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Posted by MajorMitch

I've always felt that one of the most overlooked, under-appreciated qualities of video games is their audio. Video games are meant to transport us to an alternate world, and they do so by engaging our various senses. Touch (controller interface) and sight (graphics) seem to receive the majority of the attention, though sound can play an equally important, if more subtle role. Take a moment to think about some of the most vivid, most memorable moments from your video game experiences. How many of them are driven by the poignant voice of a character delivering an iconic line? Engulfed in the crisp sound effects of raining bullets and glorious explosions? Accompanied by a pulsating, majestic, or beautiful song?

Odds are high that the majority of those memories have an audio component to them, and I'd like to focus on one in particular- music. If you know me in any capacity, then you know I love a good video game song as much as anyone. Not only is a lot of video game music of exceptionally high quality on its own merits, but when used in the proper context it can be one of the biggest driving forces behind a game. A good song can guide your emotional investment in a game better than anything, and I'd like to comment on the music that's affected me over the years. I think this blog space is the perfect venue for that.

Each entry will focus on either a single game, or more likely a single song, providing a write-up as to why I like the selection so much. I'll also include embedded Youtube videos containing the music in question for you to listen to while you read, provided I can find them of course. For the sake of being consistent, I'll preface the title of each entry with "Awesome Video Game Music". I'll also link each entry back to this introductory one, where I will include a full list of every entry I've ever written. Kind of like an archive.

Last but not least, this is meant to be fun, and is something I get pretty into. I feel like there is a lot of potential for music in games, and hope anyone reading this comes away with a better appreciation of the medium. I'd like to hear your comments, experiences, and thoughts pertaining to video game music as well, and look forward to engaging in some conversations via the comments. That's pretty much it- enjoy!

EDIT: As of July 17, 2012, I have discontinued this blog series. See the final entry, "Finale", for more details. Thanks for reading!


EntryTitleGame(s)Date Posted
01Stickerbrush SymphonyDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestSeptember 23, 2010
02Fisherman's HorizonFinal Fantasy VIIIOctober 3, 2010
03TaliMass Effect 2October 9, 2010
04Hyrule CastleThe Legend of Zelda franchiseOctober 26, 2010
05Minotaur Boss BattleGod of WarNovember 5, 2010
06Time's ScarChrono CrossNovember 10, 2010
07Click Clock WoodBanjo-KazooieNovember 21, 2010
08Leader of the ResistanceFreedom FightersNovember 30, 2010
09Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIIDecember 13, 2010
10Going LoudModern Warfare 2December 31, 2010
11Phendrana DriftsMetroid PrimeJanuary 8, 2011
12Revived PowerShadow of the ColossusJanuary 23, 2011
13Valkyria Chronicles Main ThemeValkyria ChroniclesFebruary 13, 2011
14Athletic and Flower GardenSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandMarch 2, 2011
15Freya's ThemeFinal Fantasy IXMarch 22, 2011
16Terran 1StarCraftApril 9, 2011
17Sunken SuiteSuper Mario 64 (Remix)April 18, 2011
18Morrowind Main ThemeThe Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindApril 24, 2011
19Cave Story Main ThemeCave StoryMay 15, 2011
20Terra's ThemeFinal Fantasy VIMay 22, 2011
21Mass Effect ThemeMass EffectJune 18, 2011
22Aquatic AmbianceDonkey Kong CountryJuly 5, 2011
23Movin'Final Fantasy VIIIJuly 12, 2011
24Katamari on the RocksKatamari DamacyAugust 1, 2011
25Best of TimesWorld of GooAugust 12, 2011
26Hyrule FieldThe Legend of Zelda franchiseAugust 25, 2011
27Rose Town and Nimbus LandSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsSeptember 15, 2011
28Aeris' ThemeFinal Fantasy VIISeptember 27, 2011
29BanjolandBanjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsOctober 16, 2011
30Setting Sail, Coming HomeBastionOctober 25, 2011
31The Path You'll TravelMeteosNovember 7, 2011
32Field of ExpelStar Ocean: The Second StoryNovember 17, 2011
33Typhon MountainGod of War IIDecember 5, 2011
34Blinded by LightFinal Fantasy XIIIDecember 20, 2011
35In the BeginningMetroid (Remix)January 2, 2012
36Hyllian SuiteBeyond Good & EvilJanuary 23, 2012
37Jet Force Gemini Main ThemeJet Force GeminiFebruary 4, 2012
38Home/Another WorldChrono CrossFebruary 21, 2012
39Gusty Garden GalaxySuper Mario GalaxyFebruary 29, 2012
40Quickies 1Freedom Fighters, Rhythm Heaven, Final Fantasy VIMarch 22, 2012
41Quickies 2Gears of War, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Chrono TriggerApril 4, 2012
42Quickies 3StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, The World Ends With You, Super MetroidApril 17, 2012
43Quickies 4BioShock, Bastion, Final Fantasy VIIApril 24, 2012
44Quickies 5Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Aquaria, Mass Effect 2May 11, 2012
45Quickies 6Uncharted franchise, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Final Fantasy IXMay 16, 2012
46Quickies 7God of War, World of Goo, Demon's SoulsMay 23, 2012
47Quickies 8Shadow of the Colossus, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Persona 3June 7, 2012
48Quickies 9To the Moon, Okami, Final Fantasy VIIIJune 13, 2012
49Quickies 10Metroid Prime, Outland, Chrono CrossJuly 9, 2012
50FinaleCivilization IV, Final Fantasy VII (Remix), The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerJuly 17, 2012
Posted by Wess

Time's Scar.  It must be done.  Or, at least something from Chrono Cross.

Posted by MajorMitch
@Wess: All in due time, my friend. All in due time.
Posted by X19

I was hoping someone on the site was doing this sort of thing. Really like your blog man keep it up. Also do write music yourself?

Edited by MajorMitch
@X19: Thanks for the nice comments! I love a TON of video game music, so I plan to keep this going for a good long while :) I don't write my own music unfortunately. I was in band when I was in school, and took intro music composition and music theory classes, but wasn't really good enough or had enough spare time to follow up on any of it. I developed a great appreciation for good music though! What about you, do you write music?
Posted by X19
@MajorMitch: I did a blog a while ago about game music that has inspired me. At the moment I'm obsessed with the first track on the list by  Harry Gregson Williams and am trying to write in that style. Also I thought a good topic of discussion was acoustic music in videogames, here's my favourite which is also on the blog.  
Posted by MajorMitch
@X19:  I checked out some of those tracks- good stuff! I didn't play the Metal Gear Solid games, but I've listened to and enjoyed a lot of their music. The one you have listed there is pretty awesome.
Posted by X19
@MajorMitch: I never played them either however I did watch Let's Plays of them all so I could catch up on the story and music. If you want the links I will try and find them again. Seeing how the music evolves between the four games is quite interesting. It's also one of the few games that can make a grown man cry as the music is integrated so well in to the powerful story. 
Posted by mracoon

As someone who does a video game music show on their uni radio station this blog is super useful. I bookmarked it a while back but forgot about it, glad to see you're still updating it.

Posted by MajorMitch

@mracoon: Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying it and finding it helpful!

Edited by takashichea

Wow, this is a great blog! All these music brings back good memories. Did you ever play Skies of Arcadia? It's a good game and has some great ambient music.

Posted by MajorMitch

@takashichea: Thanks! I haven't played Skies of Arcadia (if only I had infinite time...), but have heard some of its music, definitely some good stuff!