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Posted by superseagull7

That does look pretty cool. But the Super Mario All-Stars collection is much cooler.

Posted by jaxjaggywires

Well, isn't that just all kindsa fancy pants?

Posted by MrKlorox

Where's my Luigi color? I miss the days of the GBC and N64 controllers bold colors.

Posted by DoomedMello12

D'awww, it's candy-apple red. 
How festive.

Posted by GeedAwesome

I'm surprised they hadn't started multiple colors by now.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

Honestly, it looks more red/pink then a solid red.

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

Fuck you, Nintendo. Always launch with red.

Posted by Gahathat

I dig the sexy red.

Posted by Shreik

Do want!

Posted by robbob88

Seeing this picture immediately reminded me of the N64 :D great great times :D

Posted by Daryl

Oh Kessler, go away.

Posted by AURON570

photo is shopped, that white gradient is so damn obvious xD anyways still don't care about the wii.

Posted by Bigheart711

Nicely done, but an Black Wii is better for me.

Posted by jacksonroye

That thing is hideous.

Posted by sixpin

That "red" is too pink. The black one looks the slickest of the bunch imo. I'm still rocking the white one (read "rocking" as "gathering dust under my TV"). And thanks to Nintendo's baffling inability to allow you to transfer virtual purchases, I'll be keeping my white launch Wii.

Posted by Hamst3r

They need to come out with the flesh-colored Wii and be done with it.

Posted by DougJustice


Posted by skrutop

Why wouldn't they package up all of the Super Mario games, instead of just the Lost Levels?

Posted by valentin_rad

Nice, but it's missing something , THIS

Posted by MisterMouse

that looks pretty sweet. I think the black one still looks better though

Posted by Milkman

Finally, a console I can play Super Mario Bros. on.

Posted by JonathanMoore

Mmm, looks nice.

Posted by Ratinho

To follow in 2013, a new game to play on it.

Posted by subyman

Yuck, lip stick red?  No thanks.

Posted by Raymayne


Posted by Genjai

Sweet! It plays HD now! 
...wait, what?

Posted by Kiemoe

Maybe I'm asking too much, but I hope there is more planned for the anniversary. For the record, that's pretty cool, though

Posted by Luthorcrow

OH HELL, they are missing the boat on this one. Considering the market for the Wii it should be PINK!  A pink Wii would sell like hotcakes.

Posted by ShockD

Oh, wow! Ugliest console color ever.

Posted by Cday

We need some ATOMIC PURPLE up in this bitch

Edited by n11n12

I had a red Wii once. A trip to the hospital and a few pills cleared it right up.

Posted by TooWalrus

The Black Wii is better (and I've got one.)

Posted by BaconGames
" That thing is fucking hideous!  "
Posted by pepsimax

I wouldn't want THAT in my room :D

Posted by CookieMonster

Theres a bug with the article (or it could just be me). When I click the image of Super Mario Bros. at the bottom of the article, rather than increasing the size of the image, the page reloads. Weird or what?

Edited by Majkiboy

they shoud have had different colors form the start
edit: will get this if it comes to Europe.
Red is mah thaang

Posted by JauntyHat

I bet that Wii smells like a vault.

Posted by crusader8463

If only the front LED was white instead of blue this would be a very patriotic system. A white stripe down the side and a maple leaf sticker and this thing would be perfect. By far the snazziest paper weight they have made yet.

Posted by themangalist

  Japan Gets a Sweet Red Wii

I just lol'd at the title.
Posted by icytower38

Definitely getting the collection when it's released state side, but I'll pass on the red Wii. It looks nice, but I've already got one. Not to mention the black one looks cooler IMHO.

Posted by Halberdierv2

nice! although, a NES coloured Wii wouldve been nice too..

Posted by ProfessorEss

That's both totally awesome looking and totally horrible looking at the same time.

Posted by FritzDude

Nice lady toy.

Posted by MattBodega
@zityz said:
" Oh man, when the Crips get wind of this. They will not be pleased. "
This newspost is over, because you've won it.
Posted by LordAndrew
Posted by Darksnughero

I am going to buy one for my nephew.  He would love that.  Wii is great for kids. They should make them in fisher price primer colors. 

Posted by EchoForge

Super Mario Collection? Buy. Red Wii? Ehhhhh...I'll stick with my black one, and use the SMC as my personal celebration of 25 years of Mario.

Posted by zityz

Oh man, when the Crips get wind of this. They will not be pleased.

Posted by ApolloBob

It's a "power Wii" - you bring it to business negotiations.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

That thing is fucking hideous! 

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