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Posted by Sarkhan

Yes! This is...yes! I love it. Charming as hell, and some witty writing. Day 1.
Posted by theberserker

No thanks

Posted by Osaladin

Costume Quest 2: Clothing Party.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Dude, candy corn is sooo good lol.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I'm very excited about this. I love me some Casual RPG's.

Posted by DrunkenBobDole

This game looks great and it totally does come out on (very near) Halloween!

Posted by danimal_furry

This game looks enjoyable. I give an approving nod.
Posted by WhiteBrightKnight

This seems to have some RPG mechanics similar to paper mario, and I LOVE paper mario.
Posted by PrivateIronTFU

The last two years have been the years of the awesomest downloadable games ever. I'm gonna love this game.

Posted by DBoy

This game is charming as all hell and looks really, really fun. Thanks for the QL GB, would have never known about this if it weren't for you.

Posted by kratier

wow this is why i like quick looks, you can see how awesome the games are so easily this way

Posted by Brutik

Really excited about this

Posted by SuperSambo

Holy crap, I am in love. This is what gaming is about.

Posted by MildMolasses

I'm loving everything about the design of this game. This looks really great
Posted by Daveyo520

This game looks super awesome.

Posted by nmarchan

You know what this game reminds me of, especially in the battle screens?  
Penny Arcade Adventures. 
Please let this game come to PC.

Edited by Grnd_Lb_Knt
Great looking game but why the 31st? Nobody cares about Halloween after Halloween. That just means get ready for the holidays, not think about Halloween. Confusing. Is that even a confirmed date? I did find 2 sources saying so...
Posted by Bones8677

This game was not at all on my radar. Now I am looking forward to it. Super charming.

Posted by thebigJ_A

3 Musketeers ain't that bad. Caramello is friggin delicious. How could it not be? Brought to tou by the same people who make Cadbury Cream Eggs. 
MMMMMMmmmmMMMM Cadbury Cream Eggs.
Posted by Lobst

This game looks totally boss! Can't imagine anyone disliking candy-corn/mellocreme pumpkins, though. 
Candy opinions are controversial, aren't they? Root beer barrels can go eat a million dicks!

Posted by jkz

Candy Corn is a scourge on the honorable tradition of shitty American candies.

Posted by RampageAssassin

This looks great

Posted by Darkecho117

I was totally not looking into this game but after this quick look it looks pretty amazing. I will be following this for sure

Posted by Olqavtoras

Looks great, can't wait to play it!

Posted by Mattalorian

Candy Corn? Is that just an American thing? I've never seen them up here in Canada.
Also: Ryan is not lying. 3 Musketeers is a crime against humanity. Fact!

Posted by ThePickle

 Really want this. I hope Double Fine keeps doing these downloadable, it seems like a good fit for them.     

Posted by Nettacki
@nicklott said:
" Three Musketeers are fantastic. Particularly Three Musketeers Mint "
I prefer Three Musketeers classic.
And most of the time, Twix owns all, mainly the peanut butter flavor
Posted by Landmine

I hate candy corn as well.

Posted by teekomeeko

Wasn't entirely interested until this Quick Look, but now it's definitely a rainy weekend purchase soon after it comes out. Glad to see Double Fine making me interested in their games again.

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

Bought. I'm just going to ignore the Mars bar hate.

Posted by DrPockets000

I have apple cider with caramel, some Oreos, and a fuckload of quicklooks. 

Posted by onarum

This looks very interesting, but the battles look kind dull though.

Posted by NickLott

Three Musketeers are fantastic. Particularly Three Musketeers Mint

Posted by eccentrix

Vinny's back in the game.

Edited by roguehallow

I love candy corn.  Lewis Black, however, agrees that it is awful.
UPDATE: 3 Musketeers are awesome.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I am also anti-Candy Corn. That stuff is garbage.

Posted by Vorbis

Love the notepad quest log, nice touch.

Posted by WorldDude

The 3 Musketeers hate at the end of this quick look makes me sad. 

Posted by Azteck

This game looks awesome. Think I'll end up getting it.

Posted by Peacemaker

Looks awesome.  Great game to get into the fall/halloween mood.  

Posted by KillyDarko

This. Is. Awesome!

Posted by Galiant

This looks great! 

Posted by dietmango

Looks fun, do want!

Posted by General_D23

Whoa, now. 3 Musketeers are awesome.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I was interested in the concept behind this, but didn't bother to read too much into it.
But damn, this looks pretty amazing.  Could only watch the first few minutes because I don't want to spoil it.  Super excited for this.

Posted by Tordah

Looks very charming and fun. Good quick look!

Posted by fox01313

Can't wait & buying this day1 :). Looks like another awesome game from Double Fine.

Posted by Catolf

Sold. I was excited about this before, even more pumped now.

Posted by Joker369

looks awesome

Posted by Vinchenzo

Looks awesome. 
P.S. Butterfinger is the best candy.