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Posted by Undeadpool

"Fuck you, Brad Garrett! I HOPE YOU BURN IN SHIT!"

Still remains one of my favorite video quotes of all time. Still remembering Ryan Davis!

Posted by onkel


Posted by BagSquad

this is hands down the best quick look in the universe. rip ryan

Posted by moffattron9000

A fine CBS product.

Posted by Laini

Should I feel bad for laughing at Kathy Griffith's joke?

Posted by styder

Jeff's "I hate this game" after the twitter question was the best

Posted by MocBucket62

THis is one of my favorite Giantbomb videos, also I hope Jeff will one day beat up Brad Garrett.

Posted by Chazzi27

Quick Looks of bad games are the best...you guys had me nearly piss myself at around 16 minutes in. Awesome job!

Posted by SlightConfuse

i can't beleive jeff dropped a gattaca reference. 

i just watched that movie and enjoyed it
Posted by Abendlaender

Oh god, Ryan's laughter at 5:52 is killing me. xD

Posted by TheBetaMax

Love the use of "celebrities" with quotes. These "celebrities" SUCK 

Posted by bjorno

hi dennis

Posted by Xaviersx

You're pain of playing this game was still my pleasure.  Thank you.

Posted by ultrapeanut

Nick Cannon is hilaaaaaarious!

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

"i hope you burn in shit"

Posted by Max_Hydrogen
Actually, if you knew anything about Québécois, you'd find that the names in the credits are French from France. If they don't know a lot about American game shows, it's probably because they watch their own and besides, how could anyone make a video game out of Hollywood Squares? It would take a miracle worker.
Posted by lightsoda

Ryan introducing the crew over that funky music is probably my favorite part.

Posted by mastrbiggy

 Jeffrey Tambor's reaction is priceless

Posted by maskedarcstrike

I demand a endurance run of this.

Posted by ThePickle

I want a shirt that says "Fuck You Brad Garrett" on it. 

Posted by Diablochicken14

there is an awesome pic of martin mull on screened ha

Edited by PenguinDust

Worst. Game. Ever. 
Oh my goodness, I am flabbergasted that someone thought this game was a good idea.  I am incensed that they have the gall to charge people money for this thing.    
By the way, Paul Lynde is the only one worthy of the center square.

Posted by Capum15

"We all just had aneurysms." made me laugh.

Posted by brocool

Brad Garrett, known for sucking.

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Jeffrey Tambor is "the bald guy from Hellboy", not "the guy from Arrested Development".  I'm just saying.

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Posted by swat200

i laughed so hard at this quick look im pretty sure i peed a little

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Show: Most of the point was the banter of the 9+ celebrities in the squares.
Game: Only one celebrity in one square.

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Oh God, this is gonna be hilarious.

Posted by Bamsen

@Lukeweizer said:

"Fuck you, Brad Garrett. "


Posted by Spike94

Amazing QL like always. But did Ryan do the Tidus laugh at 21:54?
Posted by Venatio
@RoriP said:
" "Chances are you'll lose one pound per week if you simply write this.  Write what?"  Brad Garret:  "...well I gotta say the alphabet." Jeff:  "Suck, if you write suck cause you suck!  SUCK!  YOU SUCK!" "
Man that had me laughing real hard, surprised no one in the video reacted to it
Jeff is gonna kill Brad Garrett someday
Posted by cpchrist

I want Tom Skerritt!  I don't want Brad Garrett!  Now with vebrato!

Posted by TehFlan

I like that the icon for hair is an afro.
Posted by darkvare

seems like they kinda don't like brad garret

Posted by Stew
Brad Garrett and Kathy Griffith!? I smell a contender for GOTY 2010!
Posted by IamNOTatalkingpony

I got the fruit dealer reference! 
Do I win?

Posted by RoriP

"Chances are you'll lose one pound per week if you simply write this.  Write what?"
Brad Garret:  "...well I gotta say the alphabet."
Jeff:  "Suck, if you write suck cause you suck!  SUCK!  YOU SUCK!"

Posted by Mystyr_E
@ThePantheon:  nah, Will Smith's funny, now Matt Kessler on the other hand...
Posted by Zanthox

aww, I like Brad Garrett on Raymond...

Posted by HydraHam

"fruit dealer we're taking you down!" 
You silly gooses! You can't beat Fruit Dealer.

Posted by CannonGoose

Thank god, I just barely had time to mini-blog this video before my webinar started!

Posted by Ignor
@ThePantheon: Yeah, but so does Vinny.
Posted by RoyCampbell

Fuck you Brad Garrett, I hope you burn in shit!
Circle gets the center square motherfucker.

Posted by Claude


Posted by NeilRapalee

Ryan's random fuck you's are priceless.

Posted by fedorajay

They sure do love to recycle their assets! Sheesh.

Posted by ThePantheon
@SuperSambo: he tries too hard. sorry.
Posted by Kolonel_Kool

This is one of the best QLs I've seen. I found myself laughing quite a bit.