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Posted by boylie
@qraham said:
" Hope your cat's ok! "
I find this to be hilarious for reasons that I don't quite understand
Posted by CaptainCody
Will do, should get better when they PATCH some stuff though.
Posted by LordAndrew
@CaptainCody said:
" HURR NINTENDO FANBOYISM, go back to playing JRPG's Halinel. "
This comment is very helpful. Go back to playing Gaylo, good sir.
Edited by agentboolen

This is really the main reason this system needs to support patches.  At this point I would probably just start over.  You figure the price of buying a extra SD, then the shipping to Japan and then the wait, its just going to be to much to deal with for a fix to a save file.  Its odd that something like this would happen to a Nintendo game but lets face it code is very easy to have a tiny tiny little bug that will go unnoticed during testing stages.

Posted by WrathOfBanja

Will they fix the *insert thing you hate about this game here*, too?
Its been said already.  You're not clever.

Posted by CaptainCody
HURR NINTENDO FANBOYISM, go back to playing JRPG's Halinel.
Posted by fedorajay

This has been making the rounds on every gaming site/blog and the reactions are all the same. It just reminds me the days of "send us a picture of your high score on your TV with a self-addressed envelope and we'll include it in the next Nintendo Power!"

Posted by MC_Izawa

Heh, reminds me of the first TF2 update. Remember that? You had to send in your UPC cutout from the game manual, five General Mills cereal box tops, $2.37 for shipping and handling, and a signed permission slip from your parents. All that for the five CD set that contained the Medic weapons. Good times, man, good times.

Posted by wonderhare

Seriously, Nintendo?

Posted by Reverseface

I think Nintendo must now realize they need to have online patches available on there next console. Thye really have got to get with the times over there.

Edited by KingBroly

They're probably going to wait closer to the release of the system to roll that information out.

Posted by MrKlorox

Sadly no announcement of game patching or title updates in the 3DS conference. I'm betting they still haven't tried to develop their online backend.

Posted by Hailinel
@LordAndrew said:
" @Hailinel: Ah, that's good. It still seems like an odd way of doing it though. It's not as if the save files are on some proprietary device that only Nintendo hardware can read or write, it's Secure Digital. "
Which actually isn't so secure, if all you're doing is slapping a save file on an SD card.  They're asking people to send in SD cards with their personal save files already on them.  For all we know, they have a tool capable of editing the save file directly.
Posted by qraham

Hope your cat's ok!

Posted by LordAndrew
@Hailinel: Ah, that's good. It still seems like an odd way of doing it though. It's not as if the save files are on some proprietary device that only Nintendo hardware can read or write, it's Secure Digital.
Posted by Hailinel
@LordAndrew said:
" Couldn't they distribute a computer program that fixes this issue without having to send your memory card to Japan? I'm pretty sure Secure Digital cards work on computers as well as the Wii... "
You don't need to send it to Japan if you live in the U.S.  NOA is running the same program.
Posted by Shivy
@MrKlorox said:
" Oh Japan. How Japan of you. "
One of my favorite comments ever.
Posted by LordAndrew

Couldn't they distribute a computer program that fixes this issue without having to send your memory card to Japan? I'm pretty sure Secure Digital cards work on computers as well as the Wii...

Posted by KingBroly

Not to mention a handheld that almost everyone on these boards is dying to buy.

Posted by Hailinel
@Kayrack said:
" time to reship a fixed version "
The bug will likely be removed for future shipments.
Also, bravo reporting this the day after it was discussed on the forums, Brad. :P
@AndyPhifer said:
" Jesus Christ, how pathetic can Nintendo get? "

I dunno.  First place in console sales, first place in handheld sales, a library of well-reviewed, high-selling games...  Oh yeah, that is a recipe for pathetic, isn't it?
Posted by Kayrack

time to reship a fixed version

Posted by AndyPhifer

Jesus Christ, how pathetic can Nintendo get?

Posted by steelknight2000

Well FUCK that's just hilarious.
NOW you're playing with power!

Posted by chacho89

Okay this is just ridiculous!

Posted by WhytePanther

Hmm, I can already put my save on an SD card....  and I can put an SD card in my PC...  can't I e-mail them the file or something?  Mailing the card is such nonsense.

Posted by zombie_bigdaddy
@Halberdierv2 said:
" didnt realize about that bug. cmon, nintendo, why are you so scared of giving us proper consoles withe actual Hard Drives! "
b/c then they wouldn't have been able to sell their leftover gamecubes bundled with a motion controler
Posted by zombie_bigdaddy
@takua108 said:
" Well maaaaaaaybe if their console had a little bit better support for online connectivity and patching and so forth just like every other major gaming platform out there then maaaaaaaaaaaaybe this wouldn't''ve been an issue. "
Posted by nintendoeats

Why can't they just let you plug it into your computer and run some file repair program? Would that be too simple?

Posted by Raven10

I'm pretty sure that it would be quicker to just replay the game then it would be to ship something to Japan and back. That would take at least two weeks. I haven't played it, but surely the game can be beaten in less than two weeks...

Posted by Modoversus

So why can't Nintendo just release the fix as a stand-alone channel that could be downloaded from the Internet Store? The program could just read the file, see if it's bugged and fix it from there.

Posted by Aut0n

I knew this would be the solution they came up with before I even clicked this story.

Way to go, Nintendo.

Posted by fox01313

Wow this has to be the most backwards way of fixing a broken save game I've seen in a while, then again their console is so much anti-internet the idea of just patching it would be crazy.   
Most important of all is how they obviously didn't test this issue in the game (or it just didn't get enough time/funding to fix) but it seems that with the enemy causing the save screwing glitch isn't that far behind where you were so I'm surprised they let it go. Makes you wonder if it was Nintendo that let this slip past or Team Ninja.

Posted by shotodrag

Will they fix the broken voice acting, as well?

Posted by Scooper


Posted by MrKlorox

Oh Japan. How Japan of you.

Edited by lasafrog

As for the downloadable save file just mentioned, that was my very first thought as well. Snail mail to freaking Japan, are you out of your minds?? How has my favorite game company treated us this way, with one of their most loved characters at stake? 
I highly doubt this bug is rare at all,considering it was Metroid in the first place that taught us to always look around before entering any new doors, to find those extra power ups just tucked away. 
This whole thing has really impacted my aready waning view of Nintendo. At least they got Galaxy 2 right.
Edited by lasafrog

I realized as I read about this glitch a couple days ago that I had just saved my game right after getting the ice beam.... and not going through the referenced door. 
Sure enough the "rare" bug is exactly where I left off, and I can't fathom listening to Samus whine like a 5 year old throughout the first few hours again. 
I am horrified that I just wrote that about a Metroid game. Thanks for really fucking up my Metroid, Team Ninja; shame on you Nintendo for not paying the needed attention to this game, bug and all.

For what little I can impact this fiasco, I will not be including "other M" in my personal list of proper Metroid games. Maybe as a gaming community we can banish this thing from existance.

Posted by dougbrit2

Agreed, just offer the save file up on your website, may not be a great solution but sending your sd card off to japan?

Posted by jonnyboy

Somebody needs to send Japan the Haynes guide for the internet.

Posted by Apathylad

Someone should upload and distribute the patched save file on a website. 

Posted by Pop
@CannibalFerox said:
" Why don't they just make a save file available for download? Have it include all the items up to that point that a player could/should have, even if they weren't found by the player. I know this opens up an exploit. But, we didn't screw up the game either. "
but that would be too easy, it should be like this, to download the file you have to send a letter to japan with your user name and password and include a picture of your saved game with a clock next to it and the wii.
Posted by Moonshadow101

Wonderful. If it had been anyone but Nintendo, they'd have the patch out by now and this'd be a non-issue. But Nintendo doesn't need to live in the modern age, right? Right?

Posted by raikoh05

so many better ways of handling this. how about patching the game? how about asking users to upload the save file to a server? how about just hosting the fixed file? what the fuck is this shit?

Posted by Junpei

really seems like a problem that'd be non-existent if the system had some capable online interactions. Oh how we have become jaded by patches. Sure starting a game to fins it needs to download an update can be irritating, but situations like this are why they are done.

Posted by Rodiard

I remember back in the mid to late 90s I had an issue with a PC save game (Sam & Max, maybe?). Even then I was able to get help by emailing the save game to a support person who promptly replied back to me with a fixed save file.
I guess it's better than nothing but this an archaic solution to say the least.

Posted by Brackynews
Rage has been all the rage for a lot longer than there has been an internet. :)
Posted by nick_verissimo

Jeez, even my iPhone games have title updates. Get with the times Nintendo.

Posted by Kjellm87

Game breaking bug?
Guess I was lucky then.

Posted by Eribuster
@Vaancor said:
" Just gotta Love how Nintendo treats there fans, Love it! "
It could be worse. There could be no fix offered. 
I haven't run in to the bug and I think there isn't any particular need to backtrack after getting the Ice Beam. At least, I'm pretty sure there was no expansion tank that could be opened up with the Ice Beam. Still, it sucks that a bug got through and sucks even more that Nintendo refuses to save themselves the trouble and offer an online solution to the problem. There is storage in the Wii and I can't imagine the fix is some super megabyte behemoth.
Posted by Vaancor

Just gotta Love how Nintendo treats there fans, Love it!

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