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Posted by KidA

Haha, Jeffery Tambor is just disgusted

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Everybody loves Raymond is a great show, and Brad Garret is hilarious as Robert, but that may because he says lines that were written by other people xP  
This game looks awful btw.
Posted by SuperSambo

Anyone who doesn't like Will Smith is soulless.

Posted by Psykhophear

It wouldn't be Hollywood Squares without Whoopi Goldberg and Gilbert Gottfried. YOU FOOL! 

Posted by Mrskidders

Wow, nice to still see the Wii really pulling its weight in the quality games market.

Posted by harvey_the_pooka

Will Smith Quicklook FTW

Posted by MachoFantastico

Never seen Hollywood Squares myself, but is it always that unfunny. The canned laughter was insane, at least I hope it was canned laughter. If not then some people are easily entertained.  
Who am I to talk, fart jokes still make me chuckle. 

Posted by themartyr

That was absolutely terrific. I was lmao'ing throughout, stifled cos i'm in work...

Posted by MagikGimp

These games make me realise that there's a LOT of modern American culture I have no idea about.

Posted by Australia

I don't understand the rules to this show at all, but I don't care. I will still buy any Brad Garret related product. 

Posted by Dtat
@Clouise said:
" I came into this quick look not really minding Brad Garrett, now I seem to hate him with avengence.  "
Haha me too.
Posted by Ignor
@Mezmero said:
" The way you guys feel towards Brad Garrett I feel towards Will Smith.  Less of him please. "
I hope you cancel each other out. Less hatin' on people, more hatin' on bad games, please.
Posted by His_lane

Best quick look ever! Circle gets the square, motherfucker.

Posted by Clouise

I came into this quick look not really minding Brad Garrett, now I seem to hate him with avengence. 

Posted by Wrighteous86

No Brad, no sale.  Sorry Hollywood Squares, you just lost yourself a customer.
And yes, I know that makes no sense.

Posted by Poorman4444

I love watching them play these terrible party games, its highly amusing =)

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Was that a fucking Powerpuff Girls reference.

Posted by Milkman
@Delta_Ass said:
" @PlasmaBeam44 said:
" @Delta_Ass said:
" Going to jail is not the same as nothing, Ryan. "
Seinfeld is known as the show about nothing. It was a trick question. Even I would have agreed with nothing. "
Yea, the show was about nothing, in a general overall sense. But in that last episode, something happened. They went to jail. "
Yeah, I agree. That was a stupid answer by Ryan.  
Not that it really matters but still.
Posted by Mezmero

The way you guys feel towards Brad Garrett I feel towards Will Smith.  Less of him please.

Posted by hi_im_rob

Wipeout continues to be the best game-show based Quick Look.

Posted by LordAndrew
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" I wonder how Jeff feels now that there's a Brad Garrett page on his website. "
I also decided he was worthy of a character page. Bam, there it is.
Posted by LiK

LOL horrible game.

Posted by wafflez

Will - flippin - Smith.  My day is made.

Posted by hazardkills

I want to club   Brad Garrett to death too Jeff...

Posted by ArbitraryWater

These quick looks of crappy game shows are always so incredibly awful. It's amazing. And yes, Brad Garret is a horrible person.

Posted by carlthenimrod

I'm waiting 20 years for this game to show up on Game Room.

Posted by MadaRenrut

there are two game room releases, wheres my beloved game room quick looks?!

Posted by Fontan
@Death_Unicorn: It's happened to me so many times I've given up counting.
Posted by Bummey

These party game/game show quick looks really are the best ones. 

Posted by obscurefan

The game looks horrible, but I would seriously watch a weekly series of you guys just playing this. Hands down the funniest Quick Look ever.

Posted by AgentMOO

Man, I love me some quick looks of terrible games

Posted by TheUnsavedHero

I thought Brad Garrett was ok... til' I saw this. Fuck that guy.

Posted by patrick

God, Ryan loves Minecraft so damn much.

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That Kathy Griffin " Schwarzenegger" gag was actually kind of funny.

Posted by TheHT

oooooooooooooooooooomigosh. that was so bad lol.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

QQ i can't hear what brad is saying cause brad is so loud

Posted by sissylion
@Moth_Pope: You are the greatest human being. 
Posted by yakov456

Ooooh, can't wait to watch this one.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Fuck you, Brad Garrett.

Posted by Roomrunner

I live a few minutes away from Bon Jovi's house!  I drive past it every day to work. 
I hate Bon Jovi almost as much as Ryan hates Brad Garrett.

Posted by ColonelT

Fantastic QL!
Though I prefer the John Davidson / Jm J. / Joan Rivers era.
And everyone forgets -- Alec Baldwin did the H2 version for a few years...a few lean years.

Posted by Karkarov

This game is pretty much a lock to be god awful bad, and god awful bad games make the best quick looks.  Yeap.

Posted by LaszloKovacs
I don't recall anybody saying he was German, just that he spoke German. Which he does.
I could have missed somebody saying it though.
Posted by ErinIsADrunk

These quicklooks of these awful game show games are my favourite.

Posted by Devildoll

Question: What would you call a large rodent that builds dams and dens in the water? 
answer : mom
lol thats hilarious

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

I'll palette-swap YOUR mom, Ryan Davis.

Posted by Chadster

Huh, apparently Martin Mull was on Arrested Development too. He played Gene Parmesan the PI. I think this is actually the AD movie.

Posted by AdvanceStrat

Dear gosh I want to stab whoever made this nonsense.  Holy crackers. 
Posted by scarace360

She has a dick

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

This can only end well.