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I get the impression Sony settled with this bundle of odd, underwhelming games for their preliminary package so they could milk regular pop-sports (aka, what was included in Wii Sports) to hell.

Posted by Xiemos2

Never knew Jeff was left-handed.

Posted by Affynity
i think i'd rather play with a nerf set than pretend to use a fancy bow
Posted by SavageM2

I kind of wish they played a bit more of the Bocce game. :P

Posted by SBYM

I'm the champion of sports.

Posted by vhold

I've played it a bit, best way I'd describe it is that it's what people thought Wii sports would be like before they played it.  The amount of control is much greater, but it does mean you really need that space in front of your TV to take advantage of it, especially for table tennis on higher than easy, because it's _very_ depth based.

Posted by Mystyr_E

yay, Jeff represent us lefties!

Posted by Box3ru13

arg, I kinda want to get this especially seeing how I can get the move bundle for $80 off amazon with free 2 day shipping.  
Gladiator, Archery, Bocce all look pretty awesome. But aside from this and maybe playing heavy rain with MOVE i don't know of any other games aside from sorcery that I'd be interested in. 

Posted by Googly

Get hype for Bocce 

Posted by stankit

I really want to play Bocce and Disc Golf, but I don't want to spend that kind of money just for those two games.