it.  but in retrospect, i devoted a large part of my childhood to pushing up... that's sad.  oh well, I will not buy this game, and let my childhood memories stay pure.

Posted by Hayamo

I had fun playing Sonic Adventure back when I played DX on the Gamecube, I don't know it probably doesn't hold up, but Sonic Adventure 2 still holds up to me even though it introduces the plague that is Shadow! GAH! Why did I ever think he was cool?! What is wrong with me!?

Posted by SpicyRichter

Ok, that was a pretty awesome gameroom
PS. I love the game room videos, so keep doing them. It's like brain pablum after a long day of coding

Posted by nasher27

Their approximate DL rate in this video is around 7MB/s. Dayum

Posted by Fjordson

These videos are hilarious. But my god, game room is terrible. Glad that I never bothered to download this.

Posted by fynne

Microsoft should just end this...travesty.

Posted by DJGhostmare

What? I remember everyone praising Sonic Adventure as the best game ever back in the day. The press and normies alike! I never played it 'cause I never had a Dreamcast, but every one told me I was missing out! Mr. Gamespot even said it was a 9.2 and a choice of the editor's. I am so very confused... 
At least, Getting Up is still awesome... right?

Posted by PokeIkzai

Dream died from Sonic Heroes onward for me. Still love Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

The beginning was great.
Posted by Cantaloup

Great as usual.

Posted by degeneratecutie
@Andvari:  Key words being "back in the day". Meanwhile, eleven years later, not so much.
Posted by MaFoLu

I remember really liking Sonic Adventure when I was younger, then I actually bought the DX version, or whatever it was called, on the Gamecube and I liked that as well, though not as much as when I played it on the Dreamcast. Now when I'm watching this, it looks really bad...

Posted by CitizenKane

This has just added to an amazing week.

Posted by wapostyle

The sad part is the part they played of Sonic Adventure is actually amazing compared to the rest of the game.

Edited by SubwayD

Euragh! What's the deal that diabolic screech uttered when the character is caught in Kitten Kaboodle? D:

Posted by DJGhostmare
@JonnTM: Yeah? Well, I'm timeless. I am gonna pop this in and then watch the Matrix, another 99 classic. Damn, wouldn't a sequel to that just be totally cool?
Posted by Shiro_Shishi

I don't care what people think!

Posted by soupbones

gameroom is BACK!
(not really)

Edited by 234r2we232

So... Sonic Adventure DLC is up already. Yes, that's right. You can have the Director's Cut of Sonic Adventure as well as the PC port on your Xbox.

 Shit Yeah