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Posted by KeepThisKoupon

lol why was Jeff dancing 

Posted by Skrams

So I assume we can expect more Move QLs? Read CAG review of Kung Fu Rider and want to see how hilariously bad it is. Love my QLs :D

Posted by moneykins

I hate motion games, but love when you guys do QL's on them, heh. Great green screen work.

Posted by Tacobot

great  QL i liked the whole video setup.

Posted by boyusmaximus

First! Also, awesome QL.

Posted by kollay

Also, hella sexy.

Posted by thekingoftoilets

Hey, nice to know that Move works. Gotta see some "games"(not previous releases that now support it) and see what they do with it.

Posted by Nekroskop

Man, this is bizarre..

Edited by Blue5hift

Looks decent, but I want to see some full featured games that are built from the ground up using it. 

Posted by supermike6

Jeff looks really thin for some reason.

Posted by RazielCuts

Now that's what I call a QL! 

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

So this is probably due more that I got a flu shot and that I regularly am a bit sleep deprived but I fell asleep a lot watching this.

Posted by fox01313

I'm so disappointed that Ryan didn't try to turn & shoot the AI opponent in the archery event. Now we just need another video with Jeff doing the gladiator event & perform a fatality on the opponent.  
Agreed with Ryan, the characters in this look excessively generic.

Posted by bhhawks78

Hate the wiimote, that in hd with better 3d space worse pointing and a glowing ball might be the opposite of appealing.

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 Bocce looks like good fun 

Posted by Smokay

The magic of video editing

Posted by Mordebir

I love little Ryan and Jeff!

Posted by 1p

Sorry to be all personal duders, but i'm happy that Jeff seems to have lost some weight. Keep going, Jeff. Wish Ryan would do the same.

Also: Great job, video editors. Fantastic way to show motion controlled games.

Posted by jeff1216

i see ryan and jeff are playing stache pong with their faces

Posted by Natalia

Looks awesome, especially since real bocce is DANGEROUS. *ducks*

Posted by Bremmy

Is it me, or does the Move controller look really good on camera? Like, the controller itself. 

Posted by mrfluke
@Bib said:

Sorry to be all personal duders, but i'm happy that Jeff seems to have lost some weight. Keep going, Jeff. Wish Ryan would do the same.

Also: Great job, video editors. Fantastic way to show motion controlled games.

this.im glad to see this as well
Posted by Cincaid

Bocce looks like loads of fun with friends and alcohol.

Posted by fedorajay

I used to play Frolf all the time in college. We even convinced the sports department to build a 9 hole course around campus, complete with those poles with chains, different sized discs and everything. So many times the discs would almost fly into the crowded parking lots. :)

Posted by Jayzilla

so instead of using this tech to go back and respec older games for it they decide to make wii game clones?! that sucks.

Posted by TobyD81

For the wide audiences that games like this and Wii Sports are meant to reach, I feel like they pile a lot of administrative duties on the players. You have to go through quite a few setup steps like what game you want to play, how many people will play it, what difficulty they want to play on, how many things each player will be holding in their hands, and often a calibration check. Even though Move doesn't do full skeletal tracking, it'd be nice if it could infer from the camera how many players are participating and what control type they're using.

Posted by Jolt92

I want to play bocce.

Posted by DoctorWelch

These guys need to get some more physical activity in lol, Ryan is sweeting like a pig.

Posted by nickux

Awesome tech behind Move and I'm glad to see it works. Equally awesome green screen for the QL. Do more like this- very enjoyable! A bummer about Sports Champions though. Sony games can have a lot of style in them but this thing seems really, I don't know, soulless or something. Wii Sports Resort might not be as good tech-wise but I feel like I'd enjoy the character more. 

Posted by McDunkin

It's too bad my PS3 is broken because this looks pretty good!  Although I would have liked to see a character creator but maybe they are saving that for the sequel =P

Posted by KimParnage

The editing in this video is the perfect way to view these games.. Good job..

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor
@Bennyishere said:
" There is a severe lack of facial hair. "
It's like stache vs non-stache.  Stache wins!!  It always does.
Seriously does anybody want to play this move bullshit?  I don't
plan on supporting Konnect or whatever it's called.  Even Wii
sales are finally dying off with good reason: it's all faddish crap.
Posted by rocklnd

holy hell that looks boring and generic

Posted by George_Hukas


Posted by DBoy

Game looks like tons of fun actually. And Bocce would be my game of choice if I were to get this (and I'm not Italian).

Posted by temmink

It looks pretty cool. I really wanted to see the crazy mini-golf bocce though! Oh well. It's good to see it in action in a impartial environment. Looking pretty fun I must say. Will be really interesting to see how the 'hardcore' games turn out.

Posted by R_

I'm very happy with my purchase.

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I don't care.  I played this game four years ago.  It was fun (as Sports Champions probably is), but I'm done. 
This holiday season, Sony and Microsoft attempt to feed you the exact same meal you just ate, then realize after you decline that they forgot to prepare anything else.

Posted by kratier

they should review heavy rain move edition, i bet it would be great

Posted by angryphil
@nickux:  I completely agree
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I feel skullfucked by that menu. It's way too big
Also Jeff is a lefty!! *brofist*

Posted by commandercup

Man the production value of this quick look is through the roof! Epic green screen action!

Posted by ptys

I love how the females are bit more hard-arse, none of this mamby-pamby girly shit  ; )

Posted by AURON570

I laughed so hard when Jeff was doing the "where the hell is matt" dance. omg that was priceless. there's also something awesome about seeing a mini ryan and jeff on screen.. it's like they're in my computer o_O

Posted by Fjordson

I like the way they're showing this, with the gameplay video behind Jeff and Ryan. Cool stuff.

Posted by megalowho

putting that tricaster to good use!

Posted by sublime90

this actually looks kind of fun

Posted by ghostNPC

Love the keying in. Awesome.

Posted by SilverPR

Ryan sucks on Bocce.

Posted by rabbitinthemoon

My first thought when I saw this video was that it was one of those "We're in the game!" things.  But the green screen really helps with the move type quick looks.  Nice job.