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Posted by Daryl

Oh Kessler, go away.

Posted by robbob88

Seeing this picture immediately reminded me of the N64 :D great great times :D

Posted by Shreik

Do want!

Posted by Gahathat

I dig the sexy red.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Fuck you, Nintendo. Always launch with red.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

Honestly, it looks more red/pink then a solid red.

Posted by GeedAwesome

I'm surprised they hadn't started multiple colors by now.

Posted by DoomedMello12

D'awww, it's candy-apple red. 
How festive.

Posted by MrKlorox

Where's my Luigi color? I miss the days of the GBC and N64 controllers bold colors.

Posted by jaxjaggywires

Well, isn't that just all kindsa fancy pants?

Posted by superseagull7

That does look pretty cool. But the Super Mario All-Stars collection is much cooler.

  • 61 results
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