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Posted by RJPelonia

For the record, Will already did a Quick Look with Vinny for the game Alien Swarm. What record, you ask? My record.

Posted by Magicallystoopid

Is it just me or does the guy in the middle row, over to the far left of the character select, look like Liu Kang if he had Johnny Cage's lifestyle.
Hmm wait a second... I demand a Mortal Kombat edition of Hollywood Squares... NOW!

Posted by Thumbrunner

The hits just keep coming... They charge you money for this reprehensible crap.

Posted by lamiafusion

Tick tac toe has never been so epic

Posted by Cold_Wolven

How long ago were these video exerts taken of celebs taken? Too bad only the middle square was fmv as that's the only part of the game that's remotely funny, that and hearing Jeff's wish list for a murder Brad Garret game.

Posted by Schnatterfleck
@LaszloKovacs: Hmm, so a lot of Canadians are French? And Mexicans are Spanish? US guys are English? Don't think so. 
Posted by Milkman

Burn in shit, Brad Garrett!

Posted by LaszloKovacs
@Schnatterfleck said:
" I've got only one thing to say: Arnold Schwarzenegger is not German! He is Austrian. And no, it's not the same. "
... They still speak German in Austria, though.
Posted by steelknight2000

Raymond, Raymond, Raymond...

Posted by IronScimitar

holy fuck, i was thinking that she looked like Hoda Kotb also

Posted by Koobz

Brad Garret?  More like BAD Garret!  Haha!  FTW!

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I saw this Quick Look go up and my only thoughts were "Yes, yes, GOD YES!" 
Edit: I was not disappointed. "Up your ass Tom. HAHAHAAHA! But seriously, New  York City."

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@gave1 said:

" "What is the large rodent that builds dams and lives in the water?  Mom."  Fucking priceless!!!!! "

This is too much.
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Posted by HoodedSoldier

"F U Brad Garrett" lmao awesome!!!

Posted by Hashbrowns

Imagine if Brad Garret and Robert Kotick attack the Whiskey Media offices from a helicopter.  They would be unstoppable. 
Posted by Brackynews

I might be forced to buy Classic Concentration if they make that.
The Game Room one left something to be desired...
...like 50% of the numbers.  Hooohh!

Posted by Jedted

What's with all Brad Garret hate?  In many cases he's actually funnier than Ray Romano. 
Posted by Poki3
Posted by Besetment

That doesn't even look remotely like Brad Garrett. They would have been closer if they inserted a picture of Frankenstein.

Posted by Daveyo520

wow this is bad.

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Please, Ubisoft, continue putting out these games so that we can continue to revel in the mighty Quick Looks! I lost it at the Tambor look of regret.

Posted by Deathpooky

Wow, by far the worst game show remake of the ones that they've done.  Even accounting for the fact that Hollywood Squares is by far the worst actual game show.  Still hilarious.

Posted by kiwi_whisker

Oh wow. Never have i spent a lunch break with a better video. This beats sneezing panda by over 9000 (and insert other internet memes here)

Posted by MetalThrashingMatt

Fuck you, Brad Garret
Posted by Canberra

Oh, the Hydrogen game.

Posted by Terjay

Brad Garret and Kathy Griffin are both fucking horrible.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Yet another great gameshow quick look.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

That was the worst Larry King impression I've ever heard.

Posted by ArchScabby
@Curufinwe said:
" @TadThuggish said:
" @phrosnite said:
" I really liked Everybody Love Raymond... why the hate? "
Because it is a horribly written and acted show designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.  "
You must be confusing it with According to Jim or Two and a Half Men.  Everybody Loves Raymond was leagues ahead of bottom of the barrel sitcoms like those. "
You don't understand.  If you consider yourself an intelligent person who spends a lot of time on the internet, you are required to say this about every sitcom.
Posted by DukeTogo

This is Hollywood Squares.

Posted by gakon

Bawww I wanted some Jeffrey Tambor in that center square

Posted by Schnatterfleck

I've got only one thing to say: Arnold Schwarzenegger is not German! He is Austrian. And no, it's not the same.

Posted by Olivaw

Your disdain for Minecraft only makes me stronger, Ryan Davis.

Posted by deadno0b

I didn't even know I hated Brad Garret that much.

Posted by Livebythesword

Not mom... Beaver...

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" @phrosnite said:

" I really liked Everybody Love Raymond... why the hate? "
Because it is a horribly written and acted show designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.  "

 You need to look up the definition of lowest common denominator in relation to TV shows.
Also bad acting. The fact Peter Boyle was a cast member makes that statement balls.
Posted by WerewolfGuy

These quiz show quick looks are some of the  best on the site.

Posted by Zicdab


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Jm J. Bullock. Wow, random reference 
Richard Moll is Bull from Night Court.

Posted by itspizza

I loved the game show quick looks from last year, and this one doesn't disappoint

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1:39 - Alyx Vance?
and how soon until they make a Match Game version of this? I loved that show.

Posted by Somadude

Pizza + Quick Look = WIN.

Posted by Video_Game_King
@punkxblaze said:
" I love Will Smith. He is the opposite of Brad Garrett. "
Posted by MeatSim

French Canadians sure do know a lot about American game shows!

Posted by JoelTGM

That is the worst game show game ever...

Posted by VaultDweller

I love the Starcraft reference.

Posted by Spiritof

The Jeffery Tambor reaction clip needs to be put into the digital locker.

Posted by Rox360

Ouch, come on... What was with that Minecraft thing...?

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I want all quick looks from this point to be nothing but Vinny and Will.
Forget Ryan and Jeff. And Brad. And whoever else wants to come on.