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Posted By Shuborno

Team Fortress 2 is all about playing as a team in a way that's different from other games. 
If you go out alone trying to get kills, you'll die. This is true even of experienced players because each class has a counter, so it's only by working together to make up for what your class is lacking that you'll be successful.
I'd say try some Medic. It's the most obvious class for knowing what to do - point at your teammates and heal them. While you're doing that, you'll notice how others are playing and then you might have some motivation to try other classes.

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Posted By wolf_blitzer85

Yeah dude, it may start off all experimental, but eventually you are going to be hitting the hard stuff. Steam is pretty much analogous to crack.
Just wait for the day you have like 20 games in checkout.

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Posted By Claude

Team Fortress 2 isn't that hard if I can play it. I'm usually a medic. I like to support other people. I wonder if it would run on my laptop? I deleted it from my PC hard drive, not enough room for newer games.

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Posted By dvaeg

Welcome to the club. I have purchased 82 games on Steam in the last two years, most of which came from their firesales.

I will probably never play 75 of these games. what gets me sucked in are the publisher packs. I bought one from 2k and one from Rockstar that probably have 500 hours of gaming between them.

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Posted By Tylea002

A Wise ManOnce Said...

Now, I don't know the exact phrase, but I know Vinny has a tendency to load up Steam and buy (and I quote) hells of video games. I just got steam. Today I loaded my laptop and saw they had a weekend sale.
And low, my digital wallet is now around £15 lighter, as I have just bought Team Fortress 2 and the Magic: The Gathering game. I probably don't even want them, but they were on sale, and you know, I might want them in the future...or...yeah, I can't justify. Valve done got me, good and proper. Now let me go purchase Garry's Mod. It's on sale too. (See what these things do? They get inside your brain.)
Team Fortress 2 itself runs pretty damn fine on my shitty little laptop. It's only about 20fps, but aside from that, which I'll need to get used to, it runs perfect at my 1360 x 788 resolution. However, I learned one thing: I suck at Team Fortress 2. Everyone that's been playing that game has been playing that game. And playing it hard. I'm only 16, and this was my first "proper" PC multiplayer experience, and just finding a server was confusing enough! I am a product of my naieve youth, and matchmaking has left me spoiled.  

 Because I can't be fucked to scroll through looking for a screencap of a server list
 Because I can't be fucked to scroll through looking for a screencap of a server list

Welcome to the League

Another game I've been checking out (as that is the period I am in, some kind of transient testing phase, to find some permenant laptop gaming solution, due to not really being able to go online on my Xbox) is League of Legends. Now, I've never played DotA, my entire experience of that one obsession being that Basshunter song. And so I thought I'd check it out. And oh dear lord, is it addicting. Now that I understand what "Laning" is, I feel like my eyes have been opened to some kind of nether-world, an underworld I fear I may get too close to.
You see, as you just control one dude, you think "I could do this! I'm gonna get into it," whereas other strategy obsessions (StarCraft) are, just from a glance, obnoxious and obtruse, and present themselves as they are. But no, League of Legends is decieving, it coaxes you with free to play offers, gets you hooked and makes you pay for the steam version to use the character they just locked away again (which, I would like to add, I have not purchased yet). And it's only a little bit of clicking. 
Unless it goes on sale, I shalln't purchase anytime soon though. I have single-player ass games to get through. PvZ is still on section "3" (Back Yard) and Torchlight slowly creeps along like an adventurer in a dungeon, impeded by minions that must be defeated through a series of clicks. 


A Short Note on Catharsis

During times of school, one needs a sweet release, an escape from the mundane. I've chosen gaming and blogging for now. I feel I need to step up a gear, have some kind of "thing" to write about, rather than year old games that no one cares about. This website's awesome. I need to see what happened to the Luchazine, cause that was awesome before I left pre-issue 2 as I had no games to write about. The team on that were swell guys, and I really need to start reading that magazine, as helping out on issue one showed some "hells of awesome" community content. Goodstuff.
I forget where this paragraph/segment is going. Giant Bomb is awesome, I need to write better words and stop writing at either 7 in the morning or 11 at night? Something like that. 
Steam stole my money.