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Posted by fynne

I totally agree with Jeff.  F.U. Game Room.

Posted by albedos_shadow

Jeff's "Fuck you, Game Room." made me lose my shit.

Posted by SithToast
@Chubbaluphigous: i'm not sure if game room was a "bad idea" just poorly implemented. 
Do I shout pow into the computer?
Posted by nmarchan

Maybe you Giant Bomb dudes should think about playing some of the weirder/import releases on virtual console or something instead.  You would save money, make more interesting videos, and maybe hate yourselves a little less, too. 

Posted by LucyGlitter
@nmarchan: Not a bad idea.
Posted by xombi242

Sharp Shot looks like the "Action 52" of the Intellivision. Horrible :(

Posted by confideration

I can't decide if Jeff or Game Room wins if we see this thing through to the end. The rest of us have already lost. It's up to Jeff now.

Posted by punisherkaos

lol i like how game room quick looks  are chronicling jeffs descent into madness.

Posted by ghostNPC

You gotta feel sorry for Jeff. He's spending money on this. :( Every week.

Posted by bongzilla

This stuff looks 10X, better than the Dead Space 2 multiplayer 

Posted by eccentrix

Jeff getting the other wrestler to chase him around the ring made me laugh. I'd later admit that this was due to sleep deprivation.

Posted by hollitz

POW block, anyone?

Posted by MrBubbles

i still really love these weekly gameroom quick looks although i feel bad for jeff

Posted by Qwinn


Posted by Qwinn

I love that these "games" only provide historical significance. As games they just suck donkey taint.

Posted by SBYM

Judge Injury is quite the name.

Posted by MayorFeedback

Ryan gets mad points for opening with both Pink Floyd and The State references. Thumbs up.

Posted by kuma17

oh man why is it that whiskey media people manage to make painful, painful things so hilarious? really? how do they do it? 
again, other quality products from the ground breaking game room :)

Posted by Jonnyflash80
@oatz said:
" Room of games. "
If you could call them games. 
Shame on you Microsoft. Shame.
Posted by ImBigInJapan

So judging by the leader board, around 50 people bought Konami GT and only about 20 bothered to play past the 1st level.

Posted by fedorajay

When Jeff said "the warrant" I went into a  Carmen Sandiego flashback.

Posted by SenorTrampoline
@Jonnyflash80: SHAAAAAAAAAME!
Posted by EdsXwing

Are you wrestling a smurf?!

Posted by MeatSim

Grrrrrr pain!

Posted by owl_of_minerva

The Decline and Fall of Arcade Civilisation.

Posted by JABSEN

Maybe cause I'm used to the usual terribleness but that wrestling game looked not so bad. If you knew the moves anyways.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror
@owl_of_minerva said:
" The Decline and Fall of Arcade Civilisation. "
Posted by vhold

Man...  Maybe you guys should just do Best Of Mame ?

Edited by Undeadpool

How does Jeff keep roping Ryan into this? 
Also is that avatar at 00:05 Kyle Gas from Tenacious D?

Posted by pwnasaurus


Posted by BigStupidFace

I just love how little you both seem to enjoy the games room reviews. It inspires me to watch

Posted by Matterless

Xbox: POW!
Edited by KingPossum

I'm one the those idiots who love bad games and have alot of nostalgia for this crap. 
I've bought a ton of game room games and picked up nearly all of the arcade titles (I ebay dvds that i can watch on netflix and buy game room games with the meager profits). 
Getting close to S-ranking Game room but I still dig challenges. 
GT: KingPossum 
Add me if you wanna send me some challenges 
edit: I'm one of the few who bought Konami GT also

Posted by Chocobodude3

video is broken

Posted by LordAndrew

That Sharp Shooter game is like they decided to make full versions of bad WarioWare minigames. POW!

Edited by YukoAsho

I still never got the point of the controller for the Intellivision.  Between this, the ColecoVision, the Atari 5200 and the Jaguar, the point was driven home quite effectively that keypads aren't that good an idea. 

Posted by Poorman4444

Thx for taking the bullet that is gameroom for us Giant Bomb

Edited by FalseDeity

Man... that was a really sweet Carmen Sandiego reference. 



" anything that causes a carmen sandiego reference can only be a good thing "

@fedorajay said: 

" When Jeff said "the warrant" I went into a  Carmen Sandiego flashback. "

Posted by Capum15

Man, I like these videos (since I like pretty much every Quick Look), but game room just seems to be getting more and more depressing.

Posted by Kazona

I think Jeff is dying a little inside with each new release of game room.

Posted by KuribosShoe

oh my god guys
Judge Injury = Judge And Jury.  Oh man.  OH MAN GUYS.

Posted by Moth_Pope


Posted by Nettacki
@xombi242 said:
" Sharp Shot looks like the "Action 52" of the Intellivision. Horrible :( "
At least Sharp Shot looks somewhat playable and functional. Most "games" on Action 52 are lucky to even be half as that.
Posted by supercubedude
@pwnasaurus: *clap clap*
Posted by guilherme

Jeff, please don't kill yourself!

Posted by YukoAsho

Jeff does a pretty fuckin' awesome Macho Man Randy Savage impression.

Edited by Max_Hydrogen

"The warrent" Oh Jeff Gerstmann, you made my fucking day! Where in the world is... all the games Microsoft promised when they launched Game Room?
Also, as those flower pots were being thrown at you, I just had to think: "On no, not a again."
I could actually hear the disdain when you dropped the controller at the end.
In conclusion: POW!!

Posted by PiltdownMan

I liked that they tried to make the car in KonamiGT sound like it has a Turbocharger with the high pitched whistle. I miss my old eclipse sometimes.

Posted by bkbroiler

This video might be the lowest point Jeff reaches in the Quick Looks. Fascinating stuff.

Posted by stawnkald

I hunted down this video just to hear Jeff's awesome Macho Man impression. Snap into it.