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Posted by MattBodega

When Giant Bomb drops all this "video game coverage" nonsense and turns the office into a bass-pumping nightclub called "Rave On Bungling Bay"  (name not finalized), this is definitely going to be the video and song we'll project onto every wall of the club. 
Ridiculous props to Hamst3rTurbomonkey138, Matthew, TurboMan, JJweatherman, Cerogravian, Claude, Fudge_Wirlwind, 6ZZA, Jimbo7676, FlyingRat, One_2nd, damswedon, grant742, Osaladin, Dante_the_Jedi, Dejkrigeren, Hockeymask27, Bionicmonster, Diamond, ZeroCast, Axxol, AlwaysBeClothing, Pepsicolaboy, DTAT, Internet "Lemon" Steve, Sweep, CL60, Metal_Gear_Sunny, Gizmo, and CookieArmyLeader for this incredible collaboration. The Giant Bomb community is still a threat! 

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Posted by SolidOcelot

Wow, that's Incredible, round of applause

Posted by Ataxia

this is epic!

Posted by Rinkalicous

This is truly epic

Posted by ajamafalous

Good to see this as an article. Nice work Bodega!

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I should hope he just earned himself the "viewers like you" link on the front page next time you change it.

Posted by Dauragon

I nearly shit myself during the "uh" part. 

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

I want to be inside this.

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Posted by Yummylee

Ham3ster deserves this and more!

Posted by MysteriousBob

Uh what? I don't get it.

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Hamst3r is finally receiving the recognition he deserves.I'm sure a lot of effort was put into this amazing video.

You also spelt his name wrong Matt. It's Hamst3r. Doesn't really matter though.

Posted by Claude

Holy shit, front page. Damn. Hamst3r is the man.

Posted by sissylion

Didn't Hamst3r make that soundboard thing that was in the indie games quick look, or am I thinking of someone else?

Posted by Bigbombomb

The community is sill a threat! This is awesome!

Posted by TwoLines
@sissylion: He did. It's his indie game on XBLA.
Oh, grats Hamst3r!
Posted by JoMate

that is ........ SO COOL, props for the creators of this

Posted by SSully

Wow, so awesome. I dont know if you professionally edit videos, but if you dont you should headline this in your portfolio, great job.

Posted by CitizenKane

This definitely made my week.
Amazing work, guys!

Posted by cooljammer00

Ah yes, "Internet" Steve.  Is that like Intern Steve?  

Posted by Hockeymask27
@Abyssfull said:
" Ham3ster deserves this and more! "
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Awesome stuff guys.
Hamst3r does great game playthroughs too go check them out.

Posted by Rodiard

This is fantastic.

Posted by wrecks

Greatness. Witnessed. 

Posted by TheBooya

Congrats again, Hamst3r - this is truly an awesome, awesome piece of work. 

Posted by TomA

I smell a sequel on the horizon. I want to contribute.

Posted by Googly

Props to Hamst3r.  This is great.

Posted by JackSukeru

Curse you Ham3ster.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

Nice job for making front page, Hamst3r!  It's cool that something creative from the community gets acknowledged like this.

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I think the slow jam Lincoln's Hat segment is my favorite. 
 Community Silliness Forever!

Posted by sissylion
@TwoLines said:
" @sissylion: He did. It's his indie game on XBLA. Oh, grats Hamst3r! "
Well then that is totally rad. 
Posted by Fjordson

Damn, this is fantastic.

Posted by BraveToaster

Talent is oozing out of every orifice.

Posted by Junpei

awesome job guys, I thoroughly enjoyed that

Posted by Dogma

Really really REALLY good looking!

Posted by DeathbyYeti

i bought hamst3rs music creator ezmuze on xbox live then a few months later the bigger better one came out. just wanted you to know that so i was sad that i didnt wait

Posted by Hadoken101

Damn, sounds sick. I remember hearing Hamst3r mentioning this on the chat one time. Mad kudos to all you involved.

Posted by StupidGamer

I rarely say this, but...that was epic.

Posted by Dejkrigeren

This is why I love Giant Bomb, Hamst3r is the man!

Posted by therealnelsk

Wait that was fucking awesome.

Posted by samewere

OMFG ghis is awesome

Posted by RagingLion
I've been rewatching this quite a lot since Hamst3r first put it out there.  It's really addicting and catchy.  Love the music and visuals for the Claude part in particular but  this all has so many great moments.
Posted by No0b0rAmA

I love this.

Posted by Oni

Hamst3r, you are a God among mere mortals.

Posted by xaveri

Total awesomeness. I am blown away. Not let me go clean my pants.

Posted by Nekroskop

Simply amazing

Posted by Daveyo520
@bonbolapti: Oh Bon
Posted by Simmse
@cooljammer00:  Ryan promoted him to internet steve, but their is always the threat of him losing his newly acquired letters.
Posted by CowsWithGuns

Wow that was AMAZING