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Edited by jakob187

Ryan, say it with me:  La-froyg.  There ya go.   
You guys got some good scotch sent to ya!  Mind you, Lagavulin 12 is pretty common stuff, but it's also damn good stuff!  As for the Laphroaig, that's Quarter Cask...damn fine stuff.  You guys ARE correct in that they are Islay (pronounced eye-la) whiskys, so they do have a smoky flavor. 
You can talk to Tony, as he's a scotch man.  He'll teach you how to drink that shit all proper-like.


oh some nice Scottish Whisky going on there. The Island of Isley says 'You Are Welcome' :D

Posted by Scooper

I like how the macro switch has soo little effect and makes such a loud noise.

Posted by Ravenousrattler


Posted by WrathOfBanja
@hedfone said:
" more like squirt out "
That's what she said.
Posted by Bloodgraiv3

Nice ending jeff haha
Edited by ghostNPC

Looks like one great haul after another. You guys are kings!

Posted by 20ozmonkey

They still make Livewire? Bottlers in the bay area haven't made that in years. 

Posted by gbrading

Some pretty good whisky there; My Dad has a collection of various whisky's from around the world which he drinks very rarely which includes both the bottles you got. Islay is very smokey indeed. And Jeff: Whisky is meant to be drunk very, very slowly.
Posted by Hamz

@Ryan, it's LA-FR-OYG

Posted by UmbertoEco

I am in disbelief.  Those are my two favorite scotches right there, BOTH OF THEM! Though Lagavulin is the better of the two by far.  The Islay region is not for the feint of heart, but it's the best around if you can handle it.

Posted by zombie2011

Loving these longer Mailbags.

Posted by NekuCTR

Why did they get rid of the White Out? I actually liked that stuff. But then again I've never had Squirt.

Posted by DBoy

I'd buy Medal of Honor if it came with Drew's face.

Posted by Landon
Posted by Halz
@fillmoejoe said:
" Hell yes, Tom Bergeron. "
I hear that.
Posted by captain_max707

The Sacrifice! :D

Posted by WEGGLES

Watching Ryan pour those foam peanuts into the empty box reminds me of the time I tried to pour foam peanuts into the garbage at the post office so I didn't need to bring them home and the wind picked up.... FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

Posted by FCKSNAP

No one knows how to use the camera!

Posted by danimal_furry

I agree. At 30, your benge drinking tends to take a nose dive. I can do a few shots, but I'll be done for the night. Also, I wish I had a web site and got the awesome free stuff you guys pull in.
Posted by Nicholas

I'll never know why, or like the way, Jeff calls USB flash drives USB keys. Ugh.

Posted by coaxmetal

Whiteout reminded me of squirt mixed with regular mountiain Dew, so I tried mixing squirt with regular mountain dew, and I was right, it tasted exactly the same.

Posted by Nicholas
@paulishere22 said:
" Jeff, Whiteout is the new flavor. They didn't bring it back, as it was never gone. "
Posted by Toxin066

Yo, what if Medal of Honor DID come with Dave's face? Put me down for three copies.

Posted by Nicholas

 Jeff "No! Gimme that!
Ryan "You gonna drink this now?"
Jeff "I'm drinking it!!"
Ryan "...You should at lease let it get cold. I hate watching you drink warm soda." 
Jeff "Cuz I'm thirsty. So thirsty"
Ryan  "It's bad for you and bad for the soda "
Jeff "I'm dehydrating over here"
Ryan and Jeff. Like an old married couple.

Posted by squidracerX
@Kajaah117 said:
" Smooth ending there, Jeff. Very smooth. "
indeed :)
Posted by HandsomeDead

Is this video not working for anyone else?

Posted by MikkaQ
@HandsomeDead: Yeah it's busted for me too.
Posted by President_Barackbar
@fortis said:
" Oh man, have fun with the Laphroaig. I enjoy scotch and that is some of the worst stuff I've tasted. "
Anything described as "having an ashy taste" is generally not something that should be produced.
Posted by Daveyo520

Cool ranch is better.

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers
@HandsomeDead: You might need to update flash. That's what I had to do. 
Posted by dvdwalker8
@Daveyo520 said:
"Cool ranch is better. "

Posted by Grilledcheez

Scotch enema!

Posted by D_W

aww they should have called the Cool Ranch flavor "Cool Reach" or something.

Posted by Teaspoon83

Hey, don't knock liquor in a box. That is getting drunk at bargain prices! 

Edited by snattu

Oh man. Lagavulin is really good. You guys are in for a treat. :) 
AND  Laphroaig too!! Someone really loves you guys. 

Posted by thedj93
@roninhack: L4D!
Posted by Jackel2072
@Teaspoon83 said:
" Hey, don't knock liquor in a box. That is getting drunk at bargain prices!  =D "
its about quantity not quality =) 
Posted by TobyD81

Mmm, I like peaty Scotch

Posted by VisariLoyalist

sell that white out on ebay for a cool $2.50 son

Posted by CrazedMaverick

who sips vodka? that's an entirely foreign idea to me. haha.

Posted by TheHBK

No new Game Fuel flavor?  Serious?  That is totally weak.  And no more white out?  What the fuck man!

Posted by Afroman269

scotch enemas...........dear god.... 

Posted by core1065

Everyone in my house thinks I'm was watching porn because of your moaning. 
P.S. I'm drinking a white out right now. There available in stores. NOW!!!!

Posted by RyShe

I miss the days when (at least it seemed like) Dave was on all the time. More Dave please.

Posted by DemiGodRaven

Whiteout won the Dewmocracy thing so you can still buy it. It's their new flavor to go alongside Voltage.
 I still preferred Typhoon.

Posted by Darkraven

shots?! :D

Posted by Sessh

So enemas or shots, huh?


These guys need to be sent even more booze.

Posted by ComradeKhan
@daltimond said:
" Just to let you know Jeff, White Out won the mt.dewmocracy so its actually part of the regular dew family now. They sell it in stores here in Florida "
Don't tell him. He probably feels so special thinking that he is the only one drinkin that.
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