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Posted by Demonstride

That's probably the most awesome thing ever to come from the community.

Posted by Raymayne

Hamst3r is ftw.

Posted by McDunkin

This was actually pretty cool.

Posted by captain_clayman

i love you.

Posted by Ontheocho

Mind = blown. 
Posted by Hamst3r

Thanks all! :3

We can do a jumping high five or a group cuddle, but no yiffing in the pile.

Posted by Gaughan

To all that helped make this.
You guys are awesome.

Posted by Anderson

Mad props.


Epic Good :D

Posted by datarez

Great work!
Posted by Xpgamer7

further roof of how much we love giant bomb.

Posted by empfeix

the credits should just say hamster but otherwise, sikk!!!

Posted by MichaelBach

Great stuff!

Posted by ComradeCrash


Posted by Anwar


Posted by Niccoles
@sissylion yep, that's the same ham3ster that made the indie music maker.
Posted by SHHADOWW

That was put together very well. That sounded very awesome.

Posted by sofakingcool

good work GB community 

Posted by Glak

Mad props to Hamst3r and the Giantbomb community

Posted by scarace360


Posted by CL60
@Anwar said:
Every time I forget. Somebody brings it back up.
Posted by Dany

Great job everyone!

Posted by Th3_James

That was pretty good

Posted by snap

Now this was acutally awesome. Nice work, guys. :-)

Posted by Jeffsekai
@Hamst3r:  Best one yet.
Posted by buzz_clik

I've already given props to this brilliant selection of Hamst3rism (sometimes in the correct thread!) so I'll quickly say YAY before applauding that Raid on Bungling Bay pun.

Posted by ColonelT

So. Good.

Posted by EoghanHassan


Posted by Strife777

Fantastic stuff. Props to Hamst3r and everybody who contributed.

Posted by wefwefasdf

Our community is pretty awesome sometimes.

Posted by Dtat

Haha I can't believe I managed to sneak my voice in there! :D Amazing video, Hamst3r!
Posted by floodiastus

hey wait a minute. That "Jiggle Jiggle, Wiggle Wiggle". Is that from Louis Theroux documentary on gangster rap?

Posted by Jimbo7676

sweet it got on the front page

Posted by Winternet

Now, that was awesome.
Someone needs to fix the  article, because the video is getting a bit chopped.

Posted by Mediant

Ok... that was awesome. Seriously impressed here.

Posted by LordAndrew
@Axxol said:
" Talent is oozing out of every orifice. "
That's gonna take days to clean up.
Posted by Y2Ken

Phenomenal. That is all.

Posted by MadeinFinland

That's sick and going straight to my iPod. Good work you guys!

Posted by AhmadMetallic

wow how can hamst3r be so goddamn awesome at this shit ? 
its beyond me !

Posted by Seppli

Fucking epic!
Made my day dudes!

Posted by donaldkhogan

Mad props guys, this is the coolest piece of fan media i have seen in ages.  Super impressive.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

uh! uh! uh!
*zips up pants*

Posted by Vyper

Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh
ps: Epic, especially the video editing

Posted by kuma17

That was awesome! Very well put together and great to listen to over and over again lol :)

Posted by JeffGoldblum

God, that was great. 
Mad props to Hamst3r.

Posted by Jolt92

Holy crap, that was really good. Nice work, hamst3r!

Posted by juanvaldes
I honestly wasn't expecting much but that was very cool.  Very well put together and fun to sit and watch in addition to listening to.
Posted by Marmaladebrat

Coool stuff

Posted by kagekage

Fucking amazinggggg