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Posted By MagikGimp

When Jeff throws controllers down you know that's a sign of quality. He's like dropping it in shocked awe and amazement... that it's so good, honest!

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Posted By GetBentTheVideoGame

Ah, another journey into sadness.

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Posted By AmazingShake

Nice Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego reference. 

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Posted By Winternet

That "thing" of the end was just . . . incredible. How can THAT be sold? How?
Did you guys read the full game history for the Body Slam? It's ridiculous.

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Posted By Brackynews

+2 jaunty this week.  Things are looking up.
No. No they are not.

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Posted By Skins

I love how bad this shit is. I hope game room never dies. I also hope jeff and ryan dont get up going postal over it.

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Posted By Winternet
@blaakmawf said:
" This is gonna go real bad real soon. "
Oh, and this.
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Posted By spork_armada

"This is what Game Room thinks of you, and me, and the people that watch these stupid videos" 

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Posted By animateria

Only the Konami games seem mildly good...
But it probably just looks like that cause the other ones are complete garbage.
Relative good is still shit in Game Room
Oh and Bad Old Games. BOG. It totally works!

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Posted By Gamer_152

I really laughed when Jeff said "If the marketing team thought this was going to compare to early Atari releases they were fucking high". But seriously this has gotten just depressing, just when you think Game Room can't get any worse it does.

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Posted By artofwar420

Jeff must always be with someone when doing these. It is dangerous, he might try to harm himself.  

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Posted By DBoy

That Intellivision game looks like a mash-up of other Intellivision games (D&D, Football, etc) Glad I never got that for my birthday back then. 
Oh yeah... POW!!

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Edited By CornBREDX

Just so sad. Wasted potential, as usual. 
So you know, guys, I love your content, and these game room videos are always great, but if you REALLY dont want to do them anymore- I would understand. Its now getting depressing.
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Posted By Nes


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Posted By ShakeItBaby

It's pretty awesome how your car exploding changes the color of the entire sky

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Posted By JoelTGM

I enjoy these videos for some reason, no matter how bad the games are.  But it costs like $12 to make one of these videos doesn't it?  4 games at $3 each?  I like the videos but if game room is supposed to reach 1000 games, maybe Jeff needs to think hard about whether or not it's worth it.  If it's $3 per game, and  there are to be 1000 of them, that's $3000 out of Jeff's wallet.

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Posted By Wick

The best part was the utter stunned silence

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Posted By RiotBananas

When I'm feeling really depressed, I watch these videos and realise that my life could be worse.

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Posted By Kraznor

I still love these. Keep 'em coming.

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Posted By IronScimitar

Jeff slowly loses is sanity towards the end. MUCH LULZ.

"This game is of...historical...significance...................fuck you game room."

*controller drops*

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Posted By TripMasterMunky
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Posted By Dodongo

Game Room Quick Looks are the TRUE Endurance Run.

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Posted By TripMasterMunky
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Posted By HandsomeDead

I like the Hall and Oates reference but it's kind of grim how in 1:30, Jeff managed to reach a top 40 position in that Konami GT game. There really is just no one giving a fuck about Game Room besides Giantbomb.

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Posted By ZaSentaMan

Awesome Savage impression!

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Posted By fjor

game room QL's are so relaxing......dunno why tho :D

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Posted By weegieanawrench

Whene ver Jeff decides to stop doing this, I want to know how much money this cost him. Lame Room is right. 

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Posted By rargy

This is starting to feel like Alex's 30 days of hate.  Except it's only once a week.

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Posted By Kajaah117
Current tally! 
145 games = $435.00
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Posted By GoldSoundz

I feel Jeff's pain through my computer speakers listening to him play these "games."  He sounds like a broken man, and I can't blame him.  He is spending hundreds of dollars of Game Room and suffering more and more each week, all in the name of entertaining us.  You are a true hero, Jeff Gerstmann.  Thank you.

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Posted By VisariLoyalist
@Dodongo said:
" Game Room Quick Looks are the TRUE Endurance Run. "
correction they are the 4th in a series
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Posted By duane_woods

Wow Jeff it sounds like you are about to crack because of these arcade titles. I feel your pain man and I commend you for lasting this long

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Posted By grimi

I always laugh at that stupid game room promotinal video that play when you launch and it show the silhouette of an avatar and the zooms up to the face and reveals like its gonna be all intense some ugly bald dude just show up...

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Posted By vizionblind


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Posted By GirnBlanston

Game Room needs to die. And soon.
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Posted By Hot_Karl

Jeff, you could do the demo versions of each game (for free!) if you absolutely insist on doing these quick looks.  
But other than that, stop buying these games man. I bought two games & I feel like that was a rip off already. C'mon. Be reasonable. You could use that money to buy stupid WWE pay per views!

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Posted By bigcess

People fail to realize that THIS is the next Endurance Run.

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Posted By SpicyRichter

So I'm the only one who actually likes these game room videos?
I always watch them after work, I find it actually really relaxing. Probably the simplicity of it all.
It does piss me off that Microsoft actually wants you to pay for a piece of shit like 'Sharpshooter' though. 

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Posted By empfeix
@fjor said:
" game room QL's are so relaxing......dunno why tho :D "
i know these are secretely the best videos on this site - but not too many of us watch them
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Posted By Necronauts

Hall and Oates reference? 
I love you guys.

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Edited By someamerican

I get it. Just call this the next Endurance Run already. GIVE THIS SOME MEANING.   
Isn't repeating an action over and over again while consistently expecting a different result the definition of insanity?

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Posted By MrHammeh

I am starting to think I am a disturbed individual for enjoying these so much.  I am just so glad that someone out there is actually buying these so others may be saved from their atrocity.  You are doing a service for good Jeff, even though it may not seem like it. 

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Posted By coloursheep

thats right jeff drop the controller walk away

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Posted By Jambones
" Tonight at 10: Pow! The new documentary about Giant Bomb.com's Jeff Gerstmann and his decent into madness."
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Posted By MrPeabody

"When I get you in that ring, brother, I'm gonna fumble with the Intellivision controller until something happens and then we're gonna quit and move on to the next thing, oooh yeeeaaah!"

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Posted By Chubbaluphigous

These Game Room Quick Looks are a monument to how bad of an idea Game Room was, and how awesome of an idea Quick Looks are. 

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Posted By Ronald

When designing that game, did no one at intellevision say "Hey, what does this giant joystick on the Atari do?" Atari games were not push button at random intervals games.

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Edited By AndrewB

Wow dude, that wrestling game has more depth than the NES version of Pro Wrestling I loved so much as a kid. 
Choosing your attacks? (and not just choosing a different wrestler) 
Bouncing off the ropes at the top of the ring? 
Moving at an angle while bouncing off the ropes? (not that it's particularly useful or ever actually done)

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Posted By cravins90

Aw I love watching these, but Ryan's kinda getting me down...

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Posted By oddmanout22287