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Posted by RedRocketWestie

At least when there're only 4 games, it only costs Jeff 12 bones. But man, those guys sounded defeated before that jaunty tune kicked in.

Posted by Mesoian
@Mystyr_E:  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Double Trouble-ble
Posted by Landon

The community needs to get together and give Jeff a intervention. You don't have to spend money on these games, man!

Posted by Damian

"This is, uhhh, this is what game room thinks of you, and me, and the people who watch these stupid videos." 

Edited by Father_Vice

i friggin LOVE game room quick looks. please dont stop!!!
"That is it for this week's Game Room...we'll be back...I suppose. 
(end music plays)
 That was a jaunty little tune.
Yeah...I feel better now."

Posted by dtaken

Omg I could not stop laughing at Sharp Shot. What a miserable game that is. Is E.T. on game room yet, because I think that would make for a classic game room quicklook.

Posted by dagas
@NeilRapalee said:
" The random and muttered "fuck you game room" at the end by Jeff was priceless. "
Some poets can really put into words what everyone is feeling. 
Posted by Phoenix654

So Konami GT is apparently a race full of Pintos, cars that explode with the slightest tap.

Posted by gave1

Jeff:  "Fuck you gameroom" [drops controller]   Classic!
also, i love how Sharp Shot it was intentionally marketed to 4 year olds and has you as a sub sinking ships.  Ahh, the good ol' days before political correctness and worrying too much about the kids

Posted by Tordah

That wrestling game seemed pretty neat and functional. Not something any sane person would pay 3 dollars for, though.

Posted by MrMuscle

Haha i love it. Jeff is loosing his sanity piece by piece on these quick looks.
Posted by ThatFrood

Sharp shoot was one of the best games we've had so far.

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@MrMuscle said:

" Haha i love it. Jeff is loosing his sanity piece by piece on these quick looks. "

I see people misspell losing all the time. 
I wonder why this happens so often.
Posted by Krystal_Sackful

"You know Jeff, we've reached side 3"
Ryan likes Mobile Suit Gundam!?

Posted by Julmust

It's not even fun anymore. Just kinda sad. You may stop the game room QL's, Jeff.

Posted by MiniPato
@Jolt92 said:
" It's not even fun anymore. Just kinda sad. You may stop the game room QL's, Jeff. "
Welcome to the real endurance run!
Posted by OneHoboWine

I completely hate Game Room but FUCKING LOVE the Game Room Quick Looks.  The attitude on the way out explains it all.

Posted by DarkHeroZark

This has become come less of a quick look and more of a endurance run.

Posted by OldGuy
Posted by Pinworm45

This is them most depressing thing I've watched all week, and I watched Requiem for a Dream earlier.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I'm disappointed in the lack of T poses in recent Game Room quick looks.

Posted by CptFishstick

POW! . . . . Those were some sick party games! . . .I love it when jeff whispers: "this game is of historical significance."  brilliant! xD

Posted by Nurabsal

Rambeau 3:16

Posted by Floppypants

These Game Room quick looks only get better as the games get worse.

Posted by stinky

quick note to about Sharp shoot origins. 
on some children TV shows, the host would have a call in segment where a kid had a chance to win prizes.

during this segment the lucky winner would get to play by yelling "pow" into their phone and thus controlling whatever action on the screen.  in that context it worked fine, and i remember you could hear the distress in a kids voice sometimes as the stakes were high (in a kid's mind at least.)
it wasn't so much a video game onto itself but a cute way to win things./viewer interaction.
i had always thought a man behind the scenes was clicking a button each time he heard the the caller say "pow" rather than a real technology. 
crazy to sell it off as an actual video game though.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos
@RedRocketWestie said:
" At least when there're only 4 games, it only costs Jeff 12 bones. But man, those guys sounded defeated before that jaunty tune kicked in. "
Just before? lol
Posted by MisterMouse

cant wait for next week

Posted by soupbones

Konami GT lives in my arcade solely due to that awesome explosion you get when you tap another car.  Just wish I could figure out how to get fuel.
BTW - Konami deserves big credit for keeping the arcade scene alive in GR. 
Long live Gameroom. Gameroom is dead.

Posted by Xeiphyer
Posted by DukesT3

Haha... oh i remember how they used to be so excited about this game room and now its a like a heroin addict who just keeps on sharing needles and is going ass to ass... sad times.. 

Posted by OldGuy

OH! Side 3! OH! got it... (I only had to listen to the beginning twice to get it so that's not so bad... is it?)

Posted by Xealot42
@TheMasterDS said:
" POW! "
Posted by Rox360
@Xealot42 said:
" @TheMasterDS said:
" POW! "
BARF! No, wait..
Posted by Nux
More like Lame Room.
Posted by Nux


Posted by NickNorman

Yay, more shit!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I am now changing my name to Henry Le Fiend.

Posted by Slib

Rambeau and Judge Injury. Holy. Shit.

Posted by mosdl

You know what gameroom needs? Kinect support!

Posted by Blkthorne

Next week's line-up for Game Room is three Atari 2600 titles, Radar Lock, Street Racer and Submarine Commander, Jeff will just soak in the glory from those treasures.
Posted by Getz

Goddamnit Jeff, why do you contribute money to this every week? You're just fueling someone's cocaine addiction. 
I bought Crystal Castles for this the week it was released; haven't even booted the thing up since. WHY IS THIS STILL AROUND. Microsoft should just scrap it already, they can't be making any money off this.

Posted by MildMolasses

Oh shit, I had sure shot. This quick look somehow makes it look more fun than it actually is, that's how bad it is.
Posted by WerewolfGuy

I agree with what others has said: game room is an endurance run, not a collection of quick looks.

Edited by gbrading

Jeff actually sounded quite upset today at the end, especially at the end with the absolute travesty that is Sharp Shot. Game Room was suppose to celebrate the Golden Age of Video Games, not show off why it died.
Posted by supercubedude
@Xealot42 said:
" @TheMasterDS said:
" POW! "
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Please can we have Vinny or Brad back for some game room please. 
Yeah fuck you Lame Room !!

Posted by Pop

Man, I love seeing Jeff just die inside every week, I'm going to be sad to see game room die... what's going to happen to Jeff's money? Are they going to give him the actual games? xD, I want me a copy of Sharp Shot.

Posted by blaakmawf

This is gonna go real bad real soon.

Edited by buzz_clik

That Pressure Cooker tune needs a big ol' DnB beat chucked over it.
And I've been playing a fair bit of Road Fighter recently on my DS, and that KonamiGT totally just looks like a first person version of that, distance meter and all.

Posted by mcdrew77

We always can use jaunty tunes to brighten our day.