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Posted by rejj

I'm the guy that sent in the whisky in this video - even though I never got to meet him, I'm just glad that I got to thank Ryan in some small way for being the cool person that he was.

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mountain dew and doritos !

Posted by Chrjz

@BestUsernameEver: Why didn't you?

Posted by BestUsernameEver

@Spider_Dan23 said:

Dude, this is from Pepsi so it's time to get serious! Honor the code!

Why did you resurrect this thread?

Posted by zaglis

..how did I miss this?

Posted by Halberdierv2

needs some Johnnie Walker. Blue Label.

Posted by benu302000

I like how long Ryan paused after Jeff suggested that all booze should come in capri sun pouches. Like he was really weighing the idea.

Posted by jillsandwich

LOL at L4D2 quick look being recorded in the background.

Posted by n8

i love scotch..  and give me the peatey stuff im no snob!
i drink booze

Posted by ManlyBeast

God these guys have like the perfect job.

Posted by SithToast

Whiteout won the DEWmocracy contest and was brought to stores earlier this month, it is a new permanent edition to the md family.

Posted by CashBailey

I wonder if the cost of all these elaborate promotional items is then built into the cost of the game that the rest of us have to foot the bill for.

Posted by GetEveryone

Scotsman here: Both very good whiskies. Laphroaig is a little too intense for my tastes, but still very high quality.

Posted by Tebbit

Macro switch was violently ineffective.

Posted by CosmicQueso

Dude that sends you those two bottles sincerely appreciates your efforts.  Wow.

Posted by Videogames


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The name Tom Bergeron reminds me of the TV movie Harrison Bergeron with Sean Astin as lead. The VHS had some porn-y movie trailers, something about babysitters and a playboy dude. The movie was alright, too. 
If this was Trash Panic, Ryan would be fucked.

Posted by IamTom

Mailbag makes my daaaaay!

Posted by Lydian_Sel

I remember scotch hangovers. Enjoy Whiskey Team!

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I don't drink Mountain Dew/Mello Yello. I know the yellow 5 thing is bull, but just in case.
I want to see those scotches enjoyed on this week's Happy Hour.

Posted by blacklab

Jeff, get your shit together. That's some nice scotch.

Posted by DustoMan
@DemiGodRaven said:
" Whiteout won the Dewmocracy thing so you can still buy it. It's their new flavor to go alongside Voltage.   I still preferred Typhoon. "
I liked Typhoon better too.  Fuck this   DEWmocracy bullshit.  Every time they do it, the people pick the worst flavors.
Posted by hollitz

Speaking of scotch enemas...
Jeff was wanting a way to get the booze in him quicker...and not have to taste it.

Posted by nikopeters

Seems like a quiet day in the office.

Posted by Mar

Lagavulin is the best scotch in the world. Enjoy it.

Posted by supercubedude

Fuck yeah Capri Sun pouches!

Posted by Anglia

White out is still available in Sweden at least from what I know!
Posted by inkwolf

NICE contemplative/dramatic pause by Ryan at 7:55.
Posted by Nunchuckles

I wish they showed what the bottles of the scotches looked like.

Posted by JayCee

The Lagavulin is some good stuff. Enjoy that mess.

Posted by Aarny91

How do I keep missing these videos.

Posted by forkboy
@CrazedMaverick:  Spend enough money on a bottle of alcohol and you really wanna be sipping it.  Just make sure that your premium vodka is coming out of the freezer before you start sipping it, it then becomes bloody lovely. 
And yeah, Laphroaig.  My tipple of choice, and I'm from Scotland so I'd naturally know a good whisky.  If you don't like it on your first two or three drinks because the taste is pretty over-whelming, just give it a few more tries and you'll be right there with all the cool kids.  Really powerful smell as well, just so very lovely.  I love the way a friend of mine described it as being like "having an ash tray emptied in your mouth, but somehow nice."
Posted by FlipperDesert

Strongest ending to a mailbag video ever. "I didn't press the button."

Posted by Hershey07

Ryan's stache is sort of freaking me out. In a good way, of course.

Posted by Smallville123

SHOTS?!  Hey i hit the button//////

Posted by Spiritof

I gave up drinking 13 months ago.
This video is tempting me.

Posted by Navyseils

I was going to send them some of one of my favourites, Glenfiddich - 18 year old. But I dun went and drank it first. I kept forgetting to do it after that. Glad someone else sent them some booze.

Posted by essi2

Oh man! I want to work somewhere that has Whiskey in the workplace. Preferably Whiskey Media, but that is unlikely to ever happen.

Posted by allenibrahim

Great Mailbag as usual, but I can't help but notice: 
What is dangling from that iPhone? Looks like...it's plugged into the laptop with a USB plug, but then a USB plug is also plugged into it from the other side? What is this madness?!

Posted by MrBurns

Always cut away from your body

Posted by Gamer_152

Top secret soda! Seriously, I'm a massive Halo fan but that was just dumb.

Posted by Daftasabat

Soft drinks for a soft franchise? hehe ;)

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"Fuck it, these guys are as old as I am!"
Welcome to my world. Silver Spoons, Monster Squad, or Talespin reference anyone?
OH GOD. Great scotches. Damn great.

Posted by jakob187

All this talk about whisky made me go home last night to crack open my bottle of Ardbeg 10 and kill that off, as there was only a glass or two left.  Much to my surprise, there was about a half a glass left...and since I already killed my Glenfiddich 15 Solera, I now realize THAT I'M OUT OF SCOTCH!!!  Muthafucker...
...soooooo now I need to go get another bottle.  Probably gonna get more of that Glen 15 Solera.  That shit was yummy!

Posted by xync4

white out not exclusive... we have it at my work... but not in halo bottles...

Posted by Habibness

Mmmm bacon flavored scotch    

Posted by decko5

i can confirm that medal of honor requires a passkey to play online.

Posted by alternate
@Gnome said:
" @vizionblind said:
" notice how they are whispering? their new location sucks "
They were trying to avoid disturbing the quick look that was being filmed.   Considering the size of the old office, it was probably twice as bad before. "
Sure was.  You used to be able to hear the GB guys filming on the podcasts for the other sites.
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