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Posted by MrCellophane

So. I woke up this morning, and didn't get myself a gun. Instead I woke up on the floor in a room I didn't know with four guys I had no idea who were. Interesting premise, right? 
But the point is that on my way home I listened to my iPod. What did I listen to? The Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack. I must admit that even though I didn't like the game (which was a billion times more difficult than the first), the soundtrack is every bit as awesome as the first one. Also, the way some of the songs "build on" the first DKC soundtrack (e.g. Snakey Chantey builds on the pirate ship theme and the new Cranky theme builds on the old one) is nice. 
I wanted to say a whole bunch about David Wise, about how Stickerbrush Symphony is included in almost every "Top X video game music" list out there, and how much well-composed music can help to immerse the player in almost any game. 
But I'm totally and utterly hung over right now.