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Posted by dyong

The red makes it go faster.

Posted by TzarStefan

Or , well hmm... looks ok

Posted by MattBodega
@Regal:  You see? I would never steer you wrong!
Posted by Animasta

I would totally buy that

Posted by Blair

This is pretty sick.  I'm getting the Super Mario Collection, for sure but I already have a Wii.

Posted by Regal

When I read the headline I imagined a slightly blander, matt shade of red but after careful consideration I can get behind this also.

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Posted by TheMasterDS

Wow, that looks surprisingly good.

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edit: thank you, zeus.

Posted by MattBodega
Nintendo’s ongoing celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. has already produced a retail compilation of all the previous NES Mario games (which, as you might have guessed, means that Nintendo just ported the old Super Mario All Stars compilation onto a disc), and an exclusive Red DSi XL, emblazoned with popular Mario power ups. Now, Nintendo has revealed its final step in covering the entire product line with Mario-related iconography; a Red Wii.

 This is what goes on in your Wii when you're not looking.
The Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Wii replaces the iPod white plastic of the standard Wii with shiny red plastic, which is perfect because Mario has a red hat! The recolored Wii ships with a Wii Remote Plus (that's the Wii remote with the Motion Plus add-on built in) and Nunchuk attachment also in matching red plastic. 
Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, the new Wii package will ship with a built in game called 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros, which looks like a version of the original Super Mario Bros updated with some anniversary messaging. Siliconera revealed an image of the updated game, but the only difference that can bee seen so far is that the classic question mark blocks have been replaced with “25 blocks.” Whether there are any other changed being made to the original game is unclear,
 So... does this mean I get 25 coins when I bop them with my head?
The red Wii is currently set to retail in Japan for 20,000 yen ($242). While both the Anniversary DS and Wii consoles have only been announced for a Japanese released, Kotaku reported today that the Super Mario Collection set would be making its way to Europe on December 3rd. Hopefully, a stateside hardware announcement is coming soon, because that red Wii is suspiciously fresh.
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