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Posted by Hardiharr

God, whoever organised the marketing for this needs to be shot. In the nipples. With salt.

Posted by WrathOfBanja

Never trust an Activision game.

Posted by FoxMulder

no Sean Bean???

Posted by Puck

This trailer would interest me in 2002.    It looks archaic now, like they resurrected some developers that haven't seen any games since 2001.
It's saddest for the Wii.  The machine is already home to mass quantities of shovelware and direct ports of old games, and this game takes that trend to ludicrous extremes.....a sequel to a 1997 game, with 2002 technology, in 2010.

Posted by Infernocow

The graphics look sketchy, even for a wii game.

Posted by Kajaah117
@napalmtrees said:
" It's a little unfair to say it looks like the N64 game. 
You could not have chosen a better image to get your point across. The dude staring at the wall made me literally laugh out loud. Well played, sir.
Posted by buzz_clik

Is it just me, or is it pointless/kinda insulting that they've excised Brosnan from the proceedings?

Posted by Kyle
@buzz_clik: I think Daniel Craig has some kind of weird contract where he HAS to be the Bond in any 007 thing for a certain period of time. But man, would I be so much more excited for this if it DID have Brosnan...
Posted by jaketaylor

So I'm confused, how many weapons is there? The text said loads but the man said lots.

Posted by This_Dude
@Mikemcn said:
" @This_Dude said:
" @subyman said:
" I miss pierce but the game looks great. "
Really?    Really?  ...really?  Really?  There's no way that you're serious.   Did I just get trolled?  I can't tell.  Really? "
Pierce was pretty damn good as bond. "
Ok,  now I know I've been trolled, but just in case I haven't, I wasn't talking about Pierce vs. Daniel Craig.  I was appalled by the fact that this guy thinks the game looks great.  
Posted by darkknightbob

LOL it sounds like these guys haven't played any FPS in about 10 years.

Posted by MrPilkington

hehehe...funny! ( what? )
Posted by dibiase77
@The_Bowman_007: Holy crap, thought the exact same thing! 
However, I'm still really excited for this. And yes. I will be getting it purely for nostalgia, since I stopped playing multi-player hardcore in ANY game after college. This title still has fond memories for me. 
For England James?
Posted by DarkWaterSong

I hope the finished product looks a LOT better than that.  GE was the Halo of its day, and it looked really good.  This just looks like a 10 year old game.

Posted by ESREVER
Posted by ghostNPC

Terrible Dev Diary spitting out nothing but buzz words.

Posted by Bjorn

@ napalmtrees: Well, both the N64 game and this "thing" don't have shadows...

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

This looks amazing, guys certainly look like they put some work into it.

Posted by coloursheep

this game look completely terrible i dont hold up the original goldeneye with the same level of esteem as other but even to me this is a disgrace to its legacy

Posted by AtomicEdge
@DarkWaterSong: Sadly that's just what non-hd games look like my friend!
Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Congratulations, you have made a 13 year old game look like a 7 year old game. 

Posted by Father_Vice

everybody remembers "guy in stall"

Posted by Johnny5

meh people looking at the graphics when graphics were never what made that game good in the first place. Also even thought he game is super old I wish they wouldn't give away the big plot twist during a promo video. I mean I would like even a small chance for the new generation to experience GoldenEye (that is if they pull it off)

Posted by Napalm

Is this technically a retcon?

Posted by subyman

@This_Dude Yeah I think the game looks great.  If you are a fan of the old golden eye game (which I played countless hours of with friends) then this is a wonderful step into nostalgia.  Its doing everything I hoped it would do, redo the single player, rework the multiplayer, and not try to update things too much.  I loved the feel of the old Golden Eye, I'm glad they kept it in that era instead of trying to make it something like what CoD has become.  That would have been ashame.

Posted by shipwreck247

It just seems to me like they are trying to put lipstick on a pig with this game.

Posted by Bogitt

Swapping out Brosnan was a bad move but leaving Sean Bean out as Trevelyan is just awful!

Posted by airules
@Cybexx said:
" That is their 006 eh? I mean I guess it is hard to replace Sean Bean, but why? This game is so weird. "
Why oh why do they need to replace him? It looks like they're trying to recreate the movie as much as possible (and not the game that much) so why not get the real deal? Sean Bean ftw
Posted by MeatSim

Still not cool to sneak up on a guy while hes on the toilet.

Posted by ItBeStefYo
@Meatsim: Its not cool... Its HELLA AWESOME
Posted by Rhodesyuk71

can it ever beat the original .the original always seems better in the minds eye .then when you pop the cart  in.  man i thought it looked better

Edited by lasafrog

This is just depressing. Looks absolutely fucking terrible. I loved the N64 version but never once have  desired a remake, especially one with wretched Wii visuals.  
Complete fail.
Posted by darkknightbob
@Nedemis: been playing it this week. It's hard but on average you can find either 1-2 servers with at least 8-10 people on each. Apparently what really killed the mod was the admins restricting all the weapon/map sets. 
Posted by BitterAlmond
@Th3_James: Goldeneye Source is awesome. Amen.
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