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Posted by Chris2KLee

 If you can't tell from my avatar and background theme, I am pretty hyped about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. I chose to skip TGS this year since last year was so dull, but seeing the recent press conference on youtube makes me regret it a little.  Go to about 43 mins in here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoA4GeqW1bE. Looks like Capcom is continuing the tradition of doing cross brand cameos by bringing in Snake/Big Boss and the Boss from MGS. Seems logical considering the tie up they had in Peace Walker and it's a good way to add some more heat to the upcoming 3DS remake. The demo is out next month, and I can't wait to get my hands on it (just need to figure out how to register for the damn Monster Hunter Fan Club first). I am also seriously contemplating getting the limited edition PSP for MH3P. My old PSP-1000 has served me well, but I wouldn't mine a swank black and gold Monster Hunter PSP. Had a friend who went to the show today, hopefully he got some hands on time so I can get some impressions from him. I won't lie, this maybe my #1 holiday game this year. MHFU took over 250 hours of my life (and counting!) so I wanna see if MH3P will have the same death grip on me. Gonna work on my PSP Claw technique. Here's a pic of Snake and the Boss: