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Posted by MattBodega

Back at E3 this past year, Konami put together a short, non-interactive demonstration for the Nintendo 3DS that showcased the handheld's graphical power and glasses-free stereoscopic 3D technology. What made that demo particularly interesting (apart from, you know, the 3D-ness) was that it was rendering scenes and scenarios straight out of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PS2. Immediately, speculation began as to whether the “ Naked Sample” demo would lead to, or was evidence of, a port of MGS3 for the 3DS.
And today, at the Konami Press Event held at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, series creator Hideo Kojima confirmed those suspicions. Joystiq is reporting that Metal Gear Solid 3 will, indeed, be ported over to the 3DS in 2011. Nope, this isn’t a side story or a tactical card game. Unlike the Metal Gear games released for the PSP, Metal Gear Solid 3 for the 3DS will be a proper, straight port of the 2004 game released on the PS2 (or technically, the upgraded Subsistence version of the game that was released in 2005).  


Someday, you feed on a tree frog!
== TEASER ==Putting the entirety of MGS3 on a handheld system (and on a cart, no less!) is an impressive technical feat, and plenty of Metal Gear franchise fans still hold the third entry up as the high point of the series. However, this game runs into the same dilemma as those Metal Gear ports for the PSP, or any console game that has been transferred to a handheld; why would you want to play a console game on a handheld? The best games for a handheld system are specially tuned and catered for quick, short bursts of play, like Lumines, Elite Beat Agents, or the Pokémon franchise. MGS3 is many things, but an ideal handheld release is not necessarily one of them.
If you can play MGS3 on a big TV with a control scheme that has been designed for a full-sized controller, why would you want to play it on a smaller screen and with limited controls? The “It’s like a console game, but portable!” rationale didn’t exactly work out so well for the PSP.

Still, Konami and Kojima are no strangers to using the Metal Gear franchise to push the technical limitations on the platform it’s being released on, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on a handheld is certainly a cool feat. We’ll wait and see just how MGS3's stealth gameplay translates onto the 3DS. In the meantime, while we’re waiting for MGS3 to hit the 3DS sometime next spring, let’s try and think of the dumb name/subtitle they’ll slap on this portable port. My early bet is Metal Gear Solid 3DSnake Eater. And if Konami calls it that, the game could include a 3D version of Snake! That would be a great fit for a handheld.
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Posted by Afroman269

Wow, may get this

Posted by JJOR64

Hot!  Might have to pick this up when it comes out.

Posted by eightbit

This is one of my favorites.

Posted by Oni

I wonder how badly garbled the speech will be due to all the compression. Don't know how big 3DS carts are, but I'm sure they aren't as big as a DVD.

Posted by 234r2we232

I never played this thanks to my PS2 being rendered useless to the DRE problem :/. Will keep my eye on this.
Also, more articles need to reference the glorious-amazingness that is Elite Beat Agents.

Posted by christ0phe

This is ambitious...I'll be interested in seeing how it turns out

Posted by Onigenko

MGS3 is my favorite Metal Gear game, so I hope this turns out great.

Posted by MysteriousBob

MGS3 (or more specifically- Subistance) is my favourite MGS game, so I will certainly get this. 
I'm sure they'll cram some kind of multiplayer or other mode into the cart.

Posted by Santar

Such a waste.
I was really hoping for a new Metal Gear game, not just another port.
Well easy money for Kojima I suppose.

Posted by scarace360

WOO Will the fix mgs online?

Posted by MormonWarrior

If they have a variant on the Snake vs. Monkey things, and the parody videos, I will be very happy.
If they don't, it'll be a missed opportunity.

Posted by The_Bowman_007

If they update the controls to a MGS4-like style, I will snap this up.  I tried playing Subsistence the other day and couldn't really get used to the archaic control scheme again, which saddened me greatly...

Posted by Piranesi

Can the 3DS handle this? Sure it's an old now but if the PSP struggles to fit all its Metal Gear goodness into a coherent game (i.e. one where you don't walk five steps, load new area, repeat) how will Nintendo's wonder toy manage it? 
Also Metal Gear in 3D ... ?
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Posted by Olivaw

When I want your opinion, Kessler, I'll ask for it!
If I can play Metal Gear Solid 3 without having to lug out my PS2 again, then so much the better.

Posted by Cybexx

This is cool, would have been nice to get a new game but I really love MGS3 and playing through it again in 3D (with maybe some 3DS gameplay tweaks?) sounds worthwhile. I don't know about going with the Subsistence camera though, it was a great improvement for the PS2 version but that had a right analog stick. I see this having the same problem as many PSP games, though at least the analog stick on the 3DS seems far superior to the analog nub on the PSP. Might have been better for them to go with the traditional fixed cameras for this. I never understood why they never did an MSG1/MGS2 style game on PSP with fixed cameras (except for 1st person aiming of course), that would have solved the camera issues for the most part.

Posted by Jazar

Peace Walker was already a fully fledged Metal Gear game and technically more ambitious then MGS3 in a lot of ways. 

Posted by Cybexx
@Piranesi said:
"  Also Metal Gear in 3D ... ? "
Well technically Metal Gear Acid 2 was also in 3D if you were willing to slide the paper solid eye system over the PSP and play it uncomfortably close to your face.
Posted by Crushed

As much as I like MGS3, I have to make one little joke at its expense:
MGS3 is perfect for a system with one screen devoted to menus.

Posted by tumes

I can't freakin wait. I've played MGS3 twice and I can't wait to play it again. The last game I ever expected to resonate emotionally, but damn if that ending isn't tragic.

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Posted by Raymayne

Naked Sample!

Edited by Crushed

Also, it should be noted that the game has clearly improved graphics in terms of lighting and normal mapping (which was completely absent in the PS2 version).
And the E3 demo showed Snake with one of those rings around him, so it's entirely possible that gameplay IS being changed in some way.

Posted by Sil3n7

MGS3 is a Jesus-like game.

Posted by Toms115

i really hope that, someday, developers will come to their senses and stop bringing their big console games to handhelds. this is not the purpose of the handheld.

Posted by Karmann

I don't like how this article is so dismissive of PSP Metal Gears, Peace Walker is a way more exciting game than this, I already played MGS3, on a big screen. And Peace Walker isn't just a side story, it's "canon" and helps explain how Naked Snake started turning into who he is in MG1.   
However, that being said, I am SO getting this!

Posted by mourningwood

If they can pull this off, it could be very cool.

Posted by JackSukeru

That screenshot looks pretty good, I'm still uncertain where my expectations on the 3DS should go, graphics wise.

Posted by Karmann
@Oni said:
" I wonder how badly garbled the speech will be due to all the compression. Don't know how big 3DS carts are, but I'm sure they aren't as big as a DVD. "
...16gb MicroSD cards are DAM CHEAP, so I wouldn't be surprised if 3DS carts are more than 4gb.
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Posted by MisterMouse

man the 3DS is looking like a stronger and stronger portable device, might be my first Nintendo device since Gameboy Advance... and what does the PSP 2 have to be to contend with this?

Posted by MattBodega
@Crushed: Okay. Yes. You're right. If Metal Gear Solid 3DS puts the camouflage menu on the bottom screen, that'll be A-ok. 
Posted by DrRandle

While I would agree that portable games are usually games that are tailored to the portable systems, with the 3DS being the only 3D capable system right now, that doesn't require I drop my next 4 paychecks on a new television, it makes sense that you might see a lot of ports or "console type" games. Personally? A 3D Dead space with that interface would be boss.

Posted by FixtheFernBack

Never got into Metal Gear but 3 seemed pretty cool, as I liked the idea of the jungle survival stuff. Can you play 3 as a stand alone title or do you need to have played 1 and 2 first??

Posted by Prolix

Damn... Hadn't seen Kessler in a bit.  was hoping GB was finally  rid of him.  Day ruined.  Now I know he will be annoying everyone in TNT chat.  
So sad when Lackeys have lackeys.

Posted by MrKlorox

Cool. Was hoping for a PS3 up-rezzed rerelease since I never played 3 (and have zero interest in 2 or even 4). I'll probably pick this up unless that happens.

Posted by Robin_Gr

Perfect. I only played 1 and 2 and missing out on 3 was a big reason I never picked up 4. 

Posted by oliveshark
@Crushed: Are you telling me that there is potential for me not having to go to the camo menu every bloody time I need to blend into new environments?  
Streamlining this would be the one reason I'd need to play through this game again for the 8th or 9th time.   

I understand the skepticism about making a handheld port for this, and I'm curious as how they'll handle movement and first person aiming (the easiest thing to mess up, I'm sure). 
But the fact that you can save through the codec will make it possible to pick up and play for 5 minutes if that is what you want. This is a series with a fan base and I'm sure those are the ones Nintendo/Konami are selling this to. 
I would love it if they included some 3DS jokes in the game, like the memory card ones in MGS for the playstation and MGS4. 
Posted by DukesT3

Can you see the 3D!!!!!! I can!!! 

Posted by FluxWaveZ
@Toms115 said:
" i really hope that, someday, developers will come to their senses and stop bringing their big console games to handhelds. this is not the purpose of the handheld. "
Says you.
Posted by SubwayD

And it's about this point in time that I begrudgingly accept that I'll have to buy one of these things at some point.  

Well played, Nintendo. Well played.

Posted by sixpin

Imagine this in 3D! 

Edited by DeF
@FixtheFernBack said:

" Never got into Metal Gear but 3 seemed pretty cool, as I liked the idea of the jungle survival stuff. Can you play 3 as a stand alone title or do you need to have played 1 and 2 first?? "

since MGS3 takes place years before the other metal gear games, it's probably one of the only MGS titles you could just go and play without having played the other. The story in MGS games  generally is a big clusterfuck anyways, so if you don't care just got for it regardless. Still, MGS3 provides background to MGS1 and MGS2 and you can also see the clear gameplay evolution.
If you don't have access to the other games though, just go ahead and play MGS3 and enjoy it.
Btw, the jungle survival stuff was among my favorite parts of that game, too :)
Posted by FoxMulder

Hmm.....kinda bummed....but kinda not too...MGS3 is my personal favorite of the series so It'd be cool to have this on the go...probably a good game for long flights!

Posted by Tophat666

I have a blank check, fill in the amount & I will pay it.

Posted by RecSpec

Is it wrong that the main reason I am looking forward to this is for the bosses exploding in THREE DEEEEEE!!

Posted by Orestes

Starting to get more and more interested in the 3DS !

Posted by Crushed

Wait. Big Boss can't see in 3D. :(